A Thai student's diary

A Thai student's diary

What it feels like to be a Thai student studying English in school

May 2007

Teacher's note: The following journal is from a Thai high school girl enrolled in a provincial English Program. The names, locations, and certain details have all been changed to protect the girl's identity. Creating a daily journal was not part of a larger ‘writing for grammar' exercise. It was about expressing the student's thoughts, feelings, and actions in English in a free and open way. I have left in most of the grammatical errors in an effort to keep the diary as true to her voice as possible. I have added small details to help fill in the blanks. She is obviously writing to an audience, her English teacher, who knows all of the details. I found the following diary remarkably honest for a Thai student and remarkably lucid for a Thai student who has never been out of the country, immersed in a native environment.

Friday, May 11 2007

This morning, my cousin who lives with me named Meet (12 years old) woke me up. I tried so hard to get out of my pillow and took a bath. My breakfast was boiled rice, salted eggs and fried pork. I wonder why salted eggs were not salted but I didn't ask anyone and kept eating like a robot.
I came to school. It's such a boring day like everyday. First subject was Thai and the teacher gave us 2 projects to do. I hate project! I never like it. I wonder why we have so many homework to do!? Today, Mr. Hiho, our Japanese teacher, didn't come because he have to go to funeral at Bang district. So all studied Chinese. I don't like his (Chinese Teacher) teaching style, just talk, talk and talk. Some of my friend still can't read Pin-yin, even though they studied Chinese for 1 year! Next was computer class. We went downstair for taking a photo because computer teacher want our photo but I don't know what he will do with our photos.
At lunch, 1 of my friend who likes Nit gave me strawberry milk. I don't know why he gave me. (He's younger than me 1 year.)
After that we had 3 hours with Mr. Evan. He said that it's hell hour. We watched some American TV show comedy. I feel my English is improve (but only listening) because I understand what they're talking about more than last year but it's just the feeling.

Ps. Today I'm very tired!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Today I feel very bad because last night I cried. I don't know why I cry but my tear fell and I can't control. I talked to my parents about what is happening to me now in EP. I can't take my classroom. It's too small. Not like last year. It so suck! They told me they can't help me. They just only can tell the way to get out of this problem that is get out of the this EP Program. Our room is so small and we pay same as other students.
And I cried. I don't wanna get out of this program but if it's no changing, then I wanna get out. I've been thinking about it all the time.
My parents came to school today and talk about my problem to the school director. He's the EP director's boss. I hope they change us to the big classroom. All I can do now is waiting for the result.

Ps. I got many homework!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I wonder why we got a lot of science homework!? Why? Why? Why? And I don't like Mr. Sam, our science teacher...no...I mean his teaching style. He just give us homework but also we have to read by ourselves and it's a lot for us to be a homework reading. Vocabulary words are also difficult. If I got homework only this subject, it's OK but I have homework in almost all subjects. I have to do geography project and two Thai projects. Oh! And also health education project, too!

Ps. I think my dad really want me to leave EP. He keeps asking me everyday.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I feel very tired today. I really want to go to bed. I try to do all my homework and go to sleep.

Ps. So tired!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

After I read my journal, I feel like why I'm sayin' it's such a bad day in everyday but it's true. And today is a bad day, too. Why? I will tell you.
First, I came back home late last night because we had our M3 reunion party and it's end about 9pm. It's the first time for me coming late. I feel very bad at that moment because I thought my parents will waiting for me but they didn't say anything just asked what did you do today? Great? So, I told what I did all day (and also told that I went to Bang's house and saw his older brother. It's the first time for me and he's very handsome!)
I went to bed very late and didn't do any homework. (Ha! Ha! Very bad.) And back at school today and I got an essay homework from Mr. Sam. Oh! Oh! He also tested us on the reading. He wanted us to read out loud and he will give the points for reading, such as, how you pronounce the words? It's like the other people? Is your voice loud enough? I have no idea about that but I wonder why we have to do this? It's not an English class but it's the science class. Why we have to do this? It suck! (I really wanna kill him by turn off the air conditioner!)
Go back to essay, He told me it's a group essay. He want us to separate in two groups and talk about it, then write an essay by YOUR OWN! WHAT!? It means one person one essay. But why he called it a group essay. You know what I mean? AH! KILL HIM! (Or kick his giant butt. Oopps! Sorry.)

Ps. I hate all my homework!! Let it be. Let it be, and I never have enough sleep because of the homework!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad day again but today is really, really bad.
First, Mr. Naha, that's what we call our EP director, came to my classroom and talked, talked and talked about our behavior. We didn't do anything bad, just classroom is dirty but it's not only my class! And he talked like we are the very bad students in EP! Hey! Hey! You, you! I don't like Mr. Naha! He also punch May's head because she wear PE uniform! He also don't let us leave our books at school, including under the desk and in the locker but other class can do.
WHAT! Why in EP has no justice!?
I have to take 4 English books everyday and also 3 other books! It's so heavy for a little girl like me. I hate him so much.
And because you didn't come today, he came to teach Grammar in English class. It's very funny because he said that ‘Noun plus -ing is gerund!' Ha ha ha... Noun plus -ing? Ha ha ha...I think he has high-self confidence. And always has it, too. But in the afternoon he let us have free time.
I finished unit 12 in grammar book and did my Thai homework.
Oh! I heard from Kate that today her class love Mr. Hank because Mr. Sam told him that he got Mr. Carl in trouble with Naha. Mr. Hank very angry because he like Mr. Carl because Mr. Carl is a good person. YES! Mr. Hank very angry. He wanted to fight with Mr. Sam, too! YEAH! I cheer Mr. Hank. I still hate Mr. Sam and his accent.
I don't know why Naha always attack our class but I hate him so much what about he did to May! Punch the student is not the good thing to do.

Ps. Naha get out! Where is the justice?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When I went upstairs to class, Neat said to me "Mr. Robert is gone! Dead." I said "What!?" It's really, really sad. I really don't want him going. He had not been to school for a long time and in hospital sick or something like that. I'm very sad.
In last year, he liked to talk with me. I can remember one thing that he told me. He asked how old I am? And I said 15. Why you asked me? He said you are very young. Do you have any boyfriend and I said no! I never want to. He said it's a good idea. You're right. Now, is the time for study and have some fun with your friends. When you are grow up, you can do whatever you want, but remember you cannot trust in every boy. And I can remember it clearly.
In the morning, all of the EP students and EP teachers were downstairs in front of the building and Mr. Naha announced about Mr. Robert's profile and in that moment, he cried. WHAT!? Yeah! He cried like he feel very sorry about that. I understand but he cried very hard and it's very funny (about Mr. Naha) I laugh and I can't control laughing at Mr. Naha. Every student were very surprised and me, too. Because we're never seen that before. One student said we forgot to record Mr. Naha crying. I know it's very bad that I laughed at him when he fell very bad. But I can't control. I'M SORRY!

