Diary of a Thai football season

Fixture list for the 2019 season

Who do we play and when?

T1 = Thai Premier League


Sat 23rd (T1) - Samut Prakan  3  Chiang Mai  2  - blog  

MARCH 2019

Sat 2nd (T1) - Chonburi   Samut Prakan  2  - blog 

Sun 10th (T1) - PTT Rayong  2  Samut Prakan  1 

Sun 17th (T1) - Samut Prakan  0  Sukhothai  0  - blog

Sat 30th (T1) - Buriram  3  Samut Prakan  2 

APRIL 2019

Wed 3rd (T1) - Samut Prakan  2  Ratchaburi  - blog

Sat 6th (T1) - Trat  1  Samut Prakan  

Sat 20th (T1) - Chiang Rai  1  Samut Prakan  1 

Sat 27th (T1) - Samut Prakan  1  Chainat  - blog 

MAY 2019

Wed 1st (FA Cup) - Samut Prakan  5   North Vachilalai Chiang Mai United  0 - blog

Sat 11th (T1) - Muangthong  0  Samut Prakan  3 - blog

Wed 15th (League Cup) - Thonburi University  1 (4)  Samut Prakan  1 (3) - blog

Sat 18th (T1) - Samut Prakan  1  Prachuap  1 - blog

Sun 26th (T1) - Bangkok United  2  Samut Prakan  1 - blog

Wed 29th (T1) - Samut Prakan  2  Nakhon Ratchisima  0 - blog 

JUNE 2019

Sat 15th (T1) - Suphanburi  0  Samut Prakan  1 - blog 

Wed 19th (FA Cup) - Samut Prakan v Army United (19.00)

Sun 23rd (T1) - Samut Prakan v Port (19.00)

Sat 29th (T1) - Chiang Mai v Samut Prakan  (19.00)

JULY 2019

Sun 7th (T1) - Samut Prakan v Chonburi (18.00)

Sat 13th (T1) - Samut Prakan v PTT Rayong (20.00)

Sun 21st (T1) - Sukhothai v Samut Prakan (19.00)

Sat 27th (T1) - Samut Prakan v Buriram (19.00)

Wed 31st (T1) - Ratchburi v Samut Prakan (20.00)


Sat 3rd (T1) - Samut Prakan v Trat (17.45) 

Sun 11th (T1) - Samut Prakan City v Chiang Rai (18.00)

Sat 17th (T1) - Chainat v Samut Prakan (19.00)

Wed 21st (T1) - Samut Prakan v Muangthong (18.00)

Sat 24th (T1) - Prachuap v Samut Prakan (20.00)


Sat 14th (T1) - Samut Prakan v Bangkok United (20.00)

Sun 22nd (T1) - Nakhonratchisima v Samut Prakan (19.00)


Sun 20th (T1) - Samut Prakan v Suphanburi (18.00)

Sat 26th (T1) - Port v Samut Prakan (18.00) 


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