Kudos to the system

In response to 'Thai education system' (Postbox 27th June) - Why is it that educated people can't or won't read?

J.S asked, "So can someone please tell me why if he realizes that the Thai education system and standards are well below par and need to change. Why is he (the Education Minister) bringing out new rules stating that if you do not have ED or education on your degree and do not try to better yourself you will not be allowed to teach in Thailand?"

Then J.S. went on to say, "I have a PhD how can you get higher than that in computer science and a masters degree as well as being a native English speaker. I am also qualified in teaching TEFL and special needs children with learning disabilities and i have been a teacher for over 10 years, 3 of which have been in Thailand. "

To which I ask, "What or more correctly perhaps, "why", do you have difficulty in understanding the requirements to be a teacher? How are they inconsistent with the need to change and the goals of improving the education system?

There are 3 paths (not just an .Ed degree) to becoming a properly licensed teacher in Thailand.
1) have a degree or post graduate credential in education (you are a trained teacher).
2) have experience and knowledge as a teacher and write the teacher's tests - prove yourself.
3) be certified as a teacher elsewhere.

If you are properly certified and/or licensed (you did say you were qualified in TEFL and SPEC Ed.?) as a teacher then just do the Thai Culture Course and apply to get your gold card (Thai Teacher's License).

If you are not properly certified (PhD in unrelated subjects means you may be an expert in your field but may not know beans about teaching at primary or secondary levels) then jump though the hoops just like you would at home (PRAXIS tests or PGCE + NQT year anyone?) to become certified and licensed as a teacher.

Kudos to the education system for insisting that teachers either be or work to become real teachers and the MOE/TCT for beginning to enforce the same.

On the flip side... kudos to Dr. J.S. in airing his views in regards to the no-fail policy in the Thai education system. It is something that needs to be changed. No fail = a race to the bottom. There needs to be accountability at all levels from student to teacher to administration in the schools to the MOE.


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