Ps. God bless Mr. Robert
Ps. And Mr. Evan, I hope you get well and come back soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mr. Hiho is very boring. He speaks very low...w...w. I have to tell him to speak louder at least 2 times a day. And I don't understand his English...you know what I mean? When I ask him to speak again he will write it on the board. But I want him to speak and not to write because I want to learn Japanese accent! I try to communicate with him but it doesn't work. And sometimes, he check our works not right. I mean in the same answer I right but May wrong but he say both are right! And it's too many times that he do. What should I do?
I went to Mr. Robert's funeral with my friends. It's really sad. We met Mr. Hank, Mr. Carl, Mr. George, Mr. Sid, Mr. Ronald, and Mr. Naha. Every one cried, including me.
Robert's wife look very sad. I understand but it's too much for her with 3 children. She may fell lonely in this time but I think she can get through this because it is the truth. Mike, Allen, and Sara are his children. Mike doesn't know that his dad pass away and never come back. He thinks his dad just have a long sleep. I heard from someone that he asked his mom ‘when is dad wake up?' It's very sad story. Everyone miss him so much, including me. It's hard to accept this. And there was an event that happened. At the time that someone (I don't know him) talked about Mr. Robert, his name that was hanging on the wall fell down suddenly, like ghost. But nothing happened to the others.

Ps. (All my tissue have gone) I will remember that I never have a teacher like Mr. Robert and I will never forget him, too.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I woke up late, about 10am because I didn't have enough sleep for a week and it makes me feel very tired. I didn't go to Mr. Robert's second funeral because I have to go to Home Pro with my parents. And we met my aunt and her daughter (my cousin). They came here to buy an air conditioner. We went to an Italian restaurant for our dinner.

Ps. I chat with Mew from and he looks not the same, like something is wrong. I don't know, maybe he's upset about something but I ask him and he says nothing wrong. So, I don't know what's wrong with him.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I woke up very late again because today is weekend. I ate lunch at home.
Then I had to go to Min Buri city. The reason I have to go there is my dad is building our new house and he wanted to check something and prepared for the next step.
He wanted me to drive my care (actually, it's my mom's car, but she gives it to my brother and me but my brother is in Bangkok for studying Thammasatt University. It's my chance to practice and use this car but someone parked a care behind my car and I couldn't take it out of my parking lot. So I have to drive my dad's car. It's a Camry and too big for me. I was very excited and everyone, too. It's not only my dad and me but also my mom and Meet. (Can you remember her from the first page?) When we reached there I ask Meet that did you scared of me driving? She answered "a little bit scared." Ha ha ha. I didn't tell her that if my mom allow me to drive a car to school, she has to go with me. Ha!
After my dad finished checking the house, I drove home. And I asked my dad to comment on my driving. He said good. I am very happy. I've been practicing driving for 6 months. And it's getting better every month. YEAH!

Ps. I chat with my brother and I order him to buy me CD for me. Ha Ha!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The last day of this weekend is today. It's very sad. Today I wear red t-shirt. It's my favorite color. I didn't go out anywhere, just stay at home and played Nintendo DS and watched Korean Series with everyone. My mom cooked noodles. And because she cooked a lot, so we have to eat it for lunch an dinner. Ha! Because I didn't go out, so no story today!

Ps. No Ps.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today I asked many questions to Mr. Watannakom, he's one of the Thai teachers in our program. He answered the questions like a circle, you know? And if he doesn't answer my questions, I will ask him again or ask him why you don't answer my questions. He's like surprised, but it makes me fun.
I feel bad about my fish that died in the jar. It makes me feel bad but you know? Nat and May's jar, there are 3 fishes died. It makes the water dirty. Ha!
I got an extra class after school and I feel tired.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yesterday, I forgot to talk about the science teacher Mr. Sam. Mr. Sam is wearing a mask all the time. When Naha comes, his teaching is very good and he is very nice but when Naha go, he will change his style very quick. He thinks he is right every time. Everything he do it's right. Maybe he forget that no one is perfect in this world.
Today, Mr. Hiho (Japanese teacher) told I, May, and the others who study Japanese class that Mr. Naha told him that there are students that told Mr. Naha that they don't understand Japanese teaching and he asked "Is it right?" WHAT? And he's very serious too. We didn't tell Naha. It is someone else. He's like very angry. I didn't do anything. (But I want to change Japanese teacher if I can.) Ha! Ha! ...Yeah! I don't like his very Japanese style. It's like if you just keep busy like pay attention to your work, ever though you're just faking, pretend to be busy, they will think you are a very good teacher. Ha! Ha! Crazy. I didn't mean he does nothing but sometimes he thinks his teaching is very good but the truth is we understand nothing, even though I ask him so many times. He force us to remember everything he taught and quickly and we can't do that, you know? Who can remember everything that other people tell?

Ps. Please keep the plastic bottle and can for our class.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today, it's a different day. NO SAM! YEAH! Yes! And tomorrow, I don't have to go to school. Wooo! Um...I helped my friends collect the bottles and it's very fun. I want to help everyday (maybe). I'm proud that Mr. Evan told me my English has improved. Yeah! I told my mom and she smiled like she proud of me, too. Ha ha...

Ps. Déjà vu 2 times today.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today is a holiday, Yeah! Wake up late. No breakfast. Play games. Watch TV. That's my styles! Ha ha ha...My dad and grandad's sister went to BKK, today. So I stay with my mom. I drove to Min Buri city again, but this time not excited.

June 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

I like Ajarn Mary. She is very kind. I didn't finish my homework because I don't know how to do. So, I asked her and she wasn't mad at me. She talked very polite and try to explain slow for me because I slowly understand math. She never says you are wrong! She always says let's do it the other way. And she explain very clear. I really like it.
I talked to Mr. Hank about the books problem. We have to carry every book home and can't keep them at school. It not make sense much. Why must we do like this? He told me he will help us. He will talk to Naha.
Mr. Naha asked me "why you let your parents talk to the school director about the classroom and the books? Why don't you talk to me?" I think if I talk to him it will be wasting my time. I don't tell him but it's what I think. He always think he's always right in everything. He talked to me 15 minutes but you know...I recorded it. Ha ha ha. I will give to my parents. They will know everything that he talk to me. Yes! Yes! Yes! Pull his mask!
In PE class I have to run and record the time. We were very tired.
I really hate today. It's like every problem is in this day. I was so every tired. Sometime I feel like I'm alone, nobody doesn't want to talk to me or tell me. They always say because I'm not there. And why they don't call me if I'm not there?

