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Bangkok's top international schools

A parent's guide to some of the best international schools in Bangkok

Expatriate parents in Bangkok who live in or close to Sukhumvit can count themselves lucky when it comes to finding a local school that is able to provide their children with a decent education. 

In this upmarket area of Thailand’s capital city a number of reputable international schools can be found, the best of which boast not just world-class facilities but academic achievement records that are the envy of their nearest rivals. 

If you are in the process of trying to decide which school in Sukhumvit is the best choice for your child, you can get a head start by taking a look at a list of 5 top educational establishments in this part of Bangkok.

Any of these schools could prove to be an excellent option for your child but you really won’t know which one is the most suitable until you have had a chance to inspect their facilities, talk to members of staff and evaluate their educational methodologies and priorities. 

In the meantime, you can find some interesting details about each one below, along with a general outline of their educational aims

Bangkok Patana 

We are going to start our list with the oldest international school in the country to follow the British Curriculum. Bangkok Patana is roughly 3 kilometres from Bearing BTS and, in addition to standard British examination courses, offers an internationally recognised IB Diploma programme to senior students. 

Following an educational philosophy that focuses on the development of critical thinking, creativity and independence in its pupils, it is deservedly popular with expatriate parents across the city and has an academic record of achievement that is second to none. 

First-class sporting facilities ensure that physical education is not overlooked and each child who attends Bangkok Patana is encouraged to participate fully in extra curricular activities. If you are looking for a school that places equal emphasis on educational excellence and the development of life skills, Bangkok Patana should definitely be on your shortlist.

Shrewsbury International School

Ajarn hot seat interview - Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok is recognized as one of the top international schools in Thailand. They have recently opened a new campus on Rama 9, the City Campus, to accompany their well-established Riverside Campus on Charoen Krung Road. Ajarn is honored to chat with the recently-appointed Riverside Principal, Mr Chris Seal.

What facilities does the school have? What activities do students enjoy?  What's it like to work at a top international school in Bangkok from a teacher's point of view? Chris has all the answers.

St Andrews International School  

Also in the same area as Bangkok Patana, but only a couple of hundred metres from Bearing BTS, St Andrews may be more conveniently located as far as some parents in the capital are concerned.

In common with its neighbour, Bangkok Patana, St Andrews International School follows the British Curriculum alongside its IB Diploma programme and has an excellent record as far as scholastic achievements are concerned. Campus facilities include a 200-seat theatre in addition to sports fields and well-equipped science laboratories. 

Also in common with Bangkok Patana, St Andrews offers programmes to pupils from Kindergarten age all the way through to year 13 and aims to prepare all students for life in a globalised world. As part of the global Cognita international school network, St Andrews can draw on extensive resources to provide a truly comprehensive education to its students.

NIST International School 

The NIST campus is located in Sukhumvit Soi 15 and features swimming pools, tennis courts, sports fields and many other facilities. Senior students can follow any one of the three internationally recognised IB Diploma programmes and pupils of all ages are guaranteed a well-rounded education at NIST International School. Educational achievements are, of course, important at NIST as is the welfare of its students: comprehensive child protection policies and procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of all children attending this international school. 

As a not-for-profit school that was founded with the help of the United Nations and currently welcomes students from over 50 different nationalities, NIST is a truly international school in every sense of the word. An impressive academic record, coupled with forward-thinking educational policies and superb facilities, makes NIST another must for your shortlist.

Bangkok Prep 

A short walk from Thong Lor BTS, Bangkok Prep follows a programme based on the National Curriculum of England, leading to University of Cambridge International Examinations. Year 10 and 11 students follow an IGCSE programme whilst year 12 and 13 students aim for the University of Cambridge A-levels, both of which are recognised by educational institutions across the globe. Recently introduced, the Extended Project Qualification is a programme that helps to prepare senior students for university education after successfully completing their A-levels. 

The small classrooms, unique blend of traditional values and modern educational methodologies, excellent facilities, and strong academic record all contribute to Bangkok Prep’s broad appeal as far as expatriate parents in Bangkok are concerned. The fact that all graduating students are offered places at the universities of their choice is the icing on the cake that makes this school a serious contender for the title of Best School in Sukhumvit, were such a title to exist!

(image: courtesy of Bangkok Prep School)

ELC City School  

Situated in Sukhumvit Soi 49, between Thong Lor and Phrom Phong BTS stations. Their program reaches from years 1 - 6, which means that if you choose to send your child here, he or she would have to enrol in another school upon reaching the age of 11. Nevertheless, its superb record of achievement and focus on helping students to develop self-confidence and social skills makes ELC City School well worth considering for parents of younger children who wish to give their kids the best possible start to their educational career. 

The leafy, green campus features a mix of private and public spaces, providing children with the opportunity to socialise in groups of varying sizes and to spend time on their own during breaks if desired.

There are, of course, a number of other schools in the Sukhumvit area that you may wish to consider when evaluating the options available to your child in Bangkok but those listed above are widely considered to be among the very best in the city. 

If you want to find out which school your child is most likely to thrive in and reach his or her full potential, you should arrange to visit all those that make your shortlist and spend plenty of time talking to both the teachers and administrative staff at each one.

Daniel Lummis


Some of the top Bangkok schooks fees are close to the UK boarding school fees.

In ISB's case they have a programme which mixes tuition in Bangkok and overseas experience at over 4 million baht a year.

At Harrow day school is around 1-1.2 million baht a year with boarding fees at 1.8 million baht a year.

Nist,Pattana,Shrewsbury, St Andrews all around 700-1.2 million a year

Then you have the rest like Bangkok Prep, Regents(Owned by St Andrews)

Then you have the new comers like Wellington and Brighton.

Throw a dart at any of them and you still looking at paying at least 8-9 million baht over 7 years. For those starting in the younger years then total cost will be at least 15 million baht.

Put it into perspective the top girls school in Uk, Wycombe abbey has nearly 40% entering Oxbridge. School fees around 1.8 million.

By Sash, Bangkok (24th May 2018)

Best schools without a doubt in Bangkok are :

Shrewsbury - the majority of our students go there. It is the creme de la creme. Located in the 'upmarket area' which in is the CBD ( not in Bang Na as the author says.. ) Plus they are opening a new second campus as demand outstrips supply.

Harrow - had some students from there too and they are top notch.

By George, Bangkok (24th May 2018)

Thanks for your insights.

For myself it's just Bangkok Pattana and NIST and they really are in that upper cream of elite schools here by which all others would hope to be mentioned. Never heard of ELC.

By Jim Beam, The Big Smoke (23rd May 2018)

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