Look before you leap

Look before you leap

I saw an advert on ajarn.com and sent in my CV. I was swiftly selected for an interview, which I attended and passed, and was offered the job immediately. WOW!! I had landed a dream job at a great school in Thailand. I was ecstatic about the school placement, but one thing has left a terrible taste in my mouth - and that is the agency that placed me there.

I am sure that this is not standard treatment for teachers here in Thailand but I can summarize my recent experiences as follows. The agency gave me no support or help in any way. There was no communication from them. My salary has been withheld and not paid to me. The bonus money that I was promised was never received. I have received nothing except wild accusations and threats, verbal abuse and threats of legal proceedings against me. I have been given no contract and no work permit. Even though all the above was promised to me at the outset the agent has delivered nothing. Well, nothing but pain and disrespect towards me.

In short, I am coming to the end of the school term and have had a horrific time at the hands of my employers. I am now struggling to make ends meet with no money and at the mercy of this grotesque and unprofessional agency that advertise everywhere, on every job board on every education website in Thailand.

Knowing that I cannot name names and or fight any legal issues here, I am lost before I have even started. I can only offer words of advice to other teachers.

Before you accept any contract, no matter how good it looks from the outset, Google and research the agency first. Look at the complaints against them - and only then will you be aware of who you are dealing with.''

Needless to say I have learned this lesson the hard way and walk out scarred, bitter and slightly twisted. Please take heed - even before you send your CV or resume, check your employer out. You might find this a revelation.

Some agencies operate under several different company names due to the fact that for legal reasons they have had to change their name at some stage. You can figure it out, stay well away, be careful as it is no fun to find yourself on the receiving end and you are 100% powerless as a farang here. Once you have signed up, be sure you have made the best choice for your future.

From my current position at the bottom of the heap, good luck and I wish you better luck here than I have had.


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