Food for thought?

Food for thought?

I do understand the financial position that some are in regarding the recent floods, but stop short of agreement. Firstly, doesn’t your contract state that you won’t be paid for ‘Acts of God’ and those involving specifically floods, civil unrest, etc.? Mine did, so I’m just left wondering if yours didn’t. You did read yours didn’t you or didn’t you bother and just signed, or simply just didn’t care?

Secondly, why should the school pay? It is hardly the schools fault that the floods occurred. Having said that yes; morally it might have been better if they had at least offered half pay, but they didn’t and they’re not legally obliged to do so. Aren’t we trying to compare ourselves to a western situation here and insist that the employer, or the government or somebody else pay whatever the reason of absence from employment? We are all aware that there is no social security for us here and also that no work equals no pay. Why has it come as a surprise?

Thirdly and finally, you live in a country on the other side of the world, with no social safety net and not many rights. Yes, if you need to be ‘looked after’ then perhaps a return to the EU is your best option. What is it you do with your 30/40 or 50k baht a month? Blow it all and live from day to day? How much do you put away for reasons exactly like this, or insurance, or medical care, or just simply for unknown emergencies? Do you think China is any different? Do you think you can come here with 1000 baht straight off the plane, never have a problem and just live the good life?

I sympathize, but if you intend to live from pay day to pay day, (and just concentrate on having a good time in between), then surely the financial position you’re in is yours and not anyone else’s? Don’t you ever think you’re going to get sick, get older or just for any other reason be unemployed in Asia? In other words, have you ever thought beyond your next pay check and what might happen if it doesn’t materialize? Food for thought.


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