Diary of a Thai football season

2023 / 2024 Fixtures

Hopefully this won't be another nail-biting season at the wrong end of the table

(All fixtures are Thai League 2 unless stated)

Fri 11th August 

Pattaya United 1-2 Samut Prakan (blog) 

Sunday 20th August 

Samut Prakan 0-1 Chiang Mai FC (blog

Sunday 27th August 

Nakhonsi United 3-0 Samut Prakan (blog

Sat 2nd September 

Samut Prakan 2-1 Chiang Mai United (blog

Sat 16th September

Customs United 0-3 Samut Prakan (blog)

Sat 23rd September 

Samut Prakan 1-3 Nakhon Ratchisima (blog)

Sun 1st October 7.00pm

Suphanburi v Samut Prakan 

Sat 7th October 5.30pm

Samut Prakan v Phrae United 

Sat 21st October 7.00pm 

Dragon Pathumwan Kanchanaburi v Samut Prakan 

Wed 25th October

League Cup 1st Round

Sun 29th October 6.30pm

Samut Prakan v Ayutthaya United 

Wed 1st November 

FA Cup Round of 64

Sat 4th November 6.00pm

Chantaburi FC v Samut Prakan 

Sunday 12th November 7.00pm

Samut Prakan v Kasetsart FC 

Sat 25th November 6.00pm

Nongbua Pichaya v Samut Prakan 

Sun 3rd December 7.00pm

Samut Prakan v Chainat Hornbill 

Wed 6th December

League Cup (round of 32)

Sat 9th December 6.30pm

Samut Prakan v Lampang FC 

Sun 17th December 7.00pm

Krabi FC v Samut Prakan

Wed 20th December 

FA Cup (round of 32) 

Sat 23rd December 5.30pm

Samut Prakan v Rayong FC 

Sat 13th January / Sunday 14th January

Chiang Mai FC v Samut Prakan 

Sat 20th January / Sunday 21st January

Samut Prakan v Nakhonsi United 

Sat 27th January / Sunday 28th January

Chiang Mai United v Samut Prakan 

Sat 3rd February / Sunday 4th February

Samut Prakan v Customs United 

Sat 10th February / Sunday 11th February 

Nakhon Ratchisima v Samut Prakan 

Fri 16th February / Sat 17th February / Sunday 18th February

Samut Prakan v Suphanburi 

Fri 23rd February / Sat 24th February / Sunday 25th February 

Phrae United v Samut Prakan 

Sat 2nd March / Sun 3rd March

Samut Prakan v Dragon Pathumwan Kanchanaburi 

Sat 9th March / Sun 10th March

Ayutthaya United v Samut Prakan 

Sat 16th March / Sun 17th March

Samut Prakan v Chantaburi FC 

Sat 30th March / Sun 31st March

Kasetsart FC v Samut Prakan 

Sat 6th April / Sun 7th April

Samut Prakan v Nongbua Pichaya 

Sat 20th April / Sun 21st April 

Chainat Hornbill v Samut Prakan 

Sat 27th April / Sun 28th April

Lampang FC v Samut Prakan 

Sat 4th May / Sun 5th May

Samut Prakan v Krabi FC 

Sat 11th May / Sun 12th May

Rayong FC v Samut Prakan 

Sat 18th May / Sun 19th May

Samut Prakan v Pattaya United 


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