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Some suggestions on where Filipinos might find teaching work

Are you a newcomer to Thailand looking for an English teaching job or have you been idle here in the country for quite a time? How far have you gone with your job hunting? Do you know of any places where Filipino teachers are marketable?

To boost your morale a little, let me cite you an inspiring incident in one of the training seminars I  attended when I was a Thai university student. The seminar emcee asked, "Have I learned from my Filipino teachers?" He answered his own question. "Yes, I learned a lot from my Filipino teachers." Similarly, he asked, "Have I learned from my native English teachers?" He answered, "Yes. I learned a lot from my English native teachers."

By this comment, one can assume that Filipino teachers are as good as native speakers. That's why Filipino teachers should also have their place in the "Land of Smiles." While native speakers have native accents, Filipino teachers have good teaching methodologies and students can learn a lot from that.

However, if Filipino teachers receive adulation from Thai students, I can't help wondering why qualified Filipino teachers are not preferred. Why are they not given the opportunity to teach in some schools in Thailand? Why are they not getting jobs?

Being unemployed in a foreign country can be a soul-destroying experience. It can dampen your spirit, make one impoverished, lead to boredom, and worst of all, force one to go back to the Philippines feeling 'a failure'.

I have heard numerous stories from Filipinos who have been unemployed for long periods and forced to live with friends. They apply to schools as walk-in applicants, but are often told, "We will call you when something comes up"

Teachers at the brink of despair must never give up. There is always hope. There is still a way. Get some ideas from this blog. It's all about applying to the right place, the right school, or the right agency.

Having been jobless for 3 months myself, I too have experienced what it's like to be unemployed in Thailand. The only difference I guess is that I have a lot of Thai friends , an American friend, a brother abroad, and they are always there to help me with finances. Then there's my wife and daughter who support me in my decisions. That's why I would like to present a list of agencies I consider to be the best places for employment. As Survivor, the American rock band says, "The Search is Over."

Here are some agencies which employ Filipino teachers at present:

1. Chulalongkorn University
Office of Research and Academic Services
2nd Floor,Buildidng 3, Faculty of Education
Chulalongkorn University,Phayathai Road,
Bangkok 10330
E-Mail -
Tel. - 022182549-50/0816856788

2. Ramkamhaeng University
Institute of Languages/ Nonthaburi English Teachers Project Ramkamhaeng Road
Tel.- 0891657342

3. Asia Computer and Language
Soi 42 Nawamin Road, Bangkapi
Tel. - 023755939

4. The Nature Method Language Institute
174 Prasumen Road,
Banglumpoo, Bangkok
Tel. - 022829646, 02281160

5. English Math and Science (EMS)
In front of Don Muang Airport
Tel. - 0812062298

6. Institute of Language and Information Technology (ILIT)
Soi 20 Patanakan, Bangkok
Tel. - 0816196602

7. Mind Research Consultant
Tel. - 0890622796

Each agency has different sets of procedures and requirements. Just prepare all your credentials when you apply, including your ID pictures. Be ready with some teaching materials too, because a number of agencies require 5-10 minute teaching demonstration.

The salary may not be that great at first (except for agencies 1 and 2) but staying with an agency is always a good move. Many agencies assign teachers to schools in Bangkok, but other agents assign teachers to institutes in the nearby provinces. Wherever it is - give it a try. You can stay in the provinces temporarily and go to the city later when you have the chance.

There are reasons why Filipino teachers can't get a job. One reason is they bark up the wrong tree. I say this because they apply to schools that only employ native speakers at the request of their customers (generally the fee-paying parents). Another reason could be wrong timing. Perhaps the teacher has come to Thailand at an inopportune time - maybe in the middle of a term when very little hiring is done.

Once you're hired by the agency and assigned to a certain school, do your best all the time. "Live each day as if it were your last" and you will be successful.

Good luck in your job search and may you find your 'haven' in the agencies I have listed.


Sir Ben,
I trust that all is well with you and your family. As I was reading your blog I can definitely relate to it because what was mentioned are really happening. Thank you so much for providing complete details of agencies. I really appreciate your kindness in sharing those information. May God bless you and your family.

