Brown and proud

Regarding the letter on 'blatant racism' (Ajarn Postbox 31st July 2012) In the past I have been judged so much not by what I can bring to the teaching and the students but by the color of my skin - which I am proud to say is brown. I am an Indian.

There was an instance several years back when I was asked to teach at a private language school in addition to my regular job. I loved the high school students and loved the teaching. The students were doing well.But after a week the owner came up to me very apologetically and said I might have to stop. I was baffled and asked him if there was something wrong in the way I taught. He said the students were happy but their parents wanted a 'farang' teacher to teach them. I was upset since I really liked the students- they were a wonderful bunch.

So now, who's to blame? My two 'takas' worth of advice. Let us keep the focus on educational credentials , pronunciation, sincerity and work ethics when hiring English teachers. The world is going global and so must we!

Sudharani Subramanian

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