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Q1. Where did you move to and when?

Back to Melbourne, Australia in July 2012.

Q2. How long did you work in Thailand?

18 months

Q3. What was your main reason for moving?

I saw the Thai educational system for what it was, and I realized that there was very little meaning in what I was doing.

Q4. What are the advantages of working where you are now compared to Thailand?

Well I'm earning a western salary again, which is great. I also feel that my work is valued and meaningful and that there is a purpose for what I'm doing.

Q5. What do you miss about life in Thailand?

The cost of living (food, rent etc) and most definitely the weather.

Q6. Would you advise a new teacher to seek work in Thailand or where you are now?

It depends on the motive of the teacher. If you are a professional, and put time and effort into your work and want to see some kind of intrinsic reward for that effort, then Thailand is not the place for you. If you are not so serious and just want to facilitate the passing of time for the students and live in Thailand for all it's 'pleasures' then you won't have trouble finding friends and you'll probably have a great time.

Q7. Any plans to return to Thailand one day?

Holidays for sure, but I'd probably wouldn't work in Thailand again.

Q8. Anything else you'd like to add?

There's a great mix of people teaching in Thailand. Youngsters on gap years, thirtysomethings trying to find themselves, middle aged men looking for love and retirees just looking for something to do. Most farangs teaching in Thailand are generally there because they don't want to be in their own country, rather than they actually find Thailand to be paradise. It can be fun, the kids are very friendly and nice and you can make great friends. The hoops you have to jump through to get the work permit and the constant trips to Chaeng Wattana for 90 day reporting will slowly but surely eat away at you. If you're serious about doing meaningful work then give Thailand a miss, if you just want to be have a bit of fun or 'life experience' then give it a go.

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