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What were our top ten most-read blogs in July 2018?

Here were the top ten Ajarn blogs for July 2018 in terms of reader numbers.

1) Games for large unruly classes / Geoff Richards

Should games always have a pedagogical value? No. Especially not the ones that you use as energy burners and to get students' brains working in English at the start of a class.

2) Renewing a UK passport in Bangkok / Bangkok Phil

Applying for a new passport was actually a very straightforward procedure.  However, like many bureaucratic processes in Thailand, advance preparation is key.

3) Accents in the classroom / Richard McCully

British? American? Filipino? Which accent do Thai students prefer? Are there any accents that are considered 'undesirable'?  

4) How a foreigner can buy real estate in Thailand / Neil McDonough

Yes indeed, foreigners can certainly invest in the Thai property market

5) Speaking Thai in the classroom / Richard McCully

It wasn’t until moving to a language school, with proper management, that I saw the negative side of a teacher speaking Thai in class. It was also at that job where I saw that some TEFL teachers are actually stuck in the routine of speaking Thai with students. 

6) Interviewing foreigners / Phil Roeland

During all the years I've spent in Thailand and the rest of South-East Asia I have been approached dozens of times by students armed with questionnaires eager to interview me.

7) Clarifying OPD and IPD / Johnny Chan

Health insurance. If you don't have OPD, then you won't have post-hospitalization OPD follow-up coverage. If you put the money out to have the best medical coverage, don't short-change yourself by leaving off the OPD.

8) Problems with the Thai public education system / Mark Brown

A list of almost twenty issues that certainly need looking at.

9) An honorable profession / Phil Hall

I had looked forward to becoming a teacher for years and the thought had never crossed my mind that this particular job would be considered anything but decent and respectable. How wrong I was.

10) The winning cover letter / Curt Crossley

And how to write a losing cover letter when you are applying for teaching jobs.


How about most read all time...

By Mark Newman, The Land of Barely Concealed Rage. (16th August 2018)

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