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June 2012

All the latest discounts and special deals on Thailand TEFL courses

Island TEFL is offering ajarn readers the chance to enrol on any of its upcoming 3 or 4 Week, 120-hour accredited TEFL courses in Bangkok, Koh Phangnan, Koh Samui or Phuket for only 18,500 Baht - which is a 60% savings off the regular prices. Island TEFL also has a guaranteed job placement program and are currently recruiting for schools throughout Thailand, throughout the year. You can get a taste for the program by watching the video on YouTube. If you visit the Island TEFL homepage, there is a link to an article about Island TEFL from the South East Backpacker website. For more info on Island TEFL courses and services, e-mail Phil Dunne or Skype him at "islandtefl"

Chiang Mai University TEFL have just launched their trainee video diaries. Each week you will get to see what their trainees go through as they progress through the program. Check out their video diaries on their official youtube page to see some of the recent May graduates. Chiang Mai University TEFL is still accepting applications for their July 9th class but it's slowly filling up. Last month, some of the best performing teachers from the program were recruited to work on various campus projects. CMUTEFL are always on the look out for outstanding graduates to work with them at Chiang Mai University. Finally, graduates will now also be issued with Certificates of Attainment for completing the 20-hour Thai Language and Culture Certificate Course following the CMUTEFL course.

UniTEFL has a special offer for their July course up in Chiang Mai. If you 'bring a friend' to the course which starts on July 2nd, you will receive a very nice 50% discount off the tuition. The UniTEFL course also involves teaching practice at local government schools and the chance to meet Thai students. You can get more info from the UniTEFL website.

Samui TEFL has just three places left on their August course at the promotional price of 35,000 baht. Samui TEFL has also teamed up with a swimming school on the island and now offers as an 'add-on' package, a course to qualify teachers as swim-instructors. This is a recognised certificate and students can complete their swim instructor training immediately after their TEFL course. Email them for more information.

How about taking your TEFL course in Chantaburi, often referred to as 'The City of the Moon'? Chantaburi is known for its thriving gemstone industry and its tropical fruits. There are also some pretty decent beaches in the area. The Language Centre of Chantaburi are the TEFL course providers in this area and they offer course participants the chance to teach in both local private and government schools as part of the training. And as a very special ajarn.com deal, the first ten students who enrol for the August or September courses will get to rent a free motorbike for the entire duration of the course. It could be a great way to explore this interesting part of Thailand.

TEFLPlus Phuket is having a last-minute special offer - 29 nights free accommodation for its June 4, 2012 four-week advanced TEFL course. There are only two spaces eligible for this promotion, so fill out the enrollment form and be sure to mention that you saw this offer on ajarn.com. If you would like to see what others have said about TEFLPlus teacher training in Phuket, have a look at its YouTube channel. You can also go on a virtual guided tour of Patong Language School where the TEFLPlus training program is held in this YouTube video.

What's happening at AYC, TEFL course provider and one of the largest teacher recruiters in Thailand? Well, they have cut the prices of their 120-hour on-site Bangkok TESOL Course to 799 USD for the regular course and 999 USD with private accommodation (a studio apartment) 

AYC offers internationally recognized certification from INTESOL USA and NCFE UK and one of the aims of the course is to create a source of qualified and prepared teachers for the AYC English program in Thailand. A large number of teachers have already gained work through this channel. For more information, you can contact KD on 0892 357 356 or send an e-mail 

It's the start of the academic year which means that within the next few weeks, schools across Thailand will celebrate Teachers' Day (Wai Khru). SEE TEFL has a few YouTube videos that show what happens at a school in Chiang Mai on this day. Incidentally, all the foreign teachers at this school are SEE TEFL graduates. Coming from the West it is refreshing to see genuine respect paid by students to their teachers. You can find out more about Wai Khru Day on Wikipedia

In the latest Ontesol blog, you can learn how to teach English communicatively using songs! The TESOL article explains how to use songs with adult learners. After reading the article, a sample TESOL lesson plan will show you how to use a song to review grammar and integrate listening comprehension to speaking, reading and writing skills.

The American TESOL Institute is offering some nice deals and discounts on its Thailand TEFL courses. Special 2012 offers include a 290 US dollar discount on the Phuket course and they are still offering the Bangkok course at 2011 prices (950 US dollars) There is also a 100% job guaranteed placement service all over the world and volunteer internships in Thailand for eligible candidates. About half a dozen locations in Thailand - check out the website.

With the help of some of Thailand's TEFL course providers, we've added an article to the ajarn website which lists ten of the reasons why Thailand can be a good choice for your TEFL course.

Steve, from the popular Chichester College TESOL Course in Bangkok, has written an excellent blog entry entitled, "How much Thai do I need to be able to speak?". This is the question on everyones lips when they first consider teaching English in Thailand and Steve's ever-friendly writing tone makes this piece a pleasure to read.


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