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— Three cheers for the Thai laundry shop!

Three cheers for the Thai laundry shop!

The washday blues - Seven years I've been going to the same Thai laundry shop. But now the owner is about to close down for good. How you take these people for granted and miss them when they're gone!

It begins with a school in Kalasin, North East Thailand - over the coming months, Ajarn will be publishing modified excerpts from Phil Hall's 'Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards'.  Phil Hall taught at a government school in Isaan. Debts, Dementia, poorly planned emigration, self discovery, family bonding and attempted murder were all part of the highs and lows of his 18-month true tale.

TEFL course news - in our February TEFL course blog, there are course discounts for Ajarn readers and news of all the latest promotions and special offers. 

— "Damn those snobby Thai language learners!"

"Damn those snobby Thai language learners!"

Thai language for all - Ajarn chats to Stephen Saad, who has not only written some great books on Thai language learning but encourages all expats, whether you're an absolute beginner or higher, to just 'give it a go' - and ignore the snobs!

Cost of living - Matthew works at a decent international school in Bangkok. Decent salary, well-paid overtime and good benefits give him a standard of living he could never achieve back home in Brum.

Cough! cough! - the air quality in Bangkok is a hot topic at the moment. Ajarn blogger Sam Thompson is just one of the many people suffering.

— "I left Thailand emotionally drained"

"I left Thailand emotionally drained"

The great escape - Australian teacher Chris somehow managed to last a year teaching in Thai schools. His account is the story of how Thailand can chew you up and spit you out if you're perhaps not mentally and emotionally prepared for what may lie ahead.

Is knowing Thai language necessary? - new teachers often ask if it is required to learn and know some Thai to use in school. What do experienced teachers say?

From online TEFL to ESL master's degree - Al's story of moving from one teaching qualification to another.

— Don't fix up a job before you get here!

Don't fix up a job before you get here!

Where new teachers in Thailand go wrong - from renting cheap apartments to not bringing enough money. Here are 21 pointers if you like.

Will I find work in Thailand? - it's never an easy question to answer but we'll do our best.

Demo lesson - been asked to do a demo lesson at a school? Don't be scared at the prospect. Here's how to prepare and the questions you should be asking.

Young or old? - the fresh-faced TEFL graduate or the old boy with years of experience under his belt. Who comes out on top in a recruiter's eyes?

Readers letters - if you've got something to get off your chest about teaching in Thailand, then the Ajarn Postbox is the place.

— Would you still want to work here?

Would you still want to work here?

Choosing a job - when considering a school to work at, could any of these 18 things be a dealbreaker?

Got a question? - about teaching in Thailand? Put it on our Ajarn Facebook page for some instant replies and help.

Help other teachers - your contributions to ajarn dot com are always welcome. Find out how you can get involved.

— What's a decent Bangkok salary?

What's a decent Bangkok salary?

Survival salary? - Many schools still pay around 30,000 baht a month but how far does that money go in Bangkok?

New UK passport? - I went through the procedure of renewing a UK passport in Bangkok recently and it was all quite painless. The final update includes transferring Thai visa stamps from the old passport to the new one.

Skype interview? - What do you need to know and be prepared for when interviewing by webcam.

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