By Mhaya, Philippines (13th January 2017)

I think the Lord Jesus spoke to me through this blog and gave me a boost of encouragement and light of hope. Truly, it is very frustrating being jobless providing nothing to self and depending to others for some time; and this blog just renewed my dying spirit inspiring me to pursue my passion and keep on going with faith. Sir Ben, you are truly a heaven sent please continue to inspire and help others may the Lord always bless you.

By Glen, Bangkok (3rd October 2015)

Hi. I just want to know if the agencies will hire teachers through online? Or just a walk-in applicants? And will they hire teachers with no experience yet? Thanks.

By Crisly, Phil (24th March 2015)

Helo Mr. Ben,
Thanks for the advised.may all this serve as an inspiration for us Filipino teachers.

By nenita m. Gahum, Philippines (19th March 2014)

Hi Ben,

I don't know if you remember me but we worked together in Bataan. I worked in China for almost 3 years as an English Trainer and would like to go back since there is another job offer for me in Shanghai. Unfortunately, the Chinese government is curtailing the hiring of Filipino expats (particularly Filipinas) in China because of the political issue between China and the Philippines. So, despite the job offer, I am facing the difficulty of getting a working visa.

I am glad to see you here. Most ICMC teachers have gone abroad to work. I do hope to work abroad again in the near future with God's help. The Philippines seems to be going down the drain, truth be told. So sad!!!!

By Judith, Metro Manila (15th September 2012)

I used to teach English in RMUTSV, Songkhla Thailand... It was only for my internship and i taught university students. It was really fun teaching there.. I received high respect from my students even if I am just 21 and they are on their early 20's... Now I am back to Philippines and I really want to go back and teach thai students.. actually my former students are trying to find a teaching job for me just to have me back in Thailand.. :) Thank you for this post.. Thanks for the inspiration and reminders..

By NaomiL,, Philippines (18th March 2012)

Hard for qualified qualified Pinays to find work? We have had a terrible time trying to find qualified, English speaking Filipino's to work.
IF you know where to find real ECE / primary school teachers; not high school teachers who teach kids because there are no other jobs then please let me know.


By Dave Bakewell, Suphanburi (24th December 2010)

After I finished reading the blogs I feel inspired to teach in Thailand.
Ever since, I dream of becoming a teacher too in Thailand.

By Gina Bendejo, Davao City (26th November 2010)

Yeah! Thaksin wanted to bring in Indian Teachers to teach English and pay them less than the Farangs were getting.Then awk bai Farang? Some schools tried to screw the lovely Filipinos,the same as Singapore did with cheap maid labour but it didn't work. I agree! The Filipinos are good at what they do. Give the kids of Thailand a chance to have some fun with an old farang clown who jumps around to the sound of Head Shoulders Knees And Toes? Their Thai Teachers are serious enough! And besides what child really wants to learn serious English anyway. Mine doesn't and he's hah sip,hah sip?

By Les King, Australia (5th October 2010)

thank you so much!!!! i really appreciate you!!

By marz, philippines (30th September 2010)

i'm teaching in indonesia as an english teacher. i'm just wondering if it's more fun to teach in thailand than in indonesia.i went there last sept 6 to attend the cambridge igcse esl stage 2 workshop. thanx for the info you have posted. maybe i'll be back there in june.

By jennifer, indonesia (29th September 2010)

Hi, Darla, I do remember you. I remember Nadine so well. How are you these days? Have you any plan of going to Thailand? I do have a FB account but I just used it twice and because of my busy schedule, I don't indulge so much in it. I'm really overwhelmed because even teachers in the Philippines do visit Anyway, my E-mail account is Good luck.

By Ben Vacio, Nonthaburi (8th September 2010)

Ben, this is a pleasant surprise. I'm Darla Diamante. My maiden name is Candia. I was with ICMC before and was assgined at PASS. Sister ko ni Nadine. I hope you still remember me. Can I have your email ad? Do you have an FB account? If so add me up , please. Thanks.

By Darla, philippines (7th September 2010)

Jane and Iris, I hope that you will be able to land a job in one of the schools these agencies handle. You see, my reliable source said there are more than 400 elementary schools in Bangkok. At times, depending on the size of the school, an average of 2 English teachers teach there from Anuban to Prathom. So, it means that there are more than 800 Filipinos working there. Isn't it wonderful. Good luck to you both.

