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— A TEFLer in a PGCE world

A TEFLer in a PGCE world

Life as a local hire - what's it like to be a 'local hire' at a Bangkok international school when all the expat teachers around you have bigger packages!

TEFL courses and training - all the latest news, promotions and deals from Thailand's main TEFL course providers in our November blog.

Ten of the best! - a list of ten great activities that your young learners will love - compiled by teacher trainer, Stephen Louw

Cost of living - Paul teaches at an international school in Bangkok. In a good month, he can pull in 170,000 baht. He's got one eye on the future as well.

Are you a fixer? - Mark Brown wants foreign teachers to put their heads together and come up with ways to improve the education system.

The great escape - Nigel taught in Thailand for almost four years but decided it was time for a change of scenery. So Vietnam it was!

— Advice for newbie teachers

Advice for newbie teachers

Where new teachers in Thailand go wrong - from renting cheap apartments to not bringing enough money. Here are 21 pointers if you like.

Foreign social studies teacher wanted! - what's involved in the subject? You might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

Got a question? - post your teaching in Thailand questions on our busy Facebook page.

"Why I'm giving up on teaching in Thailand" - Why the Thailand TEFL game hasn't worked out for one teacher.

Pride, profit and patriotism - just three reasons why Thais should take their English studies seriously says Teacher Mark.

— What's a decent Bangkok salary?

What's a decent Bangkok salary?

Survival salary? - Many schools still pay around 30,000 baht a month but how far does that money go in Bangkok?

Four days in Ranong - apart from visa runs and island hopping, a southern province where comparatively few travellers spend time. This is my report.

New UK passport? - I went through the procedure of renewing a UK passport in Bangkok recently and it was all quite painless. The final update includes transferring Thai visa stamps from the old passport to the new one.

Classroom management - Adam has some great classroom management techniques for those noisy, uncontrollable classes.

Directors from Hell - teacher Craig looks back at some terrible directors he's worked for at various private language schools.

Skype interview? - What do you need to know and be prepared for when interviewing by webcam.

— Teaching in the boonies

Teaching in the boonies

Out in the sticks - Fancy working somewhere other than Bangkok? Kind teachers have updated our region guides to Sakhon Nakhon, Uttaradit, Chachoengsao and Phuket. Please help us update a guide if you have ten minutes to spare.

Rest in peace - James Parmelee of Text and Talk has sadly passed away and Thailand's TEFL industry is in mourning.

A place to stay? - if you're thinking of ever using Air BnB then these have been my five experiences so far in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and UK.

A worthwhile charity - Hands Across The Water is a charity organisation in Thailand that needs your help. Because every child matters!

Help us! - your contributions to ajarn dot com are always welcome. Find out how you can get involved.

— Would you work here?

Would you work here?

Choosing a job - when considering a school to work at, could any of these 18 things be a dealbreaker?

Going home - Teacher James is returning to the UK after 7 years in Thailand and is feeling worried. How will potential employers in the UK view his time away?

Is Thailand dangerous? - a recent WEF report says it is, but many if not most expats would disagree.

Hot seat interview - Nick Spencer's Smart Fun company creates Lego experiences like no other and holds sessions at international schools in Bangkok.

— How easy is it to get a teaching job?

How easy is it to get a teaching job?

Will I find work in Thailand? - it's never an easy question to answer but we'll do our best.

Demo lesson - been asked to do a demo lesson at a school? Don't be scared at the prospect. Here's how to prepare and the questions you should be asking.

Young or old? - the fresh-faced TEFL graduate or the old boy with years of experience under his belt. Who comes out on top in a recruiter's eyes?

Readers letters - if you've got something to get off your chest about teaching in Thailand, then the Ajarn Postbox is the place.

— For the Facebookers and Tweeters

For the Facebookers and Tweeters

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