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— When a foreign teacher is powerless

When a foreign teacher is powerless

The problem student - what can you do about him? He runs from room to room, disrupting classes throughout the whole school.  Other teachers try to control him but it's close to impossible. 'But he will still advance to the next level' says Mark Brown  

— "Coming to work in Saudi was definitely a good move"

"Coming to work in Saudi was definitely a good move"

The Cost of Living - In July 2017, Jessie was earning 55,000 baht a month in Bangkok. Now in Saudi Arabia at a female vocational college, those earnings have increased to 186,000. And Jessie can save 175K of that salary most months!

New term conversations - eavesdropping on conversations about the new teachers.

Creating the right learning environment - Sam Thompson says there's nothing worse than the teacher who clearly doesn't want to be there!

— Teacher training in Thailand

Teacher training in Thailand

TEFL course news - In our May TEFL course news blog, we've got all the latest special deals and promotions from Thailand's major TEFl course providers (some offers exclusive to Ajarn readers)

Thailand or home? - is it better to take a teacher training course in Thailand or in your own country? 

— Five of the best!

Five of the best!

International schools in Bangkok - Daniel Lummis looks at five of the capital's top international schools through the eyes of a parent.

Teacher tourism - Are companies making too much money out of volunteer teachers? Are the students getting a raw deal? Is volunteer teaching just one big extended doss? Richard McCully investigates.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia starts on June 14th. Are you ready for your students to do a disappearing act? 

— Advice for new teachers

Advice for new teachers

Will I find work in Thailand? - Is there a definitive answer to this incredibly common question?

Teacher mistakes - Avoid falling into any of these teacher traps.

The dreaded teacher burnout - How is it caused and how can you avoid it?

— "Be careful of expat head teachers with an agenda"

"Be careful of expat head teachers with an agenda"

The great escape - Filipino teacher Jay moved to Vietnam in 2016. He misses the food and low cost of living but certainly not the expat school management.

Commuting in Bangkok - It's possibly going to cost you a bit more but Grabcar is streets ahead of the regular Bangkok taxi service.

— Teachers dressed to impress

Teachers dressed to impress

Classroom attire - Teacher trainer, Stephen Louw, and the topic of teacher dress code. "As teachers in Asia we are part of the 'tribe' of professional educators and are therefore expected to look like we belong" says Steve. 

Time to get licensed? - Richard McCully compares two different career paths - staying a TEFLer (and there's nothing wrong with that) or studying hard to become a licensed teacher and getting those top international school jobs. It can be a tough decision.

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Piboonbumpen Demonstration School

฿36,500+ / month

Chon Buri

Assumption College, Thonburi Bell Partnership

฿50,000+ / month


KidsFirst International Kindergarten

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StartSmart Education

฿34,000+ / month



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IYUNO Media Group

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  • Gennie

    Filipino, 20 years old. Currently living in Philippines

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    Filipino, 38 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Barry

    Australian, 53 years old. Currently living in China

  • Krishna

    Indian, 25 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • William

    American, 43 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Godfrey

    Filipino, 27 years old. Currently living in Philippines

  • Asger

    Dane, 46 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Jerry

    Filipino, 44 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Michael

    American, 30 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Kristopher

    British, 32 years old. Currently living in China

  • Adrian

    British, 63 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Barry

    American, 51 years old. Currently living in Thailand


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