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— "I left Thailand because I needed to get on with life"

"I left Thailand because I needed to get on with life"

Bob is our latest great escapee. After a couple of years teaching in Thailand, he decided to return to his native England and do a PGCE. He doesn't regret a minute of the time he spent here and it was a VERY tough decision to go home. But it was a decision he doesn't regret.

— For your reading pleasure

For your reading pleasure

When a foreigner in Thailand is mugged or assaulted, you often have to infer what really happened. And it's the same with teachers who want to name and shame employers without the employer's side of the story. No one wants 'half a story'

What a brave man! Sam Thompson decided to apply for his Thai driving license and motorcycle license in Bangkok on the same day - but was pleasantly surprised at how well the system worked.

Teacher trainer Stephen Louw looks at what makes a typical school run well. Just like the small and large cogs in a machine, everyone - teachers included - has a part to play.

What are the five things Joko has learned to do since he has been living in SE Asia? Five things that would be of no use to him back in America.

Mark Newman lets us in on how things are done at his school in the English language department. The top performing students go into special classes and make rapid progress - while other kids (who will possibly never have a use for English) get left behind. And Mark thinks that's just how it should be. 

Richard McCully is wondering what other teachers do when they have a student in the class with learning difficulties. Teacher training courses don't really seem to prepare you for this situation.

TEFL course news! Our monthly round-up of Thailand's leading TEFL course and degree programs is now on-line with all the latest news, deals and promotions, etc

— "I managed to save 50-60,000 baht a month for future travel"

"I managed to save 50-60,000 baht a month for future travel"

William is next up in our cost of living section. He's obviously moved on now but earned almost 100K a month from his teaching job in Bangkok. With rent and bills costing no more than 8,000, there was a whole lotta salary to be saved. 

Now you can fill in the cost of living survey on-line. Come on, let us know what you earn and spend each month.

— Welcome to Johnny Chan

Welcome to Johnny Chan

Ajarn is delighted to welcome Johnny Chan, who has taken over the management of the ajarn health insurance group policy for teachers. We have a section on the ajarn website dedicated to health insurance and it includes an FAQ section and some interesting blogs. Feel free to contact Johnny for any of your insurance needs. He'll take good care of you! 

— Gill and Vern - two ajarn hot seat interviews

Gill and Vern - two ajarn hot seat interviews

Just like buses, you get nothing for ages and then two together! Ajarn recently interviewed Gill Morris, a Bangkok teacher, blogger and writer who has just written a fabulous book on the city's European heritage. And we entered the crazy world of Vern Lovic, Thailand's go-to farang snake guy. What a character!

— A teacher at life's crossroads

A teacher at life's crossroads

LOTS of comments coming in on this particular blog and it's turning into something of a hot topic. Teacher and ajarn blogger, Richard McCully, feels that the Thailand adventure is wearing thin. He's fallen out of love with Bangkok and perhaps it's time to move on? But the question is where? Does he go back to his native England or does he try his luck in another European country? A discontented Thai partner and the fact Richard owns a condo in Bangkok only seem to add to the problems. Is it time to stick or twist? To stay or to go?

— Let's hear it for Pattaya!

Let's hear it for Pattaya!

We've updated the region guide to Pattaya. Although it's a beach resort famous for its nightlife and Western amenities, there are plenty of teaching opportunities there if you're willing to take on big bad Patters?                        

Are you working outside Bangkok? Please help update our region guides, even if it's only just to answer the odd question or two. Your contributions to ajarn dot com are always welcome.

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