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The Region Guides

These guides have provided so much good information to new arrivals down the years. Not everyone wants to work in Bangkok so it's natural that someone would want to find out as much as possible before moving to a smaller, rural town or city. If you live in a Thai town that's not covered in our region guides, we would love to hear from you. And even if you do live in a place that's already covered, I'm sure it must have changed in some ways since the guide was first written. We're not looking for complete re-writes if just to update a section or two is what you want to do. Please contact us if you would like to write a new region guide or update an existing one.

The Cost of Living

The topic of 'how to live, work and survive as a teacher in Thailand' has always been at the heart of, so it will probably come as little surprise to know that this is the most popular section of the website (apart from the jobs page of course!) Sorry that we don't have an on-line form to fill in but if you just copy the format as it appears and put in your own answers (maybe send it as a word doc. or something) we'll do all the formatting for you on the website, and perhaps make a comment or two at the end. Thanks for your help because a lot of new arrivals really do rely on good info such as that presented in those cost of living surveys.

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Hot Seat Interview

Everyone - and I mean absolutely everyone - has a story to tell. If you are somehow connected to the Thailand TEFL business as a teacher, a trainer, a candlestick-maker, then why not put yourself in the ajarn hot seat? If you've written a book and you want to give it a good plug or perhaps you've started a Thaiand-based business or maybe you are part of a charity that needs some exposure, again, you're a great candidate for a hot seat interview. Send us a couple of paragraphs or a bullet-point list outlining your story and I'll put together fifteen, hopefully interesting questions. Everyone loves to read a hot seat interview!

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I have to agree with both Marvin and James in their posts. It was pointed out to me a few years back that I was too ugly to work in one language center and only last month the agency who I had just done a full year with at one school said I would have problems because of my face.

Let me just say I have a cleft lip and yes I am no Brad Pitt but really is that the best they can come up with? I have been here now for five years and I have never had a problem with getting a job so whilst people have a problem with my face others clearly don't. Vanity is huge here because of the reasons stated above from James and Marvin. Can you change people? well that's not my job to make people like me just because of what I look like so if they don't like me they can jam it where the sun don't shine.

Whilst I was being told this by my last agency I wanted to tell them I had just signed direct for a school but I just couldn't stand the smell of BS coming out of his mouth so I just left. I have said before Thailand is the capitol of anything ist so expect nothing and be surprised at nothing.

By Dave, Bangkok (1 year ago)

Thailand is all about the right image. You only have to turn on Thai tv to see this. Everyone is stunning and pure white. If your good looking here you will be ok. Intelligence is not rewarded in Thailand. I am a Head Teacher in Songkhla and earn around 50,000 a month which is better than most. It's crazy to see most jobs still offer 30,000 a month as they have for 10 years, I mean will it still be 30,000 in another 10 years. Probably, as the schools are pocketing all the money.

By james hague, Songkhla (2 years ago)

I have to say the majority of the jobs coming through right now are shite. Are these people serious. 20000 for a Native speaker...??!! What is going on with this country? All the good jobs seem to be going to those with education degrees and younger people with very little experience from what I have seen. I know some teachers with 8 years experience struggling to get jobs. It seems to me that they should add what is really required in this country. To be young, good looking. No experience required. As long as you look good. I honestly think Thailand is taking the wrong route and they are going to be losing a lot of good teachers.

By Marvin, Bangkok (2 years ago)

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