Working in Bangkok

Monthly Earnings 50-55,000

Q1. How much do you earn from teaching per month?

Good month 60k, basic month 42k, average 50-55k

Q2. How much of that can you realistically save per month?

10k - although I don't often manage more than 5!

Q3. How much do you pay for your accommodation and what do you live in exactly (house, apartment, condo)?

Townhouse, 2 bed 2 bath 1 air, 6100bt.

Q4. What do you spend a month on the following things?



Utility bills


Food - both restaurants and supermarket shopping


Nightlife and drinking


Books, computers


Q5. How would you summarize your standard of living in one sentence?

Very comfortable, live really nicely but don't go out as much as before.

Q6. What do you consider to be a real 'bargain' here?

Food, booze, cigs. Got a good deal on a laptop. T-shirts

Q7. In your opinion, how much money does anyone need to earn here in order to survive?

I think 40k would be OK - provided one was pretty sensible. But I also think that it's possible to "survive" on a lot less and indeed know people that do!

Phil's analysis and comment

What can I say? Jack's a spender - no doubt about that. Food, booze and nightlife run him 14,000 a month and a further 10,000 for rent and utilities. Keep out of those go-go bars Jack!
What's pleasing me about this survey is that many teachers seem to have found good houses in good locations. And there's me thinking that most teachers lived in 3-4,000 baht shoeboxes.

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