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— Keep it going guys, keep it going.

Keep it going guys, keep it going.

I begged for your help in updating the region guides section of the website and in just 24 hours, you've been absolutely brilliant. I can't thank you enough. These are the guides written by teachers FOR teachers.

Donald sent us a brand new region guide for Udon Thani and teacher Caitlin did the same for Mukdahan. To enter into the spirit of things, I also did a guide to Samut Prakarn.

STOP PRESS - Just added a region guide for Chantaburi. One of my favourite parts of Thailand. Thanks a million Emma. And Daniel reports on Surin in the NE of Thailand. What are these places like for teaching opportunities?

Even if we already have a region guide for where you teach, we desperately need updates. Please help if you can. 

— Great escape special

Great escape special

Lee Lepper worked as a teacher in Thailand for 10 years but money - or lack of it - was often at the back of his mind. There was only one thing for it - to go to Saudi Arabia for the big bucks. So how do Thailand and Saudi compare through the eyes of a very experienced teacher?

— ♪♪ I'm in the money ♪♪ the days are sunny ♪♪

♪♪ I'm in the money ♪♪ the days are sunny ♪♪

We've got two new cost of living surveys for you - one from Alan and one from Isaiah. Both of them teach at schools in Bangkok and earn salaries of around 70-85,000 baht a month - what I would call the 'middle to higher end' of teacher salary rates. So what kind of lives do they lead and what do they spend their money on?

— It's that time of year again

It's that time of year again

The annual trip home to see the family. You can love it or hate it, but most of us have to do it at some stage. One thing's for sure - it can be a serious drain on a teacher's finances. So may your family and friends be in a generous mood. I'm going back to the UK in September (as I usually do) and this time I'm just praying for a stress-free break.  

— Looking for a TEFL course deal?

Looking for a TEFL course deal?

The August Thailand TEFL course blog is now on-line. Have a look at what Thailand's leading course providers are up to and maybe secure yourself a nice deal into the bargain.

Ten reasons why it's better to take a TEFL course in Thailand (if you plan to teach in Thailand) compared to taking a course in your home country.

— The latest teacher blogs

The latest teacher blogs

In recent months, the Thai baht has fallen considerably against major foreign currencies. Foreign teachers get paid in Thai baht. So how exactly does the exchange rate fluctuation impact them? Richard McCully investigates.

Other recent blog topics include teaching in Myanmar, the value of studying the Thai language, droughts in North Thailand and thoughts on teaching in Thailand for a second year. Here is the full ajarn bloggers page.

— Getting a double-entry tourist visa in Laos

Getting a double-entry tourist visa in Laos

Sam Thompson has become something of a dab hand at obtaining tourist visas in Laos. Just back from a second trip, Sam has updated all the info you need on making the visa run from Bangkok to Savannakhet - how to get there, where to stay, what to do while you're there. It's all here!

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