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About these FAQs

We hope that you find using the recruitment services of to be an easy and enjoyable experience. However, we understand that learning how to use a new system while you have urgent recruitment needs can be a frustrating experience.

With that in mind, we have created as list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers below.

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us.

What is was established over 15 years ago in 1999 and is the largest website for foreign English teachers in Thailand. Most of the information on is in English only. This information includes articles and general help and advice for foreign English teachers in Thailand and English teachers in other countries who are considering coming to Thailand to teach.

Can I talk to someone from on the phone?

We aim to provide a full customer service experience by email, answering all queries within 12 hours (7 days per week). To send us an email (in either English or Thai), please use the Contact Form.

Getting started

Registering with and setting up your account

Registering a username and password with

Simply go to the Login and Registration page where you will be able to create a username and password to log into

As soon as you have entered valid information and pressed the button you will be logged in automatically and you will then be able to start using our services.

Posting Job Advertisements

Posting job advertisements

How do I post a job advertisement?

To post a job advertisement you can go to the Post a Job page (registration / log in required) where you will be able to choose from a range of different options for posting an advertisement.

How much does it cost to post a job advertisement?

The cost of a job advertisement depends on two things: the grade of the advertisement and the number of credits you purchase.

Paid job advertisements are available as Silver, Gold or Platinum and cost 10, 15 or 20 credits respectively. The more credits you purchase, the higher the discount, meaning that your per-advertisement cost gets lower.

To purchase credits, simply go to the Purchase Credits page.

Do you offer a free advertising option?

Yes, we have an advertisement level called "Bronze" which is free of charge. There are a few restrictions for Bronze advertisements which do not apply to paid advertisements:

  • The advertisement must only be for a teaching position
  • Ads must name the exact school that the teacher will be working at
  • Positions must be located within Thailand
  • Positions must not be for jobs based online
  • Only one Bronze (free) advertisement can be posted per user per school in any 20 day period.

Do you have any special advice about posting advertisements?

Generally speaking, common sense rules apply at all times. However, we do have some additional guidelines to prevent cross-cultural misunderstandings between Thai schools and foreign teachers:

1) If you are looking to recruit native English speakers only, please do not make references such as, "white teachers only," as this is likely to offend some people.

2) Please give as much information as you can in your job descriptions. How many hours a week will the teacher work? What benefits do you provide to the teacher? How long is the contract? Do you provide health insurance? Etc, etc. You can never give too much information in your job advertisements.

3) Please take extra care when entering the salary. If a teacher goes to a school for an interview and the salary or rate they are offered is different to the one advertised on, then it is who they often complain to!

What should a job title look like and what is not allowed?

Your job title should be a clear and concise description of the position(s) being offered. 

We do not allow the use of exclamation marks, emojis, excessive capitalization or other special characters in job advertisement titles. Locations and salaries are generally not permitted in job titles unless there are exceptional circumstances as we have separate fields for locations and salaries to be specified.

What can I do if my free job ad is not accepted?

If your free (bronze) job advertisement is not accepted, you will receive an email to explain why.

Following this, the advertisement will be returned to your account for you to edit. Just go to the Post a Job form and you will be able to address any issues that are preventing the advertisement from being accepted. This could mean adding additional information or upgrading to a paid advertisement.

How often can I post a free (bronze) job ad?

We allow one free (bronze) job advertisement to be posted every 20 days per organization.

What are the job post rules for online teaching positions?

All advertisements for online teaching positions must be posted as "Platinum" grade. We do not accept Bronze (free), Silver or Gold advertisements for online teaching positions.

Can I post a free job ad for a non-teaching job?

Free job advertisements are only available for teaching positions. If you have a non-teaching position that you wish to advertise then you will need to post a paid ad (Silver, Gold or Platinum grade).

Can I e-mail a job ad directly to Ajarn to post on my behalf?

We are unable to accept job advertisements that have been sent to us by email or via the contact form.

The only way to submit a job advertisement to is via the Post a Job form.

Is it possible to edit a job ad once it has been posted online?

If you have posted a paid advertisement (ie: Silver, Gold or Platinum) then you can edit it after it has been posted online by using the contact form.

For minor edits, simply tell us what you would like to change. For major edits, it is usually better to send the whole advertisement to us.

Please note that we do not allow new positions to be added to existing job advertisements.

Editing is not available for free (Bronze) advertisements.

My job ad is already online. Can I add a new teacher position to that existing job ad?

It is not possible to add a new position to an advertisement after the advertisement is online.

However, for paid advertisements, we can remove individual positions that have been filled from advertisements and we can also make general corrections and edits for you. Just contact us with the details.

Viewing Resumes

Viewing teacher resumes

How much does it cost to view a teacher's resume?

To view one resume costs 1 credit. The more credits you purchase, the higher the discount, meaning that your per-click cost gets lower.

