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Chuckles in the classroom

Some of those hilarious moments that make teaching worthwhile

I've had several funny incidents in my ESL and EFL classes that might brighten the teaching days of our readers..Here are some of them.

1. One day in an Anuban class the teacher was amused by a smart guy.

Teacher: What's your name?
Student: (The student answers curiously) Teacher?
Teacher: Teacher, what?
Student: Teacher, why do you always ask my name?
You know me already, right?

2.A student is doing a complicated paper folding object.

Teacher:: Pakinai, I'll give you this sticker if you teach me how to do it.
Student: Okay, Teacher. Here's a paper.. Do this, and this, and this and this.
Teacher: (After some time) I can't follow you.
Student: Come on, Teacher. Do this, and this, and this.
Teacher: I give up, Pakinai. Here's your sticker.
Student: Never mind teacher. I'll not take the sticker. Anyway, you didn't learn from me.

3. A teacher was teaching a song" Left and Right, Forward and Back"
To start the lesson, the teacher asked.

Teacher: What‘s this? (Teacher raising the left hand to the left side)
Students - Left.
Teacher: Very good.
Teacher: This one. (Raising the hand to the right side)
Students: Right.
Teacher : Very good.
Teacher::(This time raising the left and right hands forward) How about this
Student : Left, Right.

4. After a week-long lesson in personal information.

Teacher: What's your name?
Aditep: My name is Aditep.
Teacher: Very good. How old are you?
Aditep: (Loudly and with confidence) I'm fine thank you.

 5. After 3 months of ESL class.

Student: Teacha, I rub you teacha.
Teacher: Ah, you love, teacher.
Student. Yes, I love you teacher.
Teacha, Teacha, come, eat my house.
Teacher: (Didn't answer.)
Student: Why not answer, teacha?
If no like eat my house, I cook you okay?
Teacher: (Can't help but smile.)
Student: I know now, Teacha. If no like me cook you, my wife cook you, okay.
Teacher: (Smilingly) Thank you, Minh. How nice of you.

6.In a Vietnamese adult .class.

Teacher: Binh, why didn't you come to school yesterday?
Binh: Sorry, Teacha. My wife baby go out.
Teacher: I see. Your wife gave birth.
Binh: Yes, teacha, baby go out.

7. In a Vietnamese Class.

The lesson is about breathe in and breathe out.
To use the good student to model a lesson, the teacher called Anh.

Teacher: Anh, please show the class breathing in and breathing out.
Anh: (Went out of the room.)
Teacher: Anh, where are you going?
Anh: I'm going out. You said breathe in so I go out first to breathe out and I
will come back to breathe in.

8. In a Mathayom class. The teacher is explaining the lesson.

Teacher: Boat, what do you say when you hurt someone by accident?
Boat: Again please.
Teacher: What do you say when you hurt someone by accident.
Student: What?
Teacher: I said, "What do say when you hurt someone by accident?
Classmate: (Whispering to Boat) Thank you.
Boat: Thank you. (The class laughs.)

9. The first day of school in an ESL class with 0 Level English proficiency and the lesson is personal information.

Teacher: Good morning.
Students: Good morning.
Teacher: (Calls one student.) What's your name?
Student: What's your name?
Teacher: No, I mean, your name?
Student: No, I mean your name.
Teacher: It's like this. My name is Ben. What is yours?
Student: It's like this. My name is Ben. What's yours?
( Another student translates in Vietnamese.0
Teacher: Again, what's your name?
Student: My name is Thanh.
Teacher: Very good Thanh.

10. Teacher Pat is a retired Math teacher who used to help us in our English Club so the students are familiar with him.

Teacher: Today, let's talk about the name of your pet.
Tanapon, what's the name of your pet?
Student: Pat
Teacher: (Curiously) Is that the name of your pet?
Student: No, Teacher.
Teacher: Why did you say your pet is Pat?
Student: Because I think you are asking about Teacher Pat.

11. In the middle of an adult ESL class with 0 level English proficiency, one student asked.

Student: Teacher, may I go out?
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because I like.
Teacher: Because I like what?
Student: I like Pass water.
Teacher: Oh, I see. You want to go to the toilet.
Student: Yes, pass water to the toilet.

12. Teacher: I like you
Student: I like you.
Teacher: Say, I like you too.
Student: I like you too.
Teacher: Again. I like you.
Student: Too.
Teacher: Why too?
Student: Same same, teacher.


I might respond when I stop laughing. Good read. We've been there.

By Ralph Sasser, Nong Khai (30th November 2010)

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