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Do you need AD&D insurance in Thailand?

Peace of mind for your beneficiaries

Thailand has the second highest road traffic fatality rate in the world, right after Libya. The rate is set at 36.2 accidents per 100,000 with an annual estimate of over 24,000 deaths, or 66 deaths every day, says WHO. With that in mind, today I decided to write about AD&D insurance, or Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, and the importance of having it, especially in Thailand.

What is AD&D insurance?

As the name suggests, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance covers costs related to your death, or loss of body parts or its functions as a result of an accident. The policy can be obtained as a stand-alone policy or an addition to your life insurance plan.

In the case of the policyholder’s death, a lump sum of money will be paid to the beneficiary marked in the policy, which can be used to cover the costs of the funeral, and/or body repatriation. Since AD&D insurance policies are very precise, you must understand and know what your policy deems an accidental death. 

Usually, AD&D plans will cover fatalities related to:

1) Exposure to the elements (This term means death resulting from lack of protection over prolonged periods to extreme temperatures, environmental conditions, or dangerous substances)

2) Traffic accidents

3) Homicide

4) Falls or drownings

5) Accidents caused by heavy equipment

One more thing to remember here is that you can receive a payout from this policy for the death benefit, only if death happened as a result, and within three months after an accident.

In the event of loss of body parts or its functions, the policy will pay out a sum of money as stated in the policy. 

Usually, this policy will accept a claim for situations such as:

1) Loss of a limb, such as a leg or foot

2) Lost of sight, hearing, or speech

3) Permanent paralysis

Again, I just want to say that AD&D policies are very exact, and they come with many exclusions, which I will explain below.

Common AD&D plan exclusions

AD&D is a very specific form of insurance, with a very specific set of rules and exclusions. Since the main goal of this insurance type is to cover costs resulting from unexpected events and accidents, such plans will not cover death and loss of body parts resulting from:

1) Self-inflicted harm such as suicide

2) Accidents resulting from reckless driving

3) Any pre-existing medical conditions

4) Injuries or death related to war or conflict

5) Negligent behavior such as failing to wear a seat belt or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

6) High-risk activities such as skydiving, active combat duty, and major surgery

Benefits of AD&D insurance

The main benefit of AD&D insurance is that it offers much-needed money should the unfortunate happen, or supplement health insurance to pay for the medical costs related to your injury. 

It’s also usually not as expensive as other variants of life insurance, such as critical illness cover, or term life insurance. If for, let’s say, medical reasons, you don’t qualify for life insurance, at least some of your death risk will be covered, especially when considering the high risk of traffic accidents in Thailand.

The benefit of receiving a lump sum of money is great as you or your beneficiaries can use it on literally anything you/they deem necessary. For example, the benefit can be used to pay for medical expenses if you don’t have health insurance, and can also pay for the loss of income, necessary house modifications (for example, to accommodate for a wheelchair user), or even for your family’s financial support for everyday expenses.

Hence, having AD&D cover on top of your health insurance is a smart step to ensure that the money you or your beneficiaries get will be used for what’s most necessary.

If you have any questions about Accidental Death and Dismemberment, you can email me at ajarn@pacificprime.co.th 


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