William Putnam

The Friese-Greene Club: An undiscovered gem

A great place in Bangkok for the movie buff

Movies are cheap and convenient in Thailand. And many of them come out earlier than they do in the States.

I remember seeing the new Star Wars about 36 hours before any of my continental 48 friends were able to.

For those who like to see movies outside of major shopping malls, there are always Scala and Lido theaters in Siam Square. Yet, the human brain craves novelty. If you want to try out a different type of cinema, I recommend the Friese-Greene Club: Bangkok's unique and free theater.

The Friese-Greene Club describes itself as a "small, private member's club in Bangkok, Thailand... [that] is dedicated to those people who have a passion for cinema; filmmakers, film students, film journalists, or film enthusiasts."

However, you don't have to be a member to attend the film screenings, and, currently, the membership fee stands at around 200 baht.

The club is located on Sukhumvit 22, down a small alley across from New York Steak and Burger Company. There are three stories, which means three different places to watch the movie: a bar with a TV on the first floor, a large couch with a TV on the second, and 9 seats in front of an old-style film projector on the third (you want to reserve these seats in advance online).

I have always watched films on the third floor. Watching films on the projector allows me to fully immerse my consciousness into the narratives.

In addition to the films, the club has a collection of film periodicals and books. You can relax, enjoy a beer, grab some food, and read about great films and filmmakers while waiting for your movie to begin.

Movies start at 8 pm and are shown on Wednesday through Sunday, with Tuesdays reserved for requests. If you are looking for a place to chill after work and watch an old (or occasionally newish) movie, give the Friese-Greene Club a try!


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