Stepping back in time

After teaching in English programs for 8 years in the Bangkok area, we moved (and built our own home) in Udon Thani. Teaching here is like stepping back 20+ years. The pay is at least 50% below Bangkok. Many schools offer just 20,000 baht a month for 20 hours of teaching a week! Top pay is around 30,000 baht a month.

There is not a single "true" English program here. When in Bangkok, I taught science, computer applications and public speaking at a government school: 17 hours/week for 44,000 a month. Our students received 15-16 classes/week of various subjects in English - and 90+% went on to universities. And naturally I received a work permit, annual contract and insurance.

I taught at the recognized top private school in Udon Thani: 21 hours/week, (11 different classes) reporting to a boss who could not speak a sentence of English, could not leave the campus until after 4pm - and all for 30K/month and no work permit. The school management treat English as if ASEAN will not affect their students. The universities are just as bad: 7 hospitals and not a single nursing school is teaching any classes (such as biology or anatomy) in English!


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