Native English Burger Flippers (NEBF)

Native English Burger Flippers (NEBF)

There's so much talk about Filipinos, how about looking into the topic of Native English Burger Flippers?

The typical NEBF is a 40+ year old American or British, most often looking like someone from the lower class or with the physiognomy of a petty criminal or alcoholic.

The typical NEBF has right-wing or far-right views and has fled the West to find an easy life in Asia. He has had several relationships with Asian women, most often met in various bars.

In everyday life, NEBF has a very high opinion of himself, as he is a Native English Speaker. He can be recognized by his various stories about how other teachers are terrible and tragic. He dislikes South African, Filipino and other Asian teachers the most.

NEBFs are very thirsty for power, so as soon as they get even a little bit of it, they immediately start making life miserable for other teachers. Wars? Dramas? Constant backbiting of others? These are typical NEBF traits. Everyone is bad and only they are the knights on white horses.

Admittedly, most often they have no qualifications, but they are from the US or UK. That's enough.

NEBF can most often be found in smaller agencies and schools, where they work for 30-40,000 baht. If it weren't for these low-paying jobs, they would have to go back to where they came from and flip burgers for a minimum wage.


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