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— Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

We would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year. See you again in 2015.

— Latest ajarn blogs

Latest ajarn blogs

Joko Mackenna, a teacher in Myanmar, has been chatting with taxi drivers and thinking there must definitely be a call for 'taxi driver English'

David Walters looks at a huge building project going on in Bangkok and how projects like this are a necessary step towards a sustainable future.

Sam Thompson does his first ever field trip in Thailand and takes his students to a space exhibition. But who enjoyed the day out most?

Benito Vacio discusses the joys of working with a Thai teacher and how it can lighten your workload.

William Puttnam goes in search of Bangkok's perfect cup of coffee.

Julia Knight has found a fantastic new teaching job but the daily commute to and from work is a nightmare.

Lydya Belete compiles a list of the ten things she's learned as a new English teacher in Thailand.

— TEFL course news blog is out!

TEFL course news blog is out!

If you're thinking of taking a TEFL course in 2015, then check out our monthly TEFL course news blog, which contains news, promotions and deals - some of them exclusive to readers.

— The joys of Rangsit

The joys of Rangsit

Looking for a location that's near Bangkok but with a slower pace of life? A good choice of schools and a great place to pick up plenty of private students? You could do a lot worse than Rangsit, just 40 kms north of the capital. Teacher Seb takes us on a tour in this latest region guide.

— Competitions galore!

Competitions galore!

Why not try your luck in one of our ajarn monthly competitions? We've got walking tours and night-time tuk-tuk tours from Bangkok Walking Adventures and Expique. In other competitions, you can also win a one-year's subscription to English Attack! - not to mention textbooks and polo shirts.