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Want to be a reality TV star?

When Bangkok property TV becomes a reality

For regular readers of this blog, this is a little departure from the norm. Regular readers will know that past real estate blogs posted on Ajarn have mainly focused on various aspects of the Bangkok real estate market, the development of various condos and apartments in the city center, and how this can be of interest to or affect the lives of expats in Bangkok, often with a angle for teachers. However this month is a bit different. Let me explain why.

This month we at Easyhomes were contacted by a TV production company from the US to help organize the production of the TV show they regularly produce for a cable TV network in the US. The show is of course property-based and is one of those real estate shows you probably have seen where a number of properties are compared and contrasted to determine which one is the best for the requirements and budget of the particular member of the public featured on that week's episode.

The show is not only broadcast in the US, but is also sold and broadcast in many countries around the globe that offer cable TV. In fact I understand the program has a total viewing audience of 90 million people worldwide! I am not a regular TV viewer and do not really watch reality TV shows, so I was not aware of the shows existence, but clearly many people are, and there is a good chance some Ajarn readers have seen some episodes of the show.

Fortunately the segment of the show we helped to organize went as planned and the production company in the US have already been back in contact wanting us to help organize a feature in further episodes filmed in Bangkok. Of course this will involve organizing more properties to view and film for the coming episode, but also the TV show will also need a suitable expat couple to feature on the show. This is where Ajarn readers may come in.

Firstly before I carry on and waste anyone's time, this will not be a paid exercise, it is purely for volunteers who would enjoy the experience of working with a TV crew for 2-3 days (actually 2-3 afternoons) and then be broadcast on a popular cable TV channel to a large audience. At the very least it would make a good dinner story for the couple involved.

Secondly and here's the rub, plus the irony of mentioning this in a blog on - the TV show has already featured expat teachers in Bangkok and so would rather avoid featuring more teachers, only because it would become repetitive for the viewers. So if you have any friends or acquaintances outside of the teaching community that may be interested in being in the show, please contact me at my email address  Or if you are part of the teaching community and perhaps have an interesting sideline that brings you in income or a unique angle on what you do.

The TV production company are ideally looking for an expat couple (preferably where both parties are foreigners in Thailand).The couple must be already living in Bangkok and have bought or rented a property here already. It would also be a great asset if they had an interesting back-story or perhaps a quirky reason to be living in Bangkok (but please no fugitives on-the-run, or people a little too interested in children, yes this is TV, but not 1970's UK TV.

No budgets are ruled out, nor is there an age limit, so a retired expat couple could be considered for the show.  The bottom line is that if you are part of an expat couple living in Bangkok, or know one that may be interested, please let us know and we will not only be in contact, but also pass on all information to the TV production company for consideration. It could lead to a few interesting and exciting days on a TV set.


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