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— "Western food can play havoc with your budget"

"Western food can play havoc with your budget"

What do TEFLers earn in Thailand? - Yash goes into our cost of living spotlight. He earns 29,000 baht a month at a Thai school in Sukhothai. It allows for a comfortable living he says.

Readers' Letters - Thailand doesn't seem to want me at 53 years of age. Ajarn Postbox.

A teacher's survival story - things looked bleak when Matthew was diagnosed with prostrate cancer but thanks to some online teaching and the backing of a good employer, he's managed to get back on his feet.

Teacher training / TEFL course news for August - all the latest news, promotions and deals from Thailand's main TEFL course providers in our monthly blog.

James Parmelee of Text and Talk has sadly passed away - Thailand's TEFL industry is in mourning.

The great escape - James left a year ago after ten years in Thailand. But was giving England one more chance a mistake?

— Great advice for a newbie teacher in Thailand

Great advice for a newbie teacher in Thailand

What I've learned - after 7 years in Thailand, James offers his advice to the new and inexperienced teacher.

A TEFL love story when your heart rules your head, no overstay fine, petty immigration procedure, annoying school admin or visa red tape will ever get in your way!

The special occasion blues - technology allows us expats to keep in touch with family on important days - but it's never the same as actually being there!

Noisy, uncontrollable class? - Adam has some great classroom management techniques that have worked for him

Don't beat yourself up - Reasons why your Thai students have such a tough time studying English with you.

— Is Phuket a place for teachers?

Is Phuket a place for teachers?

Wow! I just heard someone speak Thai! - Danny has kindly updated our teacher guide to Phuket. It could be the place for you if you want to teach in Thailand but still want plenty of Western comforts. Thanks Danny

Sakhon Nakhon - Is it just a place for retired farangs who like to drink and listen to the sound of their own voices?

Problems - Teacher Craig looks back at some terrible directors he's worked under at private language schools.

Looking for a teaching job in Thailand? - could any of these 18 things be a dealbreaker?

— Beef up your resume and get noticed

Beef up your resume and get noticed

Get noticed - recruitment expert Kevin Cullen with tips on how to get your resume to the top of the pile.

Memoirs - stories from the academic director / recruiter of a private language school

Skype interview? - how to prepare for an interview by webcam

30,000 baht a month - how far does that sort of salary go in Bangkok?

— A time of uncertainty

A time of uncertainty

Going home - Teacher James is returning to the UK after 7 years in Thailand and is feeling worried. How will potential employers in the UK view his time away?

Is Thailand dangerous? - a recent WEF report says it is, but many if not most expats would disagree.

Hot seat - Nick Spencer's Smart Fun company creates Lego experiences like no other and holds sessions at international schools in Bangkok. 

SE Asia Travel - Sam Thompson wasn't all that impressed with Phnom Penh.

— How to make a good impression from the start!

How to make a good impression from the start!

Classroom tips - When meeting new students on a first day of term - first impressions count!

Teacher advice - your first teacher salary might be low but it's often about just getting a foot in the door.

Got a question? - something about teaching in Thailand? We've got all the answers to the most common ones.

We need your help - your contributions to ajarn dot com are always welcome. 

— How easy is it to get a teaching job?

How easy is it to get a teaching job?

Will you find work in Thailand? - it's never an easy question to answer

Need to do a demo lesson? how to prepare and the questions you should be asking

Young teachers v old teachers - who comes out on top in a recruiter's eyes?

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