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— Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Foreign teachers in Thailand (an estimated 30,000-50,000 people) are hoping for some stability after a recent overhaul of staff at the Teachers Council of Thailand. Dan Maxwell has written a great article for the Asian Correspondent and outlines the crazy hoops that foreign teachers have had to jump through over the past few years. (external link)

— Looking for work in Thailand? Here's some help?

Looking for work in Thailand? Here's some help?

If you want to find out how best to apply for a teaching job and stand out from the crowd, ask a teacher recruiter? Daniel from Varee School in Chiang Mai shares his top five recruitment tips. 

Been called up to do a demo lesson? Then read our guide on what questions to ask your potential employer and how to nail that demo. Perhaps you've been asked to do a Skype interview? How can you prepare yourself and make sure the process goes smoothly?

And finally, feel that you're too old? too young? too inexperienced? We've set out to answer the most common question that people send to - Will I find work in Thailand?

— A good teacher doesn't mean a successful teacher

A good teacher doesn't mean a successful teacher

Not in Thailand it doesn't. And Mark Newman should know. Mark and I worked together donkey's years ago. He's as streetwise as they come. He's been around the block. So what makes a successful teacher in Thailand? Mark says it's all about knowing what employers expect of you - and practicing self-awareness at all times.

— Teacher blogs and Postbox

Teacher blogs and Postbox

In our latest teacher Thailand blogs, John Wolcott talks about the ways that thinking about photography have helped him become a better teacher in the classroom.

British English is the best! Don't be ridiculous, American English reigns supreme. "Oh, let's not get waylaid by these petty arguments over which form of English students should be learning - as long as they are communicating" says Teacher Sam.

And our resident Filipino blogger Benito Vacio took a well-earned trip home - only to have an over-zealous customs officer make a beeline for his Thai mangoes. Ouch!

In our latest Postbox letters, Thomas is getting tired of seeing good, experienced teachers having to leave Thailand because they cannot get extensions on their teaching licence waivers. Are the regulations starting to backfire? And Mark has a pop at the standards of student textbooks.

— 45,000 baht a month in Bangkok

45,000 baht a month in Bangkok

Next up in the ajarn cost of living section is Bill, who earns 45,000 baht a month from his government school job in Bangkok and evenings and weekends at a private language school. Bill would love to earn more - 60K a month would be nice - but who wants to end up working all the hours under the sun?

— Is English teaching really all there is?

Is English teaching really all there is?

Some teachers love teaching and it's a job they can see themselves doing forever. But for some foreigners in Thailand, teaching is hopefully a stepping stone to something they enjoy doing more. Here are the stories of ten teachers who 'lucked out' and went on to do other things. Admittedly the stories are a few years old, but I'm wondering if there are now even more opportunities in Thailand for those who tire of the TEFL game?

— Looking for a TEFL course deal?

Looking for a TEFL course deal?

The busy hiring season is getting into full swing and although you don't legally need to obtain a TEFL certificate to teach in Thailand, most jobs will require one. Check out our monthly news blog for all the latest info, promotions and deals, etc from Thailand's TEFL course providers.

Ten reasons why it's better to take a TEFL course in Thailand (if you plan to teach in Thailand) compared to taking a course in your home country.

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