Ps. Ah...tired. Too many too many problems.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm very tired today. I feel sleepy all day. I don't know why but I'm very, very tired.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why Naha always find fault with us everyday? I'm very, very annoyed. He always says our class get many troubles. I think he hate me a lot. He told me that I'm selfish because my parents talked to the school director. He told me to keep the books at school. He said like if I got the trouble with the books, then he will let me keep the books at school only me. I said it's not fair. He said "yes, that's what I wanna hear from you." WHAT! ...Naha is very crazy. What he talked to me should go back to him all of it. You know what I mean?
And he is very angry about we collect the bottles for recycle. He asked us who start it and Gate said we do it together to keep the money for school project coming. Naha said we don't have this policy. The school will give money for this. But I told him we can have money from bottles more than enough but he didn't listen to me. (I told him 3 times.) Gate said the money that the school give to us is never enough. Yes, it is the truth but Naha said "how could it never be enough. The old class did it for a long time and they never have this problem." Damn. How could he know it? He never do it? Bad mouth! My sister and other people who did the project before told me that the budget is never enough. You have to pay again. Naha is wrong again! He asked us, "are you a garbage keeper? You keep like a garbage keeper!" For that we say, "dog mouth!" It is like a dog non-stop barking! One of the younger students told me that he's very mad because he collect the bottles to buy water and sell it to students.
After he finished barking at the other class he went to our class and yell at us. "You make another trouble again?" We didn't make the trouble and it is not HIS business, too, to stop us keeping the bottle. We didn't do anything wrong . We didn't steel money from anyone. We didn't sell drug and what we do is clean money. The teacher downstair said to us that's a good idea. But why Naha don't like it? (I know you know why.) He's crazy. But you know he can't stop us from this project. We will still do it and we have the place to hide it from him. And may I ask you 1 question? Did the bottles in the other class smell bad?

Ps. Today I wrote very long. Hope you enjoy it. Ha!

Tuesday, June 7, 2007

All three of our classes in one room! That's happen in the morning. EP Director Naha came and talk to us about collecting for recycle and IELTS. Boring. I was late so I listened to him only half speech. He's very happy. I eon' know why he's very happy and I don't want to guess, too. He told us that he want us to help sell food at the Canteen. He will give us money for our project then. I think it is a good idea but I'm not agree when he said stop taking the bottles and cans for recycle. I don't need his help because I guess he wants us to do something after he pays us more than just the money from the Canteen. I don't think he is kind enough to pay us all the money we need. And if he wants us to do this thing why he didn't talk to us politely yesterday? He always shouts to us or hit us first and then talk normally to us. In Thai, we say hit head then stroke the back. It's like you do the bad thing to someone and then you do good to him/ her later. I don't like it.

Ps. The science class will be on Monday. No.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Today I had computer class and my computer hand while I was doing my works. It's not only one time but too many times. Very, very annoy. So, I talk to Mr. Carl that I wanna do it at home. It is the best way to serve the problem. When I came back home, I found something that is unbelievable from internet. I found the letter from Ministry of Education. We are not on the list of real EPs in Thailand! Oh my Buddha! What should I do to make it right?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I woke up very, very late. I went to ECC to study Japanese class with Bin and Nit. When class finished, it rained. I hate rain! It can make me wet and cold. Sometimes I may catch the cold from rain.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Science will be on tomorrow! I hate this subject! Very boring! Not fair, not fair...I don't want to go to school tomorrow. No! Life is unfair.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today is my cousin's birthday. She is 22 years old now. I like to talk to her and I can talk to her about everything. Last year, she lived with me. I enjoyed talking to her a lot, maybe cause her age is nearly to her.
I heard from On that Naha talked to her in the morning. He told her that there is one student called to the director and told him that he or she wants Naha to get out, if not he or she will write news. And Naha thinks it is me. But I didn't do that! Why he always think who talk to the director is me all the time!? Everything is what I do, my fault. But I didn't and never want to do that! I'm very angry what he said to On. I am really disappointed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pan got a wound on her toe because of the desk. Her blood drop on the floor. Everyone standing and try to said to her ‘breathe' or ‘long breath' something like that.
In Japanese class I argued with Mr. Hiho and I won. Yeah! I'm very happy.
In the afternoon, we (all EP students) had to go to the University for listen about study in the UK. The younger students went with Naha by bus. The rest of us had to walk. Unfair! Unfair! But Go take his car to school so I went with him, May, Pan, Ban, Cartoom, and Jo. Ha!
At the University, there are many students and it is like the pressure around me. I met Wit. (Can you remember him?) We talked to each other a little bit. (I meet him every Monday and Friday at the extra class.) Naha (again) wanted us to do his worksheet about the study abroad. We have to write the name of the school and the place something like that. Very crazy! You know we copy each other a lot. Ha! His idea is kind of like crazy, right?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I feel sleepy all day. Mr. Hank tried to tell me that if you fight with Naha, you will never win! I try to tell him that I never want to win. I never say I wanna win but he didn't liten to me and started talk about his life (again). He always talks on and on about his life and never teaches. I'm very upset that he didn't listen to me and try to say that I will never win. I didn't want to win but I want my rights and do the right things. What Naha did to us is not right. This is not about win or lose but it's about right or wrong.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I really dislike science teacher Mr. Sam. He think he is God teacher. Ha! I don't want to hear he says anything ever again. I think life is really unfair.
Someone in our class got a good grade by let someone do all their work. Unfair...unfair...I would be proud if I do all my work by myself and get a good grade. But if I copy or let someone do my work, I wouldn't be so proud.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh! Math test is very, very, very, very, very, very, difficult. Maybe I am not good at Math, so I think it's really hard. Today we got 2 science classes. And I told Mr. Sam that his answer always right and very good. Ha ha ha...but sorry, just joking.
I think Mr. George hates me. He told Mr. Watana that I'm very bad student, always get trouble. I don't like the way he talks to me. He always wanna top me. He told me that "Thai government said teachers always right." I think it's really crazy. I told him to show me the evidence. Then I will accept that because I don't agree with him. No teacher always right because anyone can make mistake. I think he is another teacher who is always thing that he is God teacher.
I am very happy to see Boi back from America. Her English is really, really, good. What about mine? (Joking)
EP webmaster answered my email. I asked her that I want to know how many schools in our province have EPs? She answered me, but she didn't say about our school yet. I will send it again and ask her "What about our school?" I don't know if we are a real EP.

