Now I'm confused (In response to Phil's response to my response)

Dear Phil: So what exactly is your point? I understand that you make your living by selling advertising to several agencies and schools that curcumvent the law by using bribery and corruption, but does that mean that you condone these illegal activities? I really hate to bandy words or split hairs with you but, if you check the official Thailand Immigration Office and M.O.E. websites you will find that in fact although a minimum of a Bachelors degree is sufficient to obtain a work permit and licence to teach in Thailand, IT MUST BE fortified by an E.S.L. certificate or it's equivilant.

But I digress. In your efforts to defend your major client base you seem to have missed the major points of my letter entirely. Please pay attention while I reiterate. Please understand that although I feel very strongly about this topic, I am not seeking any reaction to my statements.

1. Just because a person can obtain false documentation, it is not legal to use the same. I can purchase a forged passport in this country as well. Does that mean it would be legal for me to use it for international travel?

2. Working at any job that you are not qualified for, at a reduced rate of pay, only serves to lower standards and take money and opportunity from qualified personnel.

3. I am trying to point out the folly of accepting less for substandard and illegal services when the legal market will bear more. Thats just stupid business in any field.

4. If a portion of us teachers must adhere to the letter of the law I believe it's only fair to expect that all of us do so. Raphaella isn't doing anyone a service by his/her misguided efforts. If there wasn't an illegal method to legitimise unqualified teachers and help them break the law to find work than wages, and conditions, would go up for those that are qualified. (Again, basic business, grade 1 page 2)

Finally Phil, I would like to ask you personally a couple of questions. Firstly, if I should look a "prat" for trying to be a good citizen, upholding legal ideals, paying my taxes and reporting any and all crimes of which I may have knowledge, then what does collaborating with and defending said law-breakers make yourself?

I have noticed that you tend to get your hakles up in defence of unqualified teachers quite often and as a media host I'm sure you are aware of the age-old sayings that; a) "there is no such thing as bad press" and b)"controversy sells papers". So... My second question to you is this. Are you posting your reply to my letter "just to get a bit of a reaction"?

I understand you have the ultimate, god-envying-like power to forego printing this reply regardless of these two common slogans but, do you have the human fortitude, (read balls), to recognise my right to rebutal and do so anyway? Judging by some of your previous blogs, somehow I think not.

Phil ( says - Dear David. Well, I printed your second letter as well but I'm going to call it a day there if you don't mind and we'll agree to disagree. Oh by the way, just because several hours passed and your second letter didn't get posted, doesn't mean I was ignoring you. I was just busy doing something else. So there was really no need for the vile follow-up letter which threatened me with actual physical harm.........was there? Obviously I can't put something so depraved on the website because there might be families watching. But I'll keep it anyway.


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