Dr. Evil, or Dr. Troll?

O.K... please tell me anyone, is this some sort of joke, troll, or a serous posting worthy of some semblance of merit to be allowed here at Ajarn? For a moment I thought I'd inadvertently clicked on a ThaiVisa.com thread by accident.

So, Dr. Evil, if you sincerely believe all that you wrote, I'm here to offer a rebuttal. First thing off the bat, you mention "pedophiles hoping to score on your twisted fantasies".

Well, I think it's safe to say there are probably just as many, if not more, people of this type in your own home country than here living as expats. Sure, the odd one pops up now and then, but no more so than you see elsewhere.

YAHOO just had a post today about a US female teacher having sexual relations with two of her students. It's a global phenomenon and not one unique to Thailand. Plenty of Thai teachers, I assume, are also in similar situations but we just don't hear of it much as it's not on their radar in the way it is in the West.

Then you refer to "drunks just trying to get laid." Hmmmmmmmm, again I see plenty of Westerners living back in the U.K., U.S., E.U., A.U., etc. doing this very thing as well. It's also a world-wide phenomenon and nothing new under the sun.
Plenty of Thai blokes doing just the same every night of the week, if not more! Why is an expat "evil rubbish" for this and a Thai is not?

So then you suppose that Thailand is out on a house-cleaning spree and mission to rid itself of foreigners with the Ministry of Education is now proposing I must marry a Thai to keep my job? I think not.

I have a Masters of Education degree, a teacher's license (on number two now of the new, 5-year certificates issued with a photo ID), speak fluent Thai, and have been living and working here for well over two decades now. Having a Thai wife is the last thing I would ever want, need, or have and I assure you that nobody is going to fire me for my choice of whom I marry, or not as is my case, prerogative, and HUMAN RIGHT.

I attend so many educational meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. it would blow your mind (and bore you to death!). I work in school administration, teach only 12 classroom hours per week, and am very, very familiar with any and all directives regarding foreign teachers as that's a big part of my admin position.

Please, do provide some factual support for your "prediction of the outcome" of that supposed meeting. And the statistic you quoted of "removing 80%" of foreigners deemed "undesirable", please inform us all of your source on that as well that you're referencing.

Sounds like a soundbite you heard on the tube or read in some forum, but I'd be willing to bet it's far from fact or ever actually going to happen. As is the supposed "database" where we are all being profiled and spied upon. Really? A Thai NSA is in the works now specifically targeted towards expats? My oh my.

If I understand correctly, in summary, your position is that only persons of approved sexual orientations, marital status, alcohol/drug consumption habits, etc. are going to be permitted in to live in this "New, Improved and Sanitized Thailand" you claim will come to effect in 2016? Am I right? And I thought this was Christmas, not April' Fools Day.

Good luck with your delusional visions of grandeur, mate. The Thailand I have known, loved, and lived in since the early 80's is still very much the same as it was then, and will always be, regardless of what "crackdowns", "crusades", and "hubs", you want to use as scare tactics to make this country your own personal utopia.

It's just a country, a place like any other, no better in some ways and no worse in others. We live on a very small planet nowadays, and it is high time to disregard the xenophobic notion that Thailand only belongs to those born here. Immigration and Emigration are common to every country I know of, save North Korea.

Perhaps you hope and pray Thailand is headed in that direction instead?? If it truly is, as you purport, then I guess I better start packing my bags, sell the house, truck, and say goodbye to all my students. OH! Wait! This is THAILAND. Sabaii, sabaii, arai godai, and mai-bpen-rai.

Anyway, on a more rational and sane note, Happy Holidays to one and all here at Ajarn.com and please, please drive defensively if you're on the roads during your school break over New Years! Better yet, keep the car at home and just fly.


Back home for Christmas in Zandvoort Aan Zee

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