I'm not quite sure how we've gone so long without interviewing the legendary Stickman. For me he's still the man who started it all - with his Stickman's Guide to Teaching in Thailand. Five years on - how is everything in the Stickman corner?

Louis Minson

The fearless administrator of the discussion board takes his place in the chair to chat about family life, recruiting teachers for Southern Thailand, and his future plans.

Terry Burton

About time we had another interview with someone who actually runs a language school - enter Terry Burton stage right - the owner and director of Amerithai Education Center in Surat Thani.

Barrie Spark

Here's a guy who has been in Thailand for three years and done a little bit of everything from corporate to secondary school and from freelance to summer camps. Take it away Barrie!

Rob Donellan

If you've ever wondered what a kids summer camp or weekend camp is all about then here's an interview with one of Thailand's best organizers of such events. The campfire burns for our main man Rob Donnellan.

Anthony the Exiled Gooner

Exiled Gooner certainly did his Thailand apprenticeship – eight long years in all - before heading off to Bangladesh and now Indonesia and pastures new. Now fully settled, he’s turned his attention to the Indonesian version of and to tell us all that the grass really can be greener on the other side.

Andy Gray

Andy Gray (not the Sky Sports soccer pundit) talks about his ten years in Thailand and why moving to teach in Taiwan was definitely the right move.

Richard Kirtland

Now here's a guy worth reading. He worked at the prestigious Harrow School in Bangkok, but still felt that there was a danger of stagnating and becoming just another part of the Bangkok TEFL crowd. So it was back to the UK for a PGCE.

Olivier Vilayphiou

He's a Frenchman, except he's 75% Chinese and 25% Laotian. He teaches English. Oh and he once lived in Runcorn. We've truly gone international here on the hot-seat.

Ajarn Denny

Could you organize 34 Asian university students to each write and contribute one chapter of a perfectly-written novel, and then see it published in paperback? This man has. He's worked as something of an English literature boffin at Bangkok's most expensive university for over ten years. He knows a ridiculous amount about English premier league football (for an American anyway) and he's currently involved in one of the most difficult and intriguing student projects I've ever heard of. We welcome Ajarn Denny to the hot seat.

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