Benito Vacio

Open invitation to an art exhibition

Everyone is most welcome to drop by for a chat and to view my works

If you would like more information about the exhibition and location etc, then please e-mail me.


Hi. People keep posting their e-mail addresses to ajarn via this comments section. There is no need. Please contact the artist via his e-mail link at the top of this blog.

By philip, (16th September 2010)

Don, it would be nice to meet you. Anyway you still have a week to go. I can show you my works at home. Call me up at 077053897. I want to inspire you to venture on your chosen hobby, Who knows, you can make use of it in the future. eYou can send me your e-mail and I'll send you some samples of my works. Will that be okay. Thanks for showing interest.

By Ben Vacio, Nonthaburi (16th September 2010)

Hi, I am one of the Filipinos who ventured on exploring the teaching career here in Thailand. It is so unfortunate for me to see your ad here a day later than your scheduled exhibit. Like yourself, I am also into painting but I consider it as my form of relaxation. I hope I can still have a chance to view your artworks. Keep the love for your craft flaming,sir.

By Don, Rangsit-Nakhonnayok Road (16th September 2010)

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