Ps. I have another test tomorrow that is Geography.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am very, very tired. I don't wanna write today.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. Naha came to our classroom and talk, talk, and talk. He told us about the project that we HAVE TO do. He complained about one student parent's phoned the school director and tell him that he must get Naha out, if not, see ya! Something like that. And Mr. Naha thinks that it's MY parents. And he said to us your parents have no BRAIN or brain damage, something like that and he stared at me. I really, really, really, really, hate him and really angry. I wanna kick his stupid head to take the germs out of his head so he can think like normal person. I told my parents about his. I think if he says it one more time, my dad will come talk to him about this SURE! Now, my parents didn't say anything. It didn't mean they are not upset and accept that. Mr. Naha, go to hell!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh! Yesterday, I forgot to tell you I got 40 out of 40 in Geography test. Ha ha. I'm very proud! Today, I argued with Mr. Sam and I won! But I won't tell you about it. (Ask someone)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Science teacher Mr. Sam thought I slept in his class but I didn't ! I really hate when he looks at me. It's like in his mind, he always thinks that I'm stupid and he is super clever teacher! Bad, very very bad...He shouldn't be a teacher...he should be a farmer who really want to breath fresh air and eat clean veggy and also live 150 years.
He really excited to talk about history of Mr. Sam and it's really his-story! But no wanted to know...Ha ha ha...He always pronouns my name WRONG. It's not a boy's name. I'm a GIRL. He also told us that he is not looking for a girl in Thailand because he thinks most women in Thailand have HIV/AIDS! He don't want to get HIV from Thailand. Did he think all women in Thailand are really easy!? I can't believe this! UNBELIEVABLE!
I really hate 1 girl and she is my friend but not best friend cuz I don't want her to be my best friend. She always bothers my friends who have boyfriend. It's like she will touch my friend's boyfriend. And I really hate that. And if I got one and she does this to me, I will kick her and we will end the friendship because I can't handle it. I can't accept the people like this in my life. And also that person already has her OWN boyfriend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I think I make many teachers have a hard time. Ha ha. But I like it! But I really worry about my grade. Maybe it can affect my grade. I really hope it won't happen to me. I wanna go to Korea!

Wednesday, June 26, 2007

I start to feel like I have many troubles in my life. I feel hopeless about the grades. I don't know...but I don't wanna talk to anyone about this. Sometimes I hurt inside, but nobody knows, nobody cares. I care everyone show is supposed to care but they don't care me. And I don't know why...

Thursday, June 27, 2007

I am very happy to meet Dim. Umm...I really hate Japanese class. I don't like Mr. Hiho. He doesn't like me. And he shows his reaction that he doesn't like me. When I ask him, he doesn't answer me. AHHH!

Friday, June 28, 2007

AHHHHH I got a pimple! NO! Because I don't get enough sleep, SURE! This week I have 3 tests, 2 Japanese and 1 science. AHH, gonna die.

July 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I passed AFS test (again). I have to take an interview this Sunday. I chose to go to Japan because I really like Japanese. When you pronounce Japanese it's really cute. Ha..ha..ha.. However, I talked to my mom and she said "No matter if you pass an interview test, we can't let you go because we don't have enough money. It cost 500,000 baht. It's really big money. And now we don't have it." I'm really sad. I wonder why my brother could go but I can't. My brother went to America and he bought PS2, Nintendo DS and MP3 player. But for me, I have to buy my own money. I feel like I hate him. I can pass a test but I don't have a chance to go.

Ps. Wipe my tears...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today Ajarn Kanchana talked to me about doing an EP video. It's like he want me to introduce or say something about EP and he will record it for showing people who are from the Ministry of Education. They will come to our school for a check up. And I don't know why Mr. Naha wants to show off that it's very good. If it's good 100%, why he doesn't let them see the real class. I mean ... why not show that some teachers suck! I always complain. I'm so tired but if I don't take extra classes I don't know what I need for entrance, especially Japanese. And when I ask a question in Japanese class, he doesn't want to answer me.
Anyway, Ajarn Kanchana choose me and Dim for this. I don't want to do it. I NEVER want to do it. But they force me to do, so I will do it badly. Ha..ha..ha.. They said they choose me cuz I'm good but I never say I'm good. I told them to choose another student but they didn't. I told Apple and May that I don't want to do it and Apple's reaction show by her face. I think they don't want to do, too. But there are few students who want to do this and they said I'm good so it's me. But I don't think so. I think Apple thought I'm selfish that I'm not want to do this because I saw he face. But I think I'm not selfish. Because I said it already I DON"T WANT TO DO! And the reason is I don't want talk to Mr. Hiho. I really hate him. He's a bad teacher. Anyway, they are selfish, not me. I told them many times that I hate Hiho and don't want to talk to him but they force me to do this. So, I will make it worse much as I can. I know that they don't wanna do, too. They are also good at talking Japanese. They can read. They know the words. Why they force me to do? I don't understand. I told everyone already that I don't want to do anything about i. But everyone act like I'm so selfish. I wanna ask them, too. "Who is really selfish, me or you?"

Ps. Please shut up, Ajarn Kanchana!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I don't want to do the interview for Kanchana but I have to. The reason is I have no idea about it and also I will have to do what I said yesterday. Not enough. I have to take four Japanese tests. However, my friends who choose to learn Chinese take only 1 test, 20 questions and also they can copy! This week is completely the worst. I am so tired. Many midterm examinations, homework, News Show project, 2 Thai subject projects. All are trying to kill me. First They wanted me to write about EP in Japanese but I said NO! I promise you it's not easy like Chinese because Chinese has no tenses, no past, present and future. In Japanese, negative sentence is not like put "not" after verb to be but you have to change verb in another form and there are many, long form, short form, past, present. It's not easy to think and write it down like this Journal. I make a deal with Ajarn Kanchana. If he don't give me Japanese script, I won't do it. Ha! But you know? I'm really tired. If I can choose, I don't want to do the interview and give my friend who study Chinese to do it.

