Principles and principals

Principles and principals

Since the concerns of the M.0.E. are focused on teachers nothing has been mentioned about the focus on principals and principles.

To begin with the first subject, I have read from someone on Post Box that credentialed teachers cause trouble in schools, they are snobs to unqualified teachers, argue, and are ambitious in the pursuit of power. The reality to this statement is the majority of teachers who come to Thailand stay two or three years and are replaced with others who do the same primarily because they want to experience Thailand. A small percentage pursue long term leadership positions. In my experience, when problems in staff rooms occur the roots lay in a divide in worker related harmony. Conflicts develop from teachers without credentials and those that have them. Since impostors always live with the fear of been discovered the great divide emerges in the form of an "us and them" situation. To make up for this divide and insecurity, many impostors feel security lays in positions of leadership and power. In many cases the fake teachers become drinking buddies with the principal who in many cases does not have a degree either.

Principals are the first to know about who has proper credentials and who doesn't. In many cases they rely on fake teachers as snitches (informants) to give them information about the teaching troops. Having already proved themselves as liars these informant teachers ruin the reputations of good teachers by whispering negativity into the ear of the principal and thoroughly establish themselves as Shakespearean "Iago" characters. Teachers have good and bad days, we are always learning and growing and this is supported by intelligent leaders (regular staff meetings). Impostors fear losing their jobs when incompetence becomes visible. They react by trying to project their incompetence on others usually reacting first with fear, then intimidation. This often leads to finding something wrong with nothing and pinning it on another who has discovered their secret. When back-stabbing behavior is rewarded with leadership positions it creates the contradiction of the uneducated in power and the educated unrewarded or fired. When this situation develops many problems come with it. The end result is teachers come and go and students suffer for it. A good principal knows how the teaching troops morale is they do not need informants. They have nothing to hide and support their teachers through stressful periods (good and bad).

On the topic of economic principles relating to teaching wages. Most of the money made goes right back into the Thai economy as teachers travel the country. Having said that, regardless of the size of the salaries most of the money goes into the tourist industry and is contributing to a self-sufficient economy. Money may leave the hands of school owners but it is redistributed from schools to Thai people who own businesses. History shows that cultures have more stability, satisfaction, and harmony with a large distribution of wealth. Poverty gives way to the emergence of middle classes. This usually attracts more foreign investment as security, stability and growth becomes a part of the economy. The overall effect on the country is modernization (the process in which society goes through industrialization, urbanization and other social changes that completely transform the lives of individuals). A strong distribution of wealth means more disposable income which may lead to more risk taking in the form of establishing small businesses and helping family members.

It seems that the education for profit industry in many cases has failed in providing a proper product for Thai families. Sadly, like many products in Thailand they look good, break after a month and then you throw them away (resembles teacher turn over and the degrees that many get from universities). The owners are happy, what do they care? They have your money. When does it end?
John Smith

John Smith

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