Discrimination pure and simple

Discrimination pure and simple

As a ‘non white’ American (Hispanic), I was a little discontent about Del’s views on employment here in Thailand (Racism? Ajarn Postbox 31st July 2012) Since living here in the country since 2009, I’ve seen first-hand the ill treatment of foreigners (specifically when it comes to race). For me, gaining employment here was not an easy path and at first, it was very difficult for me to get a job most pointedly because I was not Caucasian (not because of a lack of qualifications).

I eventually landed a job and finally got my foot in the door with the profession I wanted to do, but in the end, the school and agency were just not optimal. Three years later, after some trials and tribulations I’m now happily wired into a great school in Bangkok. The company treats their foreign employees well, holds no reservations about having a diverse group of teaching professionals, instructors enjoy a nice salary, good co-workers to work with, and I would not trade any of this for another job. I’m very happy where I am now but will never forget the road I had to take to get here.

However, when I read comments like Del’s and see ads like the one that accidentally made its way onto the site, it only opens some of the old wounds and scars I’ve had to experience in the past.
I have worked alongside people who have sounded very similar to him who openly critiqued foreign teachers of other ethnicities I worked with, and questioning his or her relevant candidacy to a particular position. By the way, as a minority I speak with a crystal clear accent being brought up on the east coast of the U.S, have multiple credentials, (including a teachers’ license), and a lot of experience in the classroom.

I would love for Del to be in my shoes when I was looking for employment and then trying to spout these same views. Equality is something that he’s apparently not in favor of by his voiced opinion of so called “pampering”. How do you know pampering exists? Are you an employment expert? To quote, “Why do people feel so aggrieved so easily?” Why? Well simply because it’s unfair and unequal treatment.

When you have foreigners who are only cherishing a Thai kind of mentality and using veiled racism to get his or her point across, they’re only trying to say one thing without actually saying it.
To take another quote, “Every employer has an idea of how their ideal candidate should be, and if this includes race, gender, age etc, why not include it in the ad?” Essentially, the only sound byte that’s said here is, “Embrace discrimination in 2012”.

I would like to personally commend Bangkok Phil’s efforts to work on behalf of all foreigners here in Thailand in regards to employment. Thank you also to your action to the most recent problem with that one employer conspicuously posting the rather disconcerting ad a few days ago. Your service is of great appreciation and much respect to you sir.


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