Past, present and future

Dear All, In my final installment to this lively debate which I hope will get published, however, I may give too much of a clue as to where I am referring which may need the humble "edit". I leave you with this.

I take my teaching very seriously and while I introduce fun and enjoyment into the classroom I expect a certain something to come out of my classes. I at the very least expect, from the time my students have spent with me, that my students are competent in the basic tenses or past, present and future. I really wish and hope that they have understood and I have been able to impart the knowledge of all the 12 tenses to them but sometimes that doesn't quite seem to work out. I would suggest to everyone who has a little time on their hands give Facebook a glance and have a look at the many Facebook pages that are representing some of the international schools.

Before the teachers among us with degrees start blowing the proverbial trumpet, have a look at the comments sent in from ex-students. I refer to students that have had the benefit of access to, in most cases, an imported, recruited abroad seasoned professional teacher. I suspect one of those teachers who have honed their skills over the years, as one person had put it. Take a good long hard look and see what they have written. Sadly having been exposed to that top notch education costing in some case millions of baht can they write in the past, present or future tense? Sadly not.

So, please stop all this business singing the praises of a degree-possessing teacher .Yes, in most cases they are the preferred option but they are not the only option and never will be, there will always be that waste of space floating around in the system and there will always be those without degrees doing a sterling job. Alas, however hard you try in this world "46 years of excellence" won't always give you what you expect.

I thank you for reading and thank every degree-possessing teacher in this country for the job they are doing and I request all the degree-holding teachers who can't teach to move on go work in a factory, that's where you should be. I also thank all the non-degree holding teachers in this country for doing a good job despite the hate that is constantly hurled at you, and I also ask all you non-degree holding teachers that are here for a backpacking, sex-filled, binge drinking holiday to pack your bags and move on go and work with the other teachers in that great factory of life.


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