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330,000 page impressions per month

195,000 registered users

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Advertising Options:

Tenancy based

You pay a fixed monthly fee for your logo and/or some text and a link to appear in a fixed place. Tenancy based advertising is available for specifically targeted markets only. Ajarn.com has two different options for tenancy based advertising.

Premium Job Listings

You pay a fixed fee to post a job advertisement on the job listing page. The listing stays live for 20 days. You can purchase credits in advance and make considerable savings if you post job advertisements on a regular basis.

Tenancy based advertising

These options are suitable if you are advertising a TESOL/TEFL course, or you are a school/company with a dedicated page on your website to recruit teachers.

Where will the ad appear?

Your logo, along with a short paragraph of text, will appear permanently in a prearranged position on the relevant page, which will be either:

Ajarn.com's TESOL & TEFL Training Courses Directory 
- or -

in the Ajarn Sponsors section (which appears on almost every page of Ajarn.com) 

Premium Job Listings

A premium alternative to the Bronze (free) option for posting job advertisements on Ajarn.com

Where and when will the ad appear?

You ad will appear permanently on the jobs listing page for 20 days on the Job Listing page

What format can my ad be in?

Logos for Platinum and Gold ads are accepted in GIF, JPEG, PNG. The dimensions must be 80x80px. The ad copy itself must be in plain text.

Premium Job Listing Grades


20 credits

A platinum job ad includes a frame, a job description, and can include your school photo or logo. Your logo also appears in the Featured Schools section at the top of the page.


15 credits

A gold job includes an eye-catching background and can include your school photo or log


10 credits

A silver job includes the name of your school and a job title.



A bronze job ad is a small text ad displayed on the right-hand side of the jobs page. You can post 1 bronze job ad every 20 days.

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Featured Jobs

NNES Math / Science / English Cover Teachers

฿40,000+ / month


Math, English & Science Teachers for November 2020

฿40,300+ / month


NES Teachers for Primary Level (40-50K)

฿40,000+ / month


NES Teachers for Kindergarten Levels (40-50K)

฿40,000+ / month


Social Studies Teacher

฿30,000+ / month

Chon Buri

NES and Non-NES Teachers (16K-70K)

฿16,000+ / month


Featured Teachers

  • Marilyn

    Filipino, 32 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Takeshi

    Japanese, 55 years old. Currently living in Japan

  • Michael

    American, 77 years old. Currently living in USA

  • James

    American, 70 years old. Currently living in USA

  • Erik

    Australian, 54 years old. Currently living in Australia

  • Peter

    British, 59 years old. Currently living in Thailand