Ps. Long complain come back!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

After Midterm Exams, I'm still tired. Maybe because I have to wake up early more than before 1 hour. My scores are OK. Ummmmm...I wonder why people always judge others by the outside.? For example, when a girl's walking with a boy, people will think they get together. I mean girlfriend and an boyfriend. And it happens to me. Oh! What the heck!? When I am very close with someone (actually boy), it doesn't mean I am his girlfriend. But my friends like to make fun of me and him. Ah...and I hate that!

Ps. My mom allowed me to drive to school. Don't laugh and don't be frightened!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today, Mr. Naha came to our class and talked, talked, talked. Boring! First period Mr. Hank brought a DVD Rainman and it's really sad. Like I said yesterday, "people always judge others by the outside." It happened in this movie. And today, Ms. Kanchana didn't come because she had to go somewhere. So we played around. Ha ha ha...I really thanks to Ajarn Evan that give me a chance to re-do the test. Thank you.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

After school, I had to study Chinese extra class. I drove to school, so I drove to the place that I study extra class with Dim and On. They really scared of my driving and they always talk about it all day. It's a pressure for me because this is my first week of driving to school. It's really sad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

All EP students had to go to the University for a competition but I didn't. Meet, my cousin, (can you remember her?) went to Bangkok to meet her family. I had to send Thai report to my friends. I went with Ou and I let him drove my car. Actually, he drives very well and better than me. On went with us and she always says she feels safety when he drives all the time. It makes me sad. Ah...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I studied an extra class with Dim and On but today On is absent because she went to Bangkok with her family for watching wrestling. I hope she will enjoy watching it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today is my grandmother's birthday. I had to go to Min Buri because she lives there with my aunty. She is very old now, about 80 up. Sometimes, she forgets about something, like she forgets my name today but tomorrow she can remember it. I met my cousins. I talked a lot to them. We shared what is happening to us. I complained about what is happening to me. (again) And I feel like I let my feeling out and it made me feel better.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I had to stay home ALONE! Really sad... My parents went to Bangkok to send my brother there. And I wanna stay home because I have 2 days extra classes. It's today and tomorrow. They trust me to stay home alone but it's not really home ALONE because they sent my cousin to live with me. My mom called me every 4 hours (like taking pills) for asking "What are you doing?" I know they cared me a lot. My cousin is the same age as my brother. Her name is Kaew. When we have problems, we will talk to each other. We share our experience and we talk about everything. She is really good. I love HER!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today is the last day of the month and I got salary. (maybe you say allowance?) YEAH! Before I got 1,500 baht but from this month I get 2,000 baht. That is a good news. However, I have to buy stuffs by myself. That is a bad news. I studied Chinese 4 hours with On and Dim. Ah...tomorrow, it will be grammar test. Oh! I could forgot it.

August 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

This week I have no car for driving to school. Someone (I don't wanna say who) borrowed my car, so I don't have a car! (For this week.) It really annoys me because I can't go anywhere by myself. I have to wait for my mom to bring me to school or home. Some days she is busy. I have to wait for a long time. Someone (I can't remember who) said, "It's good, right? You have a car. When you don't have it, you get mad." It is true. Now I'm getting MAD! I feel like I have to decide by depending on my parents. Oh, I want my car.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It rained all day and it is still raining NOW! It started raining last night. I hate rain! It is my big trouble. It is not easy to go to anywhere. And it is easy to catch cold. I got another assignment and I (also my friends) am lazy to do it. Ha...ha...ha...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rain again...boring...I have to do a lot of homework today. I have to send it tomorrow. Ah...get back to work.

Tuesday, August 9, 2007

He just came back! He just came back from traveling with his family! And he taught us in the fourth period. I don't know why but he talked very fast today. And I totally didn't understand what he said. But I didn't ask him to explain more or speak again because I didn't want to make any communication with him. Oh! I forgot to tell you who he is!? Mr. Sam the hated science teacher! He is the cutest teacher in the English Program. I'm not joking. (I'm joking.) After he came back, he's still cutest. Ha! Ha!
Another bad news, my parents didn't allow me to go abroad in the AFS program and good news for me but bad news for everyone. I got my car back!

Ps. What for clef? Is that a complete sentence? Our music teacher speaks like that! I know he's Thai but what's that? What for clef? Sounds like me in M1...Ha! Ha!

Friday August 10, 2007

In the morning, all the students had to be stuck in the football field because we had to celebrate mother's day. And most of the other M5 class skipped school! There were on 5 student's in that class. That is so funny!
We studied Thai for first period. Second period was Japanese and Chinese. All of us skipped that class! Ha...Ha...Ha...I think I was the first who get out of the classroom. We planned to skip because we are sick of Mr. Hiho, who now we call Mr. Robotto (haha). And today we had a chance to skip so we did. All of us played computer games in the computer room. We played card games online together. Umm...Can you remember I hate 1 girl who has strange behavior? You won't believe this because it is happening to me! But...but...I didn't have any boyfriend. How could this happen to me? OK...I will tell ya!
I have 1 close friend. He is a boy. Everyone thinks he is my boyfriend but the truth he is not. And yeah...she thinks he is my boyfriend. She TRIED to touch him, talk to him, or sit next to him. When he and I sit and talk to each other, she sees us, she will utter ‘ahem' to stop us talking. It's really bother me. I don't understand why she does that? I hate her. I tried to say, "don't bother" or "please go away" but it's not work. She told my best friend that he (my close friend) sweets on me. I don't understand she said like that? It is not her business to tell my best friend. I really hate her. Why did she come into my life?

