Benito Vacio

An open letter to Filipinos

The Filipino people have spoken. They want change.

The Filipino people have spoken. They want change. This was manifested by a landslide victory of Rodrigo Duterte over four equally qualified presidentiables after 6 months of intensive campaign to win people's hearts wherein lambasting, attacking personalities, marring integrities, and unpleasant exchange of accusations were over.

Man's destiny is written. In the case of Rodrigo Duterte, a humble Mayor of Davao City, Philippines, is now the President of the Republic of the Philippines. After 35 years or so, the Creator had finally decided to save a precious and ailing nation in the Far East, the only predominant Catholic country in Asia, the Philippines.

He sent a simple man full of imperfections just like God's chosen people in the Bible -Moses, Abraham, Solomon, Paul to name a few, who at first, were hesitant to accept their assigned missions but later on became the champions of God's advocacy.

Since president Duterte was recognized by 2 major spiritual leaders of the country, Apollo Quiboloy and Eduardo Manalo, and even secret Catholic religious with prophetic abilities, there's no doubt that Duterte is the annointed man for the Herculean job of changing, reorganizing, revamping, or cleaning the corrupt Philippine society.

As what many moralists say, change can never be attained without changing ourselves. I say, it is more than that. It is not only changing ourselves but someone has to change us. (Just like our parents, teachers, and people in authority who change enormous lives of people). I guess this is the nature of the Filipino. Perhaps not all, but many of our people need to curtail our undesirable behavior, our unlawful acts, our defiance to authority, and our selfishness. We need a decisive leader like President Marcos before, minus his robbing of Filipino resources. We need a tested leader who has brought his city to the limelight as one of the top "Safe Cities in the World".

Our role therefore, as Duterte's people, we should be disciplined. Borrowing the slogan of the 1971 Martial Law "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan disiplina ang kailangan?( In order for a society to prosper, discipline is necessary.) Pay our taxes honestly. (Number one source of government income). Cooperate in eradicating drug sale and use (Most reported heinous crimes were done through the influence of drugs.)

Practice honesty at all times, obey the law, promote justice, follow the path of righteousness, and fear God.

Let us help our country flourish just like Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Let us help our president. Let us follow his decrees. We will never be lost with a good leader.


Your second to last paragraph complete contradicts your president elect. Just another blind follower, that's what you are.

By Galilee, Malaysia (7th June 2016)

Totally irrelevant to this website. Take discussion of Filipino politics elsewhere.

By Saul Goodman, Albuquerque (16th May 2016)

Do you really think someone who advocates Death Squads is going make the Philippines a better place?
He said he will clean up crime in 6 months. That is not going to happen, it is simply impossible, so why did so many people vote for him, because many Filipinos are very religious people and still belive in miracles. How can we Filipinos be so naive.
He will be like all the other politicians he will end up lining his and his friends pockets with the Filipino people's money.
A change for the better in the Philippines will never come from the top down, it will have to come from the people themselves.
I love my country and I hope things will not go as badly as I think they might.

By Popsie, Bangkok (13th May 2016)

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