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Bangkok Pat's 'Secrets of Bangkok'

At last! Some truly enjoyable travel vlogs!

Most travel blogs tend to put me to sleep before the second paragraph. Travel videos (or 'vlogs' as they are known) have pretty much the same effect. But now there's a new kid on the block!

I'd like to give a bit of publicity and a 'leg-up' to an old friend, Bangkok Pat, who's been around the Bangkok scene for almost as long as I have. We go back a long way! Back to the days when Bangkok Pat (or DJ Pat as he was then) was a regular on several lively expat and teacher discussion forums.  

Having lost touch with him for many years, Pat has re-invented himself as an ace vlogger - and frankly, he's rather good at it. 

As I would expect from such a talented and creative individual, the videos are fast-paced and informative. I love the way Pat lets the images and text do the talking, rather than chat his way through every frame (far too many travel vloggers love the sound of their own voice)

Pat describes himself as something of an anorak when it comes to local history and you can sense the passion for his subject and the enjoyment that he gets out of making these travel vlogs.

Whether you're a long-term expat or the new guy in town, I urge you to check out Pat's YouTube channel because you're sure to learn something interesting along the way.

Secrets of Lat Phrao

This was the first in Bangkok Pat's 'Secrets of' series and focuses on the busy district of Lat Phrao. As well as some history (of course!) Pat unearths some urban legends, interesting street art and a selection of green spaces for when the pace of the city all gets too much.

Secrets of Sukhumwit

For the second in the series, Pat takes us around somewhere that's probably far more familiar to most - Sukhumwit Road. 

Starting at Soi Nana (Soi 4) we journey all the way down to Soi Onnud (Soi 77) taking in a selection of the most interesting side-sois and landmarks.

Secrets of Silom

The Silom neighborhood probably needs no introduction either. In this vlog, things take a dark turn as Pat ventures into the famous red light district to take a look around The Patpong Museum. He also chances his arm in Lumpini Park after dark, chilling us with a ghost story or two along the way.  

The 5 sides of The Chaophya River

Something a little more genteel perhaps as Pat looks at five locations along 'The River of Kings' including; Bangkok Noi, the promenade at Paknam, and the clean air of Bang Krachao Island. 

Check out Bangkok Pat's YouTube channel.


Enjoyed your video on Pratanam, including its history, as I first visited Bangkok for 5 days in 83.
You included the hotel I stayed at, ie Indira Regent. It was a 5 * hotel then, and even had cabin staff from Japan and France stayed there.
Second time visited in 90s, rating had dropped to 3 or worse.
Keep up your informative videos.

By Roger M, NZ (21st November 2022)

Pat ..just watched your river tour on YouTube
Congrats man.
My circuit has been Bali to Thailand for half century
I live in Sanur Bali with B
My Batak wife mei & 4 yr old
Daughter crystal.
I'm a train guy to.
Good job man..o love Thailand

Warm regards
John kelly 0812 1907 3566 What'sapp

If you want any tips for Indon.

Lake Toba Samosir Island
Tuk Tuk Timbal..accom.

Thats a good one

By John kelly, Bali (21st June 2022)

Pat congratulations on 5 Decades of Nana, This is a great documentary.
Loved the song at 2.20 can you tell me what it is.

By MarcS, Australia (23rd November 2021)

These are worth the time to look over.

By Jack, city of angles (16th July 2020)

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