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Straight from the student's mouth

Asking for end-of-term student feedback

At the end of each semester, I ask my students to write down one thing they liked about class, one thing they didn't like, and one thing that they think I should do better. Generally, I can get the feel for this sort of thing, but being the democratic kind of teacher I am [hahaha], I feel like getting the students' anonymous input is a good thing too.

Of course, these being kids aged 11-14, I get the usual "no more homework" and "play more games" more often than not. Still, a few of the comments I get are quite entertaining to say the least. I thought I'd note a few of them for any of you needing a little entertainment just before the next Thai school calendar begins. I'll keep the writing exactly as my ESL students wrote it.

Things you like:

"I like your teach it's funny >_<"
"I hope to study with you again. I love you byeee. I promise I will be a good girl." (obviously from a trouble maker)
"I like teacher same [Sam] like you very cute. I love your sound just like eee-dabee, wish you happy" (Ha, your guess is as good as mine...)
"I like everything and candy!!!" (well-put!)

Things you don't like:

"I don't like science but you make me enjoy"

Things Teacher Sam should do better:

"Make [two students] be quite [quiet] going loud in this class!" (Apparently the class clowns got on this little guy's nerves, haha)
"Have more game and candy but I think I don't want anything else because you are very best teacher in my hart" (aaw!)
"More and more candy--------!" (this was a common complaint)

Obviously, these kids crack me up. But my favorite one comes from a guy in Mathayom 3 who is smart as a whip, but has the motivation of a sloth. That is, until the last unit of the year, hence his note:

"1) I liked to study Astronomy in your class. 2) I don't like to study about other thing that's not Astronomy. 3) Teach more astronomy."

Sure, there are days in a teacher's life that make us wonder why we bother with it at all. Sure, there are kids that we'd love nothing more than to have sent off to boarding school. But to me, getting comments and feedback like this after a year or two together makes it all worth it.


I don`t really approve of this method, it comes across as a weakness in the teacher,
giving students as young as 11 to 14 the right to assess you is wrong,
in my opinion of course,

By Slickchick, Bkk (27th May 2014)

Great article as always, Mr. Thompson; I think I'll adopt this practice as well - 20 years teaching and always willing to learn something new!! :)

By M.Ed., Surin (14th May 2014)

Only truly confident teachers can do this!

By EJ, (13th May 2014)

WOW! What an interesting and informative article!

Keep up the good work Sam!

By Van Gogh, The Art Gallery (8th May 2014)

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