Ps. I wanna kill her!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm really angry with my mom. Today I had an extra class. It finish at 4pm. She picked me up at 5pm! I was waiting for her for 1 hour. I'm angry because she didn't tell me before that she will pick me up late. And before when she picks me up and I'm late only 10 minutes, she will be upset. She always says, "do you know I have to wait for you 10 minutes. It is 10 minutes I have to wait for you!" Ahhhh...so annoying.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I didn't go anywhere. Today is mother's day and also my best friend's birthday. I just ate, played games and sleep all day. Such a relax day. I didn't do any homework. Ha...ha...bad...That's bad! (But I don't care.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Today I didn't have to go to school. That was GREAT! But I had an extra class. (a little tear) I went there with Dim from the regular program. Oh! On Told me that this week there won't be Chinese extra class. Yeah! Part ! No...just kidding. Yes, yes, yes no extra class this week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh! Back to school! Today, we had 2 guest speakers. They came from Switzerland. They are really nice. They speak French. However, their accent is really hard to understand. They said I look like a Japanese girl.
The air conditioner couldn't turn on in the morning and Mr. George was really upset. He didn't teach us. He was wet and walked around with no smile.
I think the girl that I hate might know that I hate her. Every time she walks by or sits or stands with us, I stay away from her. She also stopped touching my friend or even sitting next to him. However, I still hate her. I also hate an writing assignment that I got today. I can't think about it. I don't know what I should write. I have no idea. Oh! In first period, I and On studied Japanese. The others didn't come. They went to make their passports. Mr. Hiho wrote "I thing" on the board. It should be "I think," so I said I think, not thing. It sounds like I think nothing. It's very funny. And On laughed like non-stop.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Before we had the grammar test, I read the stuff that's about the test. But while I was doing the test, I totally forgot it! Bad luck!
I am really bored with Ajarn Suanneepan. Her teaching style is suck! She may think we just a little kid who don't understand anything about English. In her period, I tried so hard to stay awake. Her monotone is always trying to make us sleep. Also, the information that she gives us is look and sound Thai. Actually, it's English because she translated it. But it's really look like Thai style. You know what I mean? She's very proud that her translation is really GOOD!? But you know it looks like Thai style. When you read it, you will know.
Almost are whole class went to the mall today. We went by my Civic 3 door car. Can you imagine that? Seven teens stuck in a tiny car, and two of them is big and fat! We ate an ice-cream together at Swenson's. (How do you spell that?) It's really good time. We talked to each other and laughed together. I loved it. Oh! I came to school at 7am with Mean to give food to the monks. That's a great time, too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today, we had our science classes. Mr. Sam, the hated science teacher, said that if we bring in a certain movie to his class and would let us watch it. So, we brought it, but he didn't let us watch it. He said we could watch it next time. My friend asked when. He said he doesn't know when but we will. And he laughed. Damn! I totally understood his ‘WILL.' It means we will not now. And we can say ‘WILL' anytime and ti still means ‘WILL.' It is not the same as we say ‘tomorrow' today. Tomorrow, when we wake up. Tomorrow from yesterday means today. You know what I mean? He wanted us to do the stupid experiment. That we knew about it before when we was in Grade 5th.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to school...The Ministry of Education came today to check our program. Then they came to our class while we were studying with Mr. Evan. (you) We were so excited. My mind was off. I understood nothing. Ha...ha...ha...I got another assignment again...ah!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mr. George was upset in our class. He didn't talk or teach, just wrote on the board read these pages and answer these questions! We had to write an essay ( which we very hate!) at least 100 words. He also said even M1 wrote at least 500 words. I don't understand why he's always upset in my class. Oh! Maybe yesterday Kim asked him a question which Mew already asked him before. He thought that we talked and didn't pay attention to him but why we can't ask the questions twice??? If we don't understand or think about the other thing (but in the lesson), that means we didn't pay attention to the teacher!? Damn...

Ps. They came again and borrowed my car again! (a lot of tears)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We had a stupid and bad English music test. I can't understand what Mr. Mitanna teaches. He said something in English but I understood nothing. I can't understand his English because it sucks! It's really annoying me. Ahhh...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today is the last day of one of my extra classes. I feel very, good. Oh! Yesterday, she came back again and said something which I don't like! You know who? That girl I really hate. She is really annoying me.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I don't have anything to write, today!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It was a terrible day! There was a party at a place where they sell Izuzu cars. (I don't know what it's called?) My father's best friend wanted to go there to make news. He invited my family to go there. I didn't want to go because I know that there will be a lot of people and I hate that! However, I had to go. (very sad) When I got there , it's like a billion of people. That made me have a headache! The party was suck! A lot of people = A lot of perfume = headache + annoying. I really wanted to go home but I had to wait until the end of the party. When that time came, it was like I won the lottery and someone whispered to my brain that ‘GO HOME! YEAH!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm wearing new contact lens. They make my black eyes look bigger, we called it big eyes. However, they don't make my black eyes look bigger so much because mine are big already. My last contact lens made my life get worst. Many trouble happened during the time I wore them. Ha...ha...Maybe if I change them, it will make my life better.

Ps. Just a silly thought!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I had an extra class. I had homework. I needed to sleep but I couldn't ! Can you imagine this? You're talking on the phone and then someone who you're talking to went to sleep suddenly. And you just talk to an empty phone. What would you do?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time is always going and doesn't wait for anyone. I haven't finished all my homework! What should I do?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am crying. My cat is gone, gone forever. Her name is See-nin. It means black in Thai. We gave that name because she has black hair covering her body. I had an extra class after school and when I came back home, my Dad said Seem-nin was dead. I was shocked and almost cry. He told me that he came too late. She just died at the time my Dad got home. My parents guess that some stupid, idiot, crazy, jerk, guy had ride motorcycle and hit her at her head. (He really need to go to hell!) She's gone about at almost 1pm. We are really, really sad, even my Dad who don't pay with her so much. I love her so much. She made me laugh when I am mad. I talk to her when I feel alone. I hug her when I am sad. But now she is not here. My mom grow some beauty plant at her grave. However, I have not enough brave to go there.

October 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh! Come back kitties! Bad news - my two new kitties are gone. First, one died in front of me. Did you ever see someone die in front of you?

That day was a normally day like everyday. My mom didn't stay at home. I was alone. At noon my dad came back home. He drove into the garage and rolled over my kitty's head. I don't know why he wanna drive into the garage at noon because he always goes out after finishing lunch. There was not cat sound. When my dad got to the door, he looked back and saw my kitty struggle with her head under the wheel! So he moved the car quickly but that was too late.

She is gone... Her name is ‘sing-toe.' It means lion because she looks like a lion.

I screamed and cried so hard. If I didn't see that shed died in front of me, maybe I wouldn't cry. But I saw everything... Her body is with See-nin, my last cat. Her mom felt very bad. I saw she was around my kitty's grave for one week after her daughter is gone. The truth is she has three children. The first one is gone because a big bad dog bit her back and her backbone is broken. The second one is ‘Sing-toe.' The third one is ‘So-ting.' His name is a spoonerism of Sing-toe. Guess who gave them names? Me! Ha..ha.. Another bad news - Sing-ting disappeared after Sing-toe died but their mom still is at home.

