Don't complain. It's not so bad here.

Don't complain. It's not so bad here.

After being in Asia for almost two years and in the USA for the previous 35 years, it's clear to me that us Westerners are huge complainers by nature. Let's face it, we have it easy, especially when you compare our quality of life to those that reside in South East Asia and China and we get used to that.

You go to the Philippines and you hear the old men complaining that women cost $22, when they used to only cost $10. In Thailand, it's Thai women are mercenary - all they care about is money.

Are a lot of Thai women only concerned about money? Yeah. But so are women in The West! At least Thai women give you something in return. You give an American girl a million dollars in one-dollar bills she'll look at you with a straight face and complain she didn't get it in 100's!

Then you have the workplace. Yes, there have been times where I am scratching my head trying to make sense of a decision that was made, but I just go with it. It's not my job to change the way they do things in Thailand.

I don't complain or make a fuss over it. As long as you pay me on time, we're cool. I collect my paycheck (on the 10th) and enjoy life in my free time on a grander scale than I ever could in The USA.

Lastly, let's not forget that we often have had to put up with a lot of unpleasantries in the workplace in the West as well.......and yes we complain about that too!

You wanna complain, try living in China!

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