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My favorite Bangkok eateries

Some tried and tested dining experiences

I am a huge fan of Thai food. I think it is hard to compare the sheer complexity of flavor found in many Thai dishes. To be honest, I would be lying if I did not say that the food has been part of the reason I have stayed here for so long. However, after living in Thailand for three years, I am often in the mood for something different. No matter how great Thai specialties are, it is important to seek novelty. And living in Bangkok certainly allows for new culinary experiences.

Bangkok is a truly cosmopolitan city, and the food available here reflects this. I have certainly had many bad meals here, but the majority of them have been great. I think the serendipitous discovery of new restaurants is one of my favorite parts of living in such a large city. Yet, since it is not always easy to find new places to go, I have decided to list some descriptions of my favorite restaurants (both Thai and other) below. Hopefully, you can use the places below as starting points to begin your own foodie adventures in Thailand's urban metropolis.

Best Beef

At first, Best Beef seems like a typical Shabu place, and it is really. However, their buffet for 359 baht not only comes with unlimited food (two hour time limit) but also comes with unlimited San Miguel beer. Needless to say, this is an amazing deal, and if you are looking to have a few beers at night, it is quite possibly the cheapest non 7-11 or Khao San Road option around.

New York Steak and Burger Company

The burgers served here are half a pound, and many of the offerings have savory toppings as well (the California burgers comes with shrimp on top and another offering comes with bacon, egg, and onion straws). This place is much better than most of the burger joints I've been to in Bangkok. You can find it on Sukhumvit 22.


This famous brunch and coffee spot, located in the Exchange Tower near Asoke, is known for its variety of hot chocolates. I prefer the creamy Parisian hot chocolate myself, but you will not be disappointed with any of the choices. Chu also has pretty good eggs benedict and pancakes.


I like to come here for their lunch special. You get fruit, salad, miso soup, and a nice size plate of sushi for only 250 baht. It's on Sukhumvit 31 near Phrom Pong.


Though this restaurant, located on Sukhumvit 61, is a little hard to spot, I have never seen it short of customers. Having never been to Japan, I have been able to get close by enjoying the authentic Japanese food at Teppin. I prefer the salmon belly and Carpaccio. Dinner should come to around 600 baht per person.


This riverfront restaurant, located in the Peninsula Hotel, appears expensive at first glance. However, since it serves Thai specialties, the prices are quite reasonable. Expect a typical meal without drinks to go for about 1200-1500 baht per person. It's certainly expensive for Thai food, but the food is great (I would recommend any of the duck or fish dishes), and the view of the Chao Phraya doesn't get any better.

Tor Om Tum

Serving wonderful laab and other Isaan dishes, Tor Om Tom is a great spot for either lunch or dinner. In addition to typical Isaan fare such as laab and som tam, Tor Om Tum also has soft shell crab and salmon on the menu. It's located on Sukhumvit 61, and the price range is around 150-200 baht per person.

The Terminal 21 Food Court

Usually, I am not the biggest fan of mall food courts. However, the food court at Terminal 21 not only serves food as cheaply or cheaper than that on the street (30-35 baht) but also has a wide variety of Asian cuisine. You can find typical Thai dishes, Chinese offerings, and even some Japanese dishes such as sukiyaki among the many stalls.



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