Benito Vacio

If there is time

Making more of the precious gift of time and helping others

I once saw an advertisement on Thai TV showing a baby crying in a crib. Despite the father doing amusing acts to comfort the baby, it didn't stop crying. He even showed the baby, his mother's face on the cell phone yet the baby still continued crying. But when the father began to lift the baby and carried it in his arms, the baby was silent and gazed at the father's face with glee and there was total silence. This emotional scene reminds me of time.

If I have time, I'll be with you. If I have time, I'll be there to help you. If I have time, I'll pay you a visit. If I have time.... endless expressions people say even to their closest friends as if they really don't have any time in the world. Why are we so busy all the time? Why don't we have time? The answer is, "Oh, I don't have time because I work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week".

So when will we have time? Many of us work ourselves to death; have sideline projects here and there to earn a crust for the family. Oh man, have a break. Let's go out once in a while. Treat ourselves. Amuse ourselves. Enrich our beautiful life. Spend quality time with our family. Do not take them for granted even if we give them their financial needs. Money isn't everything. Likewise we have to spend time with our children who need our love and care, attending their meetings in school or setting good examples as parents for they will be like us in the future.

Oh, yes, we have time for texting, chatting, and putting selfies on Facebook. We have time for gadgets and technology and forget that people are more important than things.

When my daughter was five years old, she used to disturb me while I was doing my lesson plans. She would always pester me to get my attention. But there was a time when I stopped my work and paid attention to her needs. We both felt good about it and from that time on it was replicated. It was the beginning of our real bonding as father and daughter.

Texting o talking on the cell phone while walking, buying food from the street and eating in the bus, combing hair while going down the stairs, putting up lipstick/make up while rushing to the door, failing to answer e-mails on time, not joining outreach activities, not visiting our sick friend are few instances proving that we don't have time.
The solution to this is simple, time management. We have all the time in the world so let's manage it well. How beautiful our world will be if we only have good time management such that we find time for ourselves and for others as well. With this, we won't be selfish, we won't spouse indifference, and we won't tolerate disorder.

Next time, find time to have time for people dear to us. We control our time. Time shouldn't control us. As an old saying goes, "Time is gold." Utilize every moment for ourselves and for others

Xian Lim, a Filipino singer in his song, " "Pag May Time" (If there is Time) suggests we use our time wisely, spend it with loved ones, always wear a smile, love the one you're with not only when you have time...

As teachers we sometimes have a student who needs extra help or guidance. Can we find a little time in our busy day to help them and show that we care?

Ecclesiastes 3:1 puts it, "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."


I agree with you but apparently, not all persons are worth your time.

By sensei_aijin, pqe (13th August 2014)

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