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All about the Filipinos and Friends in Chiang Rai (FFC)

Some background on a vibrant teaching organisation in Northern Thailand

The Filipinos and Friends in Chiangrai (FFC) was founded in 2007 by yours truly. There were more than 20 Filipino expatriates then. Most of them were teachers and some were married to the locals while others settled in this lovely town with their foreign partners. The group had more than 20 members headed by six individuals. It was organized to start the Filipino community in the northernmost part of Thailand. While this organization appeared insignificant in the eyes of the Foreign teaching community in Thailand, it played a very big role in solving the most immediate need of the foreign teaching community in 2008: an affordable Thai Culture and Language, and Professional Standards Training conducted by the Private School Teachers' Association of Thailand in coordination with the Teachers' Council of Thailand.

In February 2008, the group helped fund the First Filipino Teachers' Conference in Chiangmai which was followed by a series of forums in Bangkok. These series of consultations with the Filipino teaching community resulted in the primary objective of seeking answers to the growing concerns and issues brought about by the Thai Culture and Language, and Professional Standards Training. With the strong support of the defunct Filipino Educators' Council of Thailand, the leadership was able to find the solution. The Filipino teachers and other foreign nationals were grateful to the first biggest and most affordable Thai Culture and Language, and Professional Standards Training in May 2008. Since then, it opened many channels of information sources on this important teacher licensing requirement.

This coming June 30, 2010 the Filipinos and Friends in Chiangrai will have its induction of officers and welfare services' consultation by the Philippine Embassy. Coincidentally, the date happens to be the inauguration of president-elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III back home in the Philippines. Now, the group has reached more than 60 members and counting. It is believed that there are more than 100 Filipino expats in Chiangrai. The recorded Filipino expat who stayed the longest in this cool province is businesswoman Tita Elisa who has been living for more than 35 years. She is married to a Thai-Chinese who manages one of the biggest hotels in town and they have two successful children who are taking care of the family's other business lines.

Notably, one of the municipal schools called "Tesaban 7" employed 12 Filipino teachers while other major schools hired an average of two to three Filipinos. Miss Gina Salonga who used to work in Kanchanipisek Chaiyaphum adds to the list of desirable Filipino teachers. She was a teacher trainer in Kanchanapisek and her accomplishment in the field of teaching English as a second language was featured at Channel 7 in 2008. She is now working at Mae Fah Luang University.

This year, the Filipinos and Friends in Chiangrai aims to provide a series of professional development training to its members focusing on the improvement of the teaching weaknesses of the Filipino teachers. Moreover, the group will be doing some cultural shows to highlight the Filipinos' cultural heritage in the province.


Hi! This blog is great! I'm planning to work and live in Chiang rai? Is the place great to stay? Are there many Filipinos there? Thank you!

By yen, Philippines (19th October 2011)

im very happy to stay here , im proud to be afilipino. but i married a thai over fifteen years now. im so lucky god give me a right man...........

By lina, chiangmai (28th September 2010)

greetings! i will be in thailand next week and i do hope to find an organization like yours in bangkok...please keep me posted for any filipino national gatherings/activities. thanks.

By inky, philippines (15th September 2010)

I am happy hearing some oganizations founded with Filipinos who got guts like you. It is good. It brings Filipinos to a strong ties and friendship. It does a lot on helping others' needs too. So congratulations for founding it my dear comrad. I am interested to join this for it boosts our morale once this organization become bigger abd bigger that contributes not only to Filipinos but also to the folks.I would love to be invited to any events that you will be holding anytime so soon

By Kenneth Subaan, rayong (23rd August 2010)

i am interested to join ffc soon as i get there this october, i am looking for a teaching job in thailand ,mainly in chonbori or bkk.i am proud to be a filipino, for we can contribute something special in the of education in thailand.hope to see you all.

By arnel, angsila chonbori (7th August 2010)

Congratulation! I'm proud to be a Filipino, and I'm very much happy to know about your organazition here in Chiang rai, and I'm planning to move there but I don't have any friends to live in. Presently I'm working here @ khon kaen Amphoe Chumphae for 2yrs. as a Filipino citizen I'm please to join with your organazition.... Thanks and good day!...

By Erick, khon kaen (31st July 2010)

it's good to know that you are all doing fine in thailand. Always be safe

By Karl, Philippines (23rd July 2010)

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