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— Read the latest teacher blogs

Read the latest teacher blogs

In our latest ajarn blogs, Sam Thompson was impressed with the service he got at a semi-private Bangkok hospital.

Joko is laying down the law in his academic writing classes. No, students - we do NOT begin sentences with conjuctions - and that's final!. But what's his thinking behind it? (sorry, couldn't resist that one)

Richard McCully explains why he's happy to live and work in Bangkok - at least for the time being.

William Putnam took a trip to Thailand's full moon party island and felt old - even at the tender age of 25.

Benito Vacio sings the praises of a Filipino teacher who is always looking for new ways to bring technology into his lessons 

And Mike Curl analyzes teacher salaries and wonders what chalkies should really be earning.

— A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities

Teacher Alec Peeples is in the ajarn hot seat. Alec talks about the pros and cons of teaching in rural Thailand (Petchabun to be exact), his great job at a Thai Rajabhat University, the lack of openings for music teachers and how he's settling into life as a teacher in Bangkok. 

— "I worked in Thailand for nine years too long"

"I worked in Thailand for nine years too long"

The great escapes are coming thick and fast. 'Bangkok Ian' taught in Thailand for ten years before returning to the UK. Another Thailand long-termer is Thomas, who is returning to work in The Middle East. Be warned, it's an interview that pulls no punches. And finally we have Descartes, who left Thailand after one term to try his hand at teaching in Vientiane, Laos. Read what they've all got to say.

— Looking for a TEFL course deal?

Looking for a TEFL course deal?

The July Thailand TEFL course blog is now on-line. Have a look at what Thailand's leading course providers are up to and maybe secure yourself a nice deal into the bargain.

Ten reasons why it's better to take a TEFL course in Thailand (if you plan to teach in Thailand) compared to taking a course in your home country.

— "I'm a man of simple pleasures"

"I'm a man of simple pleasures"

So says Karl, who is the next up in our cost of living section. Karl earns over 50,000 baht a month in Bangkok with a combination of a government school salary and some private teaching on top. So what kind of teacher lifestyle does he enjoy on that sort of wonga?

— Buy another drink or sod off!

Buy another drink or sod off!

One coffee chain in Bangkok is fighting back against 'freeloaders' who occupy seats for hours, nurse one drink and use the premises as some sort of business meeting room. Bravo! It's about time someone took a stand against people's selfishness says Mickey Sheehan.

— Breakfast and brains!

Breakfast and brains!

Some days your students are sluggish and on other days, they're motivated and eager to learn. You know what, it could all be down to what they had for breakfast. There is a proven link between nutrition and a student's performance. And it's something that Daniel and his teaching colleagues at Varee School in Chiang Mai are starting to take more and more seriously. 

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