By Ben Vacio, Nonthaburi (7th September 2010)

Your article is a source of inspiration to many Filipinos here in Thailand.Glad you have written this article.Many thanks!

By jane,phil, bangkok (6th September 2010)

Thank you so much for the information sir! :-)
It is such a great help! :-)

By IRIS MAY, Bangkok, Thailand (3rd September 2010)

Alice, thank you for patronizing our blogs in
Yes, I have worked in Chiangmai for 6 months and there are also a lot of international schools there. However, the international schools would go for native speakers. In some instances, they hire teachers for other subjects because English teaching is done by native speakers. So openings could be for Math, Science, Sports, or other subjects. I was hired in Chiang Mai through an advertisement on ajarn. com. So, if you want to work there, visit regularly for job openings in Chiangmai. Good luck.

By Ben Vacio, Nonthaburi (30th August 2010)

hi...thanks for your you happen to know where i can apply in places like chiangmai?

By alice, phuket (28th August 2010)

hi sir ben, thank you for your reply and advice. hope that you can help me to find a job...thank you very much...

By vange, phil (26th August 2010)

Vange, this is the 2nd part of my advice for you. I had to go earlier because it was time for my class already. One effect of a teacher found out by the ministry that he/she is working in Thailand without work permit, his/her employer or the school will be in hot water. I'm glad you are out of that school already. Apply in all the agencies I"ve mentioned in the blog. Good luck and do it next month.

By ben, Nonthaburi (26th August 2010)

Vange, thank you for reading my recent blog. I'm so honored to give you advice in your problem. As you were saying, the school has no permit to operate. That's perhaps the reason why you are not given the work permit. You see, when you apply for a work permit, you need the endorsement of the school and your papers. Even if your papers are complete if there is no endorsement from the school, you won't have it. I am not certain about this one, but a friend of mine once told me that for a school to ask for a work permit, this school has to have such and such number of Thai staff before employing foreign staff. It is costly indeed. That's why your school can't give you your work permit. Applying business permits especially for a school is difficult to get in this country as evidenced by a language center in Pak Kret where a New Zealander who has lived here for 50 years can't commcence the operation of his center due to the snail paced movement of his permit approval. Working in Thailand without a work permit is very risky. I've reaqd in one of the blogs from ajarn before that working without permit is very risky. It will endanger you, who, when discovered by labor/ immigration authorities that you are working without a permit you might be apprehended, fined, and the worst - deported to the Philippines. Of course, it will create a chain effect like...

By Ben, Nonthaburi (26th August 2010)

hi, i worked in an international school in thailand, but the school didn't give us a working permit, it is owned also by a filipino and later i found out that the school doesn't have a permit from the ministry of education of thailand...would you give me some advice, what will i do?

By vange, phil (26th August 2010)

Thank you so much for the list. It will be of great help to many Filipinos looking for jobs here.
More power to you!

By jane,phil, (25th August 2010)

Wow! you seemed to be so helpful. I am happy you have these good lists my dear comrad for these hepl a lot to some of our friends who seeking job in this kingdom.Hopefully they could land a job anytime so soon.I like your blogs too. They inspire us, boost our morale.

By kenneth Subaan, rayong (23rd August 2010)

thanks for the list of schools...

By ethel, phil (20th August 2010)

The support you have given is not just for Pinoys. I have seen Thai schools reject Pinoys based on their nationality. The problem is, I have had the honour of meeting many Philippinos who are excellent teachers. However the narrow minds of Thai nationals ( the schools mostly ) hinder this. I do recall a chat with one Thai parents. In his words he said " I have no problem with the school hiring a Philippino, I just want the school to lower the school term costs." yes he is aware the school pay Philippinos much less. We all know the score.. I wish all of you the best of luck.

By Kanadian, Jiangxi China (20th August 2010)

Good list Ben.
I'm sure that info will come in very handy for those that have been looking for jobs and not having much joy. Sometimes, you have to know where to go and who to contact.

By philip, (19th August 2010)

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