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How are you coping with the troubles?

Calling all teachers. How is all this civil unrest in Thailand affecting you? Have you had to evacuate your apartment due to being in the middle of the danger zone or have you opted to learn how to fire a bazooka? Has your school got you on extended paid leave or will you be standing outside the school gates on parent duty with just a white flag and a dustbin lid for company? And if you're a teacher thinking about coming to work in Thailand, has the media coverage given you second thoughts? We want to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.  


To Kanadian, can you kindly elaborate, I really don't know what you are talking about. SELFISH!!! What I wrote is what I believe, what is selfish about that. Every country has its troubles, if you want to live there you get on with it, we are only guests remember. AND who are you to talk about Thailand, China has obviously sozzled your brain, remember Tianenmen Square, the locking up of intellectuals for speaking their minds. Yes it was my choice to leave the UK, my daughter is nineteen, she had every opportunity to come with me, now it seems she wants to. Why you had to make a comment about that, beats me. Woman or man whoever you are, you sort out China, ok. Don't make negative comments about Thailand, it isn't welcome.

By Wendy Livesey, Bangkok (26th October 2010)

Wendy Livesey - you seem very selfish to make such a bold statement. As an "English teacher" in Asia. I am fully aware of the BS that is involved in Thailand. I am pleased we don't have the type of crap in China. I would suggest you amend your wording. Yes i'm sure you miss your daughter. BUT, it is your choice to teach in Thailand.

By Kanadian, China (25th October 2010)

I was in the thick of it, I honestly wasn't scared or wanted to leave. I remember I had to go to Laos to renew my Visa, it was so weird, the place was so quiet. A soldier searched my bag and said "you're a very brave lady coming onto the street." My only concern was not being able to work for ten weeks, cos I worked at Siam Paragon. Before the nastiness started with the bombs and gunfire, I used to go up to the redshirt camp and sit with them, eating chicken and drinking Leo. I was saddened when the buildings were burned, the redshirts were hurting their own people. One building which particularly upset me was Central World, the actual burnt out shell and the thought of all those poor people out of a job. Although this was serious, I have never wanted to leave Bangkok, I want my daughter to come and live here too, then I will be truly happy.

By Wendy Livesey, Ratchaprarop Road, Pratunam (25th October 2010)

Here in Ubon the reds torched the city hall. Big beautiful building, burned it to the ground. Then I find out some of the teachers I work with are cheering the reds on. Any respect I had for these teachers was lost. I don't understand how teachers can back this sort of thing. I ask them " What do you want to teach the young people? If you are unhappy it is alright to riot ,burn, and kill."

By Ron, Ubonratchatani (19th June 2010)

I've been considering moving and teaching in Thailand for some time, but now that my contract here in Taiwan is finally ending, I'm definitely reconsidering. I haven't followed the action there closely, so in general how bad is it, especially well outside of Bkk, where I planned to be anyway. It seems like it may be better to just stay here and not bother.

By Erick, Taiwan (5th June 2010)

once again our collective reputations are down the toilet thanks to a couple of red shirted foreigners ,one who calls himself a teacher !!!
this smacks of the guy who claimed to kill the ramsey girl...he was also a teacher and soon after that incident things got very difficult here....i wonder what will be the flow on affect of the most recent example ??

By robin leadley, bangkok (31st May 2010)

We had 'some' trouble up here which caused just about everything to close down for 5 or 6 days but, beyond that, all has been a-okay.

I dread to think what it must have been like for a lot of people in Bangers. And for a lot longer than a measly week!

By Geoff, Isaan (27th May 2010)

I agree with most of the above comments, if my wife didn't have a well paid job here then I would be looking to live somewhere else. I am currently looking for work and all the jobs are around the 30k mark, three years of hard study for nothing, anyone with a degree would have to be dumb to work for this sort of money. I have even seen jobs advertised for Cambodia that pay more than this.

By Dennis, Bangkok (25th May 2010)

We don't have the problems down in this direction. Had a minor problem in Surat region. But the local boys in blue solved the issue very fast. As for teaching in Thailand.. I'd rather relax on the beach until mid Aug when myself and 2 other boys fly to China. Thailand is becoming pathetic even for a holiday. I've been reading the Bangkok post lately. It seems the Thai government is giving travel insurance to tourists. What does that imply ? And I wonder if the check will bounce ? ha ha ha

By Johnny,, Chumporn (22nd May 2010)

I'm in 'the war zone' I've seen lots of smoke, heard explosions, been stopped by the Army and demonstrators at check points, I saw a mans head disappear, one minute it was there the next it was gone and his body was on the floor. Its all very sad, killing, destruction, division etc. I wish people would stop being so dumb and realise this is not something that started a couple of months ago with the arrival of 'the Red Shirts' in Bangkok. This was started by the Military in 2006 when a treasonous soldier interfered in politics!

By Richard, Khlong Toey, Bangkok (19th May 2010)

I was supposed to travel to Bangkok on June 11th to take a 3 week TEFL course and then begin teaching. I am now reconsidering. I asked the company I am going with if the program would be canceled. They said that things will be cleared up by the time I get there. That seems like a ridiculous claim for an organization to make, especially when anyone who has seen any coverage on the political situation in Thailand knows that may not be true.

By Kelly, U.S.A (19th May 2010)

Classes at my school were supposed to start on Monday, the 17th, but they've been put off until Monday the 24th or possibly later. Aside from that, although I live and work in Bangkok, unless I check the news on the internet or TV, I wouldn't really know that there was anything unusual going on at all.

In my neighborhood (Suttisan, near Ratchada) there are no fires, no shooting, no people rioting, I can't even see much smoke in the sky! I'm only about 5km from what is being described as a war zone, but I might as well be in a different country.

By Christopher, Bangkok (19th May 2010)

I worked at a war zone school last year (Democracy Monument area) and I'm glad I'm here in the US right now. After the massacre on April 10th, protesters wrote threatening notes on the outside of the school as the soldiers used the school for their snipers. Not only couldn't I imagine teaching there, but I can't imagine any parent in their right mind sending their kids to that school this coming year. The falling salaries hovering at the 30,000 baht/month level are NOT incentives for rebooking an expensive air flight to Thailand. As of today (May 17th), the US State Dept is recommending against travel to Thailand (Bangkok AND outlying areas), and I don't need to work in the midst of a civil war for a measly thousand bucks.

By Guy, USA (17th May 2010)

Our bookings for Thailand TEFL courses this year are down 80% since Mid April. It was booming before then. Most people are still keen to come to Thailand but they don't want to book their flights until they see how this all turns out. Many complained they were unable to obtain travel insurance cover, which put them off a bit. The tourist industry as whole must be on the brink! The government must act now before it's too late.

By Jimmy, Bangkok (17th May 2010)

i was due to travel on the 6th May, this was delayed until the 23rd (this Sunday coming) and to be honest, i dont know what will happen..
The company i am going with is English so im trying to keep an eye on the FCO site as much as possible.
I know that my school is in Thonburi so im not too worried about the area it is located but its not much of an experience if you cant travel outside of that area at night or weekends?!

By Jill, Cork, ireland (17th May 2010)

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