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— Once a teacher, now a movie star

Once a teacher, now a movie star

I bumped into an old friend and teaching colleague a few months ago - Suman Tharan. Over a couple of beers, we chatted about the old language school days - but more interestingly about Suman's work as a movie extra in Thailand. The Hollywood red carpet beckons. Lights! Camera! Action! Suman's in the ajarn hot seat.

— Is this the ultimate teacher horror story?

Is this the ultimate teacher horror story?

I've read some nightmare stories in the past but I think this one might well top the lot. Don't arrange a job before you arrive in Thailand. That's always my advice. Bring enough money with you and spend a couple of weeks (or however long it takes) to research and find out exactly what you'll be letting yourself in for. Have a read of KP's story. (external link) 

— Plenty of good reading for you!,

Plenty of good reading for you!,

Included in Peter Clarke's monthly round-up of new blogs, Chris and Angela compile a list of 'stuff that ain't cheap in Thailand'. There's the inspirational story of Dr Will and his work with Thai monks at a Buddhist university. There are six suggestions on unusual things to do in Chiang Mai as well as a new guide to Bang Saen Beach. Laugh along at the 15 steps involved in opening a new restaurant in Bangkok and also ten tips for teachers looking to make the most of their time in Thailand.    

— Teacher blogs and Postbox

Teacher blogs and Postbox

Richard McCully joins the ajarn bloggers! A big welcome to you Richard. In his first blog, he talks about 'second season syndrome' (his second year as a teacher in Thailand) Which aspects of Richard's life improved compared to the first year?

David Walters is back with a new blog and this time it's a simple question - is lesson planning essential? Joko MacKenna talks about the dangers of playing too many games in the EFL classroom and turning your students into a bunch of gameaholics. And Sam Thompson has put together a terrific guide on the different types of schools in Thailand. Who do they hire and what do they pay?

— It's a June jobs sizzler!

It's a June jobs sizzler!

After a slowish start, we've seen a considerable increase in the number of teaching jobs in the second half of June. We would also like to extend a big welcome to The British Council in Thailand - another quality teacher employer who are putting their local recruiting needs in the hands of Check out the jobs page today.  

— Looking for a TEFL course deal?

Looking for a TEFL course deal?

The June Thailand TEFL course blog is now on-line. Have a look at what Thailand's leading course providers are up to and maybe secure yourself a nice deal into the bargain.

Ten reasons why it's better to take a TEFL course in Thailand (if you plan to teach in Thailand) compared to taking a course in your home country.

— What makes for the perfect student?

What makes for the perfect student?

While teaching in Thailand, have you ever wondered what the perfect student would be like? Phil Roeland fantasises about the benchmarks of the role model student. Hey! we can all dream I suppose.

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