Ps. I miss them and you also! Ha ha...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I started studying Thai-Social extra class with Pawn. The dates are from 16-28 October and the time is 7:30am to 12:45pm. Damn! I have to wake up earlier than when I go to school. However, I enjoy studying this extra class. It is fun and helpful for the entrance exam. To tell you the truth, I go late everyday. Ha ha. You can ask Pawn if you don't believe me.

The class is about 20 people. In front of me there are two lesbian girls who sit together. When I see them, my arms hairs will go up even though I don't have hairs on my arms. Horrible! But that's not enough! There are also the lovers who sit in back. The are not a normal lovers like the others. They are CRAZY lovers! I hate them both. They are so annoying! The girl laughs very loud and in a very high tone! She is so annoying!? She makes me have a bad mood. She wears glasses and makes two pony tails. I don't know what it is called. She looks like this picture. They are so weird.!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I will tell you the truth. I stopped helping them work for sports day. They didn't plan. They said it is a plan for them but it is not a plan for me. It is just the equipments that we have to do for stand and cheer. They also talk not polite to me. It sounds like they are very professional. I don't wanna argue with them because it is wasting our time.
Ps. I love...me!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I didn't study extra class. I skipped! I went to Bangkok. I am very tired.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Today I am so happy because the weird lovers didn't come to extra class but only the boy. That's so bad. If they don't come, I will be more happy than today. And I figured out some ting that is...the girl didn't laugh so loud today. I don't why but maybe her boyfriend didn't come so she doesn't know who will listen to her laughing.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today is the last day of this extra class and the last day of my break, too. The class finished very late but I still enjoyed studying. My aunty was in the hospital because her large intestine is bigger than it was so she can't poo-poo. Very bad. I am broken. That's very bad. However, it's only three days and then I will get my next allowance.

Ps. I don't wanna go to school.

Sunday, October 29, 2007

Yesterday, I talked to my mom about So-ting, my last kitty. We wondered why he left. My mom said someone stole him but I said maybe a snake ate him because I don't believe that he tames enough to trust other people, because sometimes when I touch him, he escapes. And today we saw a small snake in front of our house. My mom said she believes me now.

Oh! Oh! Today is the first day of the semester. We had Mr. Sam's class. We started to make him want to put his head against the wall, again! Ha..ha..ha.. First, we interrupted him by asking questions every minute and then he walked out of the room to do something that I don't know what. We grabbed our bags and ran out suddenly! But Pawn and Piece didn't come with us. We went downstairs and stayed in the classroom on the 2nd floor. And we discussed to each other. And we decided to go back so we went upstairs and he wasn't there. We sat at our seats looking like nothing happened. Then he came back and taught us again but we still made trouble.

At second period, we started working on sport day. We are staff and practice M1 and M2 cheering. In the afternoon I went to Nap and Keen's house to get the equipment for cheering at school.

Ps. I like Mr. Sam! (When he hates us.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I ate lunch with Bomb, Ding, and Ding's girlfriend. And then we went to school. I helped them work for sport day.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I stayed at home but Ajarn Bunn called me and said we have to go to the university to do something at 8:30am I am very lazy to go there because there are exhibitions. A lot of people, hard to breathe, hot. NO GOOD.

November 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I had to go to the university but I skipped because I wake up very late. Ha..ha..

Saturday, November, 2007

I went to the temple at Udonthani with my aunties, my cousins and my nephews. There were many people. We made the alms. I don't know what it is called in English. It's like we made the restaurant in the temple and we give food to everyone who wants it. We made the toasts. It was very fun. Some rural people don't know what is bread. Could you imagine that? We had to sleep at the temple, because it was very cold. So I didn't take a bath. Don't tell my friends. Shh... We had to wake up very early to give the food to the monks. I met Team. Do you remember him from M3? He even told me he missed you. After that I came back home and took a bath. Then I fell asleep.

Ps. Because I didn't have time to write yesterday, so wrote today. Please FORGIVE ME!

Pss. I forgot to tell you my mom and dad went to Nan yesterday and came back today.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I stayed at home today. I am doing a cross-stitch. This is one is very big and it is the biggest one I ever did. I am excited to finish it. I never finished the big cross-stitch because I will be bored when I feel it is so hard to do. But this one I will fight my laziness. FIGHTING!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I am nothing in everything and I am everything in nothing. Is it the same?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I went to school to play my friend's PSP. I was very excited to play it because I've never played it before. I have only Nintendo DS. I gave him Nintendo DS and he gave me PSP.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My brother came back from Bangkok. I drove my car to pick him up. He is so different. He changed his styled like from black to white. He also has a girlfriend! First girlfriend. It's very funny for me. My parents were very happy to see him.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I went to school and Bomb called me that Note-Udom came to Min Bury and now he is at the university. He performed. His show is a one man talking show. It started at 2pm but it was 230pm when he called. I, Bomb, Pin went there. First Ding would go but he was in a bad mood and he decided not to go. Note-Udom is very funny. Even though we go went there one hour late but we could still laugh.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I went to school to decorate the stands for cheering. We had to set up the equipment to cheer. Our color is blue or azure. We are at the end. Tomorrow I have to go there a 5am. Ahhh....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I am so tired. I don't have enough energy to write so I will write tomorrow. Now GOOD BYE! Hello!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yesterday I woke up a 5am and went to school. I ate breakfast with Ten, Ding, and Bomb. In the morning, I went to Building 8 with Bomb because we would check the sound and the other things for the cheering. We didn't do well in the morning. Oh! I saw you but I didn't call you.

In the afternoon, I stayed under stage in front of the stands. It's very hot and it's only a little space to site. We, the staff, went up the stage and danced. It's very fun. We laughed. We were very happy. We sand a song together. Our team got only two prizes, one for football and one for cheering. However, we didn't get the biggest prize. Everyone said we should have got it. The judges that gave the first prize were in that group that got it! Then we kept stuff and ended about 1pm.

When we finished, everyone went somewhere. But I, Pond, Pawn, Ding and Bomb went to Ding's restaurant. We had lunch together and we talked together about the work. I came back home very late about 3pm. I was so tired. Today, I stayed at home and didn't take a bath. Ha..ha.. My brother went back to Bangkok at 10am but I couldn't get out of my bed to say GOOD BYE to him. Ha..ha..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sometimes the teachers want to show that they are more clever than the students. Sometimes the teachers want to show that they are very rich. SUCK! Some teachers like to talk about themselves to themselves and nobody understand them. I don't understand why my "super clever teacher" always answers very long and also has the very beautiful drawings but I can conclude his answer with three or four words. It's wasting our time.

