The joys of winter in Thailand

The joys of winter in Thailand

What's not to love about it!

Living in the UK, where winter consists of month after month of dark miserable weather, it was difficult to get excited about dropping temperatures - but after a couple years living in a country where the average daytime temperature is around 32C and you start to celebrate when temperatures finally start to cool.

These last few weeks have seen daytime temperatures in Bangkok drop to 15C while up in Chiang Mai daytime temperatures have been as low as 9C - which has had half the city's population dressing in puffer jackets and wooly hats like extras from a Benetton ad campaign.

In fact there are lots of reasons to love winter in Thailand....

No morning traffic

One thing I never understand is why there is so little traffic on the coldest mornings - do people just say to themselves, ‘nah... too cold today, ain't going to work... I'm sleeping in till 10am?'
Whatever the reasons it's nice to be able to drive in to school without being held up in traffic.

Canine winter wear

The winter also gives the dogs in Thailand a chance to dress up in winter gear. Outfits start from as little as 30 baht and they help make for some great pictures.

Blankets at school

The recent cold spell also saw classrooms at our school invade by multicoloured blankets. It may look like an overreaction but when the ground temperature is below 10C and your classroom is on the 4th floor of a building designed for tropical weather, bringing a blanket to school actually makes a great deal of sense.

Sleeping in late

And finally, who doesn't like sleeping in late at the weekends?  With the cool weather it's even easier to lie in all morning....and you don't have to feel guilty about running the air conditioning!

Daniel Maxwell
Varee Chiangmai School


First time I wore a fleece today in NE Thailand, whilst on gate duty. Students wearing all manner of warm clothing. I'm sure one came to school in a dressing gown. Beats seeing UK students in a onesie ;-)

By Nigel Quinn, Thailand (9th February 2016)

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