The good, bad and the ugly

I really enjoy teaching in Thailand. I think its a great country. Several media statements by the Thai government have said that they wish to continue to make bold steps forward, weed out the non qualified, lazy, poor, stupid and useless teachers..... Forgive me if I go out and celabrate a new vision! Look I'm a teacher who can prove references, exams, certificates, results, experence, and even be quite good looking. I can perform magic acts, create a show and maybe even leave a class breathless. So what's the grumble?.... if half the administration and even some of the classes understood the basics of education then we might just get a series of cannon fodder brain washed students to take on board the benifits of education rather than just tick boxes that say pass.

I am lucky enough to be teaching some students that are, not only bright, but show signs of free thinking and a desire to expand their boundaries. I don't and will not pass every student, and if it costs me my job, who cares? I'm not lowering my standards for anyone! We need basic acceptance on both sides.... good qualified teachers for one, but also lets get students mind set right to learn, meaning that they will have to do work on a regular basis to get a pass. What really hurts from a teachers view is I can see some very bright students, who are being held back by social ideals.

I can teach a class at 8.20am of which less than 80% have had a breakfast! Coming in to a classroom where many students want to sleep, because they either got up late ( parents responsibility) failed to eat breakfast ( parents responsibility) and just want us teachers to mold a genius!.... time to get real folks. I've spoken to many parents over the past weeks and I will continue to do so.... Give me a cabbage and I'll make you a salad.... give me a child and I will give you a bright future.

I hate it when classes get cut for some social activity. I've even offered my time free outside school hours to bring students up to speed or even advance their situation.... mostly to mild response. So yes... let's get good teachers teaching students but lets get parents to prepare their loved ones properly, lets get the schools to concentrate on real education, support your teachers.... and we all love culture, ... I love Thai culture, but don't let it hold your children back from improving, themselves and Thailand.

I have seen some students who could, given the right support and encouragement, make Thailand a great and better, and weathier place to live. Plus still keep their culture.


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