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Thailand teaching stuff - October 2015

A selection of blog links that will be of interest to teachers in Thailand

There are tons of blogs written with titles such as "10 things I love about Thailand" and "10 things that will amaze you about Thailand" etc, etc. Most of them are fairly tedious simply because the subject matter has been done to death but I did enjoy Melanie Oliver's humorous take on "14 things that now seem a normal part of expat life". 

Health insurance. Always an important topic for those thinking of moving to and working in Thailand because an unexpected large hospital bill can ruin you! Karsten Aichholtz has written a very detailed blog on health insurance and used personal experience to back up a lot of the facts. If you are thinking of buying yourself some peace of mind then Karsten's article is a must read.

Many years ago, I spent an amazing week in Chiang Rai Province with a group of American guys, exploring the area on motorcycles. So Trisha Singh brought back some great memories with her blog - Chiang Mai to Pai: Northern Thailand on Two Wheels.

If you are in the Sukhumwit area of Bangkok and feeling hungry, has put together a list of ten popular Sukhumwit restaurants that won't break the bank.

Staying with a travel-type theme, Timothy has produced a decent photo-blog on what to see and do in Old Phuket Town. I must get down there one day. 

When it comes to teaching blogs, we don't just showcase teaching blogs from Thailand on these pages. Oh no sir. We like to know what's going on in other countries around the region. Here's an excellent 'beginner's guide' to what you can expect if you go and teach in China, written by someone who's got almost a year under her belt. 

"A Hobbit's Tale' is a very honest and no-holds-barred account of a teacher's life in Thailand. Writer Debbi admits that she enjoyed teaching in Japan more (possibly because she is part Japanese) but she enjoys Thailand too, albeit for perhaps different reasons. I definitely think this is one of the better teaching blogs out there and I look forward to reading more. 

I love looking at old photographs of Bangkok to see how much things have changed over the years. I think most of us do - long-termers especially. The Whats On Sukhumwit website has put together a nice collection of old Sukhumwit Road photos. Siam Centre looks like a horrible 70s technical college. Truly amazing some of the developments that have gone on.

To celebrate the recent TBEX 2015 in Bangkok, which if you didn't already know it was a convention for some of the biggest travel bloggers on the internet, the Bangkok fatty website put together this incredibly detailed guide to eating out in the Thai capital. From streetfood to posh nosh, it's all here. Easily one of the best Bangkok foodie guides I've seen.

I recently came across a blog called 'The Lucky Couple', which includes some interesting Thailand adventures starring a twentysomething couple who moved to Thailand from Canada. They seem to have settled in Phuket but if you go to the homepage, the blogsite is packed with stuff such as why they love being the only foreigners on their street, tips for getting around Phuket and things they wish they knew before they moved to Thailand. There are some nice slices of Thai life here and well worth a look.

Let's pay a visit to one of Thailand's dark sides for a moment and do what we can to raise publicity about the plight of elephants in the country. 'The Truth About Riding Elephants' from the D Travels Round website is a must read. You'll probably think twice about getting on an elephant again.

Have you ever tried eating skinned frog here? No, I don't think I have either but they feature on a blog about the very best and worst of shopping in Vietnam and Thailand by The Somerset Scribe.

BandBs Adventure website is abother blog site written by a young couple travelling around South East Asia - this time to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Guaranteed to give you wanderlust!

For a fun read, look no further than '20 things that will surprise you about Thailand'. Aimed more at the first-time visitor, it includes the Thai language being ridiculously difficult and the fact that you can't buy alcohol in the afternoon. Plus plenty of other well-thought out fun stuff. 

What is it about Thai street food that gets people so excited? Good question. Here's an interview with Chawadee Nualkhair, who has written a whole book on the topic. 

Back to the teaching and Arsenio Buck, who teaches in South Thailand I believe, has put together a list of all the places he's taught at - private schools, government schools, technical scores, etc - and given them points out of ten along with the positives and negatives of each. Some very interesting comparisons there.


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