To purchase credits, simply go to the Purchase Credits page.

Do I have to pay to view resumes that I receive as links from teachers?

No. If you post a job advertisement and a teacher sends you a link to their resume through the system then you will be able to view that resume free of charge.

Why am I getting an error message when I open a resume sent directly by a teacher?

You should not be receiving a generic error message when clicking on a teacher resume. However, if you are, it might be the result of an issue with a link from our old system. If this happens, please forward the email to us and we will investigate.

In most cases, however, the "error" that you will see when clicking on a resume link will be a message to inform you that the teacher's resume cannot be displayed because the teacher has since deactivated their resume. This usually happens when a teacher has found a job, but it is always worth trying the link again in a few days in case the teacher has decided to start looking for work again.

Would you advise me to post a job ad or view teacher resumes?

This really depends on the type of recruitment you are doing and your budget.

We do not recommend clicking on resumes if your budget only allows the purchase of a small credit pack (10, 15 or 20 credits) as it is unlikely that you will be able to find a suitable teacher with this many clicks. It usually much better to post a job advertisement unless you have a budget to purchase a larger number of credits.

I need to click on a lot of resumes. Do you have any good options?

We have two options for recruiters who need to click on a lot of resumes:

1) If you need to click on a large number of resumes over an extended period of time (up to 12 months) then purchasing a 300 Credit Pack offers great value because it attracts a 70% discount on the normal price.

2) If you need to click on a large number of resumes within a short period of time, then a Resume Buffet may also be available. Resume Buffets are offered a certain times and allow unlimited resumes to be clicked within set time periods such as 3, 5 or 7 days for a fixed amount of credits. Simply go to the Teacher Resumes section and click on a resume to find out if Resume Buffets are available at the moment.


Purchasing and using credits and invoice and accounting questions.

How do I purchase credits?

To purchase credits, simply go to the Purchase Credits page.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made online on the website using a credit or debit card. Visa, Mastercard, JCB and China UnionPay are currently accepted.

We also accept cash payments which can be made over the country at any branch of Kasikorn Bank with a valid invoice.

Regardless of the payment method, to purchase credits, simply go to the Purchase Credits page.

Will I get an official "Original Receipt/Tax Invoice" for my purchase?

Yes. You will receive an "Original Receipt/Tax Invoice" including VAT within 7-10 working days after your payment is completed and we have received your completed withholding tax certificate (if applicable).

Is it possible to pay at another bank besides Kasikorn

At the moment, Kasikorn Bank is the only bank that is supported by our automated system. However, we do plan to add additional banks to the system in the near future.

Can I deduct withholding tax if paying by credit card?

Unfortunately, our system does not support this at the moment. Please pay by cash/cheque/bank transfer if you need to deduct withholding tax.

How do I deduct withholding tax from an invoice?


In line with the law, if you are based in Thailand, you may deduct withholding tax from the pre-VAT total. The percentage you deduct depends on how you will use our services:

If you are going to use your credits ONLY for advertising
Deduct 2% for “Advertising”

If you are going to use your credits ONLY for viewing resumes
Deduct 3% for "Service Charge"

If you are going to use credits for both viewing resumes AND for advertising
Deduct 3% for “Service Charge”


You purchase 10 Credits that you intend to use to view resumes only ("Service Charge"). The cost of the 10 Credit pack is 1,700 Baht. This means that the VAT is 119 Baht, making the total of your invoice 1,819 Baht.

You must deduct the 3% withholding tax from the pre-VAT amount of 1,700 Baht. 3% of 1,700 is 51. Therefore, your new pre-VAT total is 1,649 Baht.

Then, you must add the FULL VAT back onto the total: 1,649 + 119 = 1,768 Baht -- this is the amount you must pay at the bank. You may alter the pay-in slip by yourself.

The 51 Baht withholding tax that you deducted must now be paid to the Revenue Department by the 7th of the following month.


You must send the original withholding tax certificate to us before we can send your receipt to you. The original withholding tax certificate should be sent to the address at the top of your invoice.


You must also submit a copy of the withholding tax certificate to your accounting department so that the amount you deducted can be paid to the revenue department in compliance with the law.

Please ask your accountant for full details about this if you are unsure. Deducting an incorrect figure for withholding tax can delay your order!

Can I pay by messenger?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by messenger.

What are the prices of services? services are paid for using credits. The standard credit prices are:

Credit Pack Name




Discounts of 20-70% are available for larger credit purchases. For more details, please see the Purchase Credits section (employer registration required).

Once purchased, credits can be used for the following services:

Credits Required
Silver job advertisement (20 days) 10
Gold job advertisement (20 days)
Platinum job advertisement (20 days) 20
Single resume click 1
3-day Resume Buffet 30
5-day Resume Buffet 40
7-day Resume Buffet 50

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