Kicking out the undesirables!

Kicking out the undesirables!

No wonder all the visa regulations have become so uptight here in Thailand. I partially would blame those who spend their time slandering on online forums, not to mention disrespecting the Thais in their own country and talking about all kinds of things which have become taboo in today's world.

Thais are seeking disciplined, neat, clean, organised, mentally stable and responsible foreign people to actually "live" here in Thailand. As long as you are not a pedophile hoping to score on your twisted fantasies and a drunk just trying to get laid while actually live here in Thailand, then you won't have any problems "living" here.

Thailand is evolving and it craves role-models, not drop-outs and ex-convicts. Living here is well worth it, if you can even begin considering getting married and having kids with a Thai woman, instead of just crawling around pubs and getting laid with every single floozy that you meet.

Asean will make intercultural exchange even more possible. If you are a foreigner in a relationship here, but refuse to get married, then consider this. You are in competition with ten other South-East Asian countries for your wife.

The Ministry of Education recently had a meeting, It would be no fun at all if I were to predict the outcome of that specific meeting. Only employing foreign teachers who are married to a Thai lady with children could become a rare possibility. Thailand wants 80% of the foreign rubbish out of here by March next year.

It isn't just about being legal, it's about not being a possible criminal as well. All foreigners are being scrutinized as we speak. They have an entire database of every foreigner living in Thailand. I wouldn't be surprised if they know what you eat for breakfast. Our biased judgmental comments online and bad behaviour within the country, be it on or offline, played a big part in this.

If you are a sought after black market dealer, or have any links in the fields of oil between say Turkey and the Islamic State, if you are here for some perverted sexual fantasy trip of a lifetime, or just to view Patpong, or be it to scam a foreign national or Thai out of money. You will be held accountable eventually.

Thailand doesn't need face-losing investments with foreign countries anymore starting on the 31st of December this year.

Transnational crime within the Golden Triangle, be it in the English exchange community with regards to Thai students studying abroad or be it Hell's Angels activities in Thailand, is finally in the limelight and now Thailand has had enough. The military has realised that Thailand has been invaded since the early 1980's by transnational criminals and they have finally figured out what is going on underneath that red and white umbrella.

Troublesome foreigners are systematically being removed in a nice way.

So either shape up or ship out. Being legal isn't impossible. 5 years of legit visas without gaps in-between and you can apply for citizenship.

Doctor Evil

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