Mark Beales

Mark is a great example of a teacher who has risen through the ranks. He started as a TEFLer back in 2004 but quickly worked out that better qualifications would lead to better paying jobs. Now he finds himself in a top position at an international school in Vietnam. He's extremely well-traveled, has written many articles for leading publications, interviewed some world-famous names and written a book for new teachers. This guy is going to be worth talking to.

Mark Newman (In the UK)

Back in September 2019, we did a hot seat interview with Mark Newman. The interview got a lot of interest because stories of long-term expat teachers deciding to jack it all in and start a new chapter back in their homeland always get a lot of interest. Well, seven months have passed since Mark returned to the UK. It's time for a follow up.

Stephff the Cartoonist

He's one of Thailand's best known and most respected cartoonists. His artwork is edgy and challenging and always right on the money. And now he's released a hardback collection of his cartoons that every fan will want to treasure.

Dave 'Pep' Anderson (aka: Pep the Poet)

Dave 'Pep' Anderson was a coal miner, a butcher and a welder's mate (among many other things) before becoming a teacher and then a deputy head teacher at a school in the UK. However, his burning passion has long been poetry for children. In 2020, Pep will be bringing his unique poetry workshops to Thailand, where kids are surely in for a lot of fun. 

Dean Roberts

We chat to Dean Roberts of Swan Education about the new PGCE (Professional Graduate Certificate of Education) in conjunction with the University of London.

Mark 'Marko' Newman

We keep hearing stories of long-term expats/teachers who are leaving Thailand. In a number of cases, it's the TM 30 requirement that has been the final straw. But I was still shocked when Ajarn blogger, ex-colleague and great friend, Mark Newman, messaged me a few weeks ago to say he was heading back to England. Surely not. Surely not Marko! I had to get the full story.

Frank Coulson

We wanted to chat to an actual job-hunter in Thailand to find out how things really are on the front-line during the busy recruitment season. How many jobs have you applied for? Is applying by e-mail the way to go? Are you usually required to do a demo? So many questions to ask. Perhaps teacher Frank can supply us with some answers.

Corrie T

Corrie T has been a teacher at an Islamic school in Pattani Province since October 2018. Let's find out what's it like to work there compared to a regular Thai school.

Chris Seal

Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok is recognized as one of the top international schools in Thailand. They have recently opened a new campus on Rama 9, the City Campus, to accompany their well-established Riverside Campus on Charoen Krung Road. Ajarn is honored to chat with the recently-appointed Riverside Principal, Mr Chris Seal.

Aaron Flack

Aaron Flack works at a multinational company in Bangkok in a position I've always referred to as an 'in-house company teacher'. Let's pull up a chair (after we've screwed the legs on of course) and hear about what the job entails working for that well-known Swedish company with the yellow and blue logo.

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Featured Jobs

Filipino PE Teacher (Male)

฿20,000+ / month


NES Teachers for Primary and Kindergarten Levels

฿50,000+ / month


NES/Non-NES English Teachers (to start ASAP)

฿30,000+ / month


Full-time Filipino ESL Teachers

฿25,000+ / month


Full-time Native Chinese Teacher

฿45,000+ / month


English Teachers

฿40,000+ / month


Featured Teachers

  • Nkwelle

    Cameroonian, 33 years old. Currently living in Cameroon

  • Maria

    Filipino, 50 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • TainÁ

    Brazilian, 26 years old. Currently living in Brazil

  • Sara

    British, 26 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Gorgonia

    Filipino, 48 years old. Currently living in Philippines

  • Vince

    Filipino, 25 years old. Currently living in Philippines

The Hot Spot

The dreaded demo

The dreaded demo

Many schools ask for demo lessons before they hire. What should you the teacher be aware of?

Can you hear me OK?

Can you hear me OK?

In today's modern world, the on-line interview is becoming more and more popular. How do you prepare for it?

Will I find work in Thailand?

Will I find work in Thailand?

It's one of the most common questions we get e-mailed to us. So find out exactly where you stand.

Teacher mistakes

Teacher mistakes

What are the most common mistakes that teachers make when they are about to embark on a teaching career in Thailand? We've got them all covered.

Need Thailand insurance?

Need Thailand insurance?

Have a question about health or travel insurance in Thailand? Walter van der Wal from Pacific Prime is Ajarn's resident expert.

Renting an apartment?

Renting an apartment?

Before you go pounding the streets, check out our guide and know what to look out for.

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Contributions welcome

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