I am very upset with Ajarn Pimporn. He never listens to the students. Maybe when the students give him a suggestion, he thinks his is better. Even though the students are better or right. He never accepts any suggestions. I don't know and wonder why. He lies to me. I know he can't do because no one in this world can do but he lies that he can't do because he didn't stupid. What da heck!? We are M5. We have good brains enough to think reasonable about the fact. We aren't M1 that just sit and try to listen and try to understand what the teacher is saying.

Ps. I hate them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Japanese is stuck in my head. We have to take a test on December 2nd and there is only 15 days left. I have not finished reading my books. I am really lazy to read. No...no... I have many things to do in one day.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I use my new pencil to write in my journal. My dad bought four pencils, black, red, blue, and yellow. He gave the black one to me and the yellow one to my mom. He will give the blue one to my brother and he uses the red one. So, we have the same pencil. Even though I don't want it but I have to take it and use it. If not, he will be upset and not talk to me. He likes to call my mom "lao." It's not Laos but it means old in Chinese. I think he is very happy that he gave his family the same brand of pencil and he bought it very cheap, only five baht and it's not bad. He really loves the computer. When he comes back home, after he takes a shower, he always sits in front of the computer and click, click, and click. He is addicted to the computer. He likes to dlownload Korean drama series for my mom. He also pauses my dlownloads to cut the line for my mom, even though my file is smaller than his. Not fair! But I don't want to argue with him because I never beat my dad. He always is right. If he says it is right and we say it's wrong, he will be upset.

My mom says my eyes look like a Panda. WHAT!? But I'm a rabbit with my teeth.

Did you ever feel like you want to go back to a kid again? And why? Answer please:

Sure, I've thought about. I think it about mostly because I would know so much and it would be a tremendous advantage over the other kids. Also, I'd have far less responsibility. It's easy being a kid.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am sick of Mr. Sam. He is not a teacher. He wanted us to write ANY question about the climate or the weather or whatever in the sky on Monday. He answered them today. He made me mad because he didn't answer my question. He skipped my question! How could it be? He is a liar. I asked him "What is the difference between El Nino and El Nina? He didn't know the answer and he said "We don't really need to know that. I have no idea." He said he would answer every question but he skipped mine. He is A LIAR!

Ps. I hate him ALL TIME!

Friday, November 23, 2007

He answered my question but I still don't understand it. Ha..ha..

Monday, November 26, 2007

I really hate on teacher from the regular program. His name is Suripatanek. He is really rude. He tries to make himself like a god, can control everything in his life. But it's not!!! He talks very bad to the students. Do you want to know what happened? Please answer yes. OK! I will tell you.

Bomb went to school late and me too. RT (Rude Teacher) wrote students name who are late. I don't know why he has to do that every morning because teachers should teach the students to help them understand, not do the silly stuff like this and get the salary. I heard he teaches English. I would be glad, if he reads my journal. RT wrote Bomb's name. Bomb then waited for me. He shouted at Bomb: Go! Go! No waiting! It's like he really angry with his wife??? Then Bomb walked out and spitted. OH...MY...God... RT heard that and thought Bomb spitted for him, so he was extremely angry like a black hurricane, because he is black and fat and always wears sunglasses which is so cool in his mind. He barked at Bomb to come. Bomb came. RT asked why Boom spitted. Bomb said: "Because I have mucus." RT said something impolite and hit Bomb's arm. OH...My...God... Every student looked at them including me. They talked about "dad." I didn't hear everything clearly. I was shocked.

They looked at each other like tigers. Then RT said something. Bomb walked away. When Bomb disappeared, RT cursed to Bomb direction. I thi9nk he fears Bomb. If he didn't, he would have cursed in front of him. Then RT walked up to me and asked: "Is he waiting for you?" I said, "Yes, he catches a cold. He said, "I saw him since school opened. He said to me his is sick!" Actually, he shouted. Then I said, "It's up to you to think about it." He stopped barking and wrote my name and let me go.

I don't understand why he became a teacher because he didn't love any students. He wants to be a mafia, a big, black, fat mafia. No one in this school loves him for sure. I don't understand why he had to hit Bomb. If he wants to get back why he don't just spit back to him. He is really rude. I hate the teacher like this! He didn't love his job. Damn! And the truth is Bomb really caught a cold. He asked me for tissues but I don't have it. Oh! One question: Why do adults always teach that we have to solve the problem by using our brains, not by fighting? But even MY teacher who is old, solves his problem by fighting. If they can't do what they say, why tell us to do it? Why is this? Please answer in the space down under.

Ajarn Evan's opinion: Not all teachers say one thing and do another. I think it is important to judge each person and each teacher individually. Some teachers are just not right for teaching, yet here they are teaching. In the end, someone who says one thing and does the opposite, shows weak character.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I really hate my new computer assignment. It is really hard because it takes very long to finish so my eyes are so tired. And it is so confusing it makes my head want to explode.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My homework almost makes me not breathe. My teacher wants to kill me. I hate them!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don't have anything to say!

Friday, November 30, 2007

On Sunday, I have to go to the engineering faulty at the university to take a test. It is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4. I am really excited about it and also confused. I am afraid that I won't pass the test. But my mom said it is OK if I don't pass because I can try again next year. But I still worry. This is my first time to take this test. What am I going to do?

December 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Our music teacher didn't come to school. We are very happy because we all hate him! When he asks us a question and we can't answer, because we don't understand whe he is


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    Filipino, 25 years old. Currently living in Thailand

The Hot Spot

Need Thailand insurance?

Need Thailand insurance?

Have a question about health or travel insurance in Thailand? Ricky Batten from Pacific Prime is Ajarn's resident expert.

The cost of living

The cost of living

How much money does a teacher need to earn in order to survive in Thailand? We analyze the facts.

Teacher mistakes

Teacher mistakes

What are the most common mistakes that teachers make when they are about to embark on a teaching career in Thailand? We've got them all covered.

Air your views

Air your views

Got something to say on the topic of teaching, working or living in Thailand? The Ajarn Postbox is the place. Send us your letters!

Will I find work in Thailand?

Will I find work in Thailand?

It's one of the most common questions we get e-mailed to us. So find out exactly where you stand.

The Region Guides

The Region Guides

Fancy working in Thailand but not in Bangkok? Our region guides are written by teachers who actually live and work in the provinces.

The dreaded demo

The dreaded demo

Many schools ask for demo lessons before they hire. What should you the teacher be aware of?

Contributions welcome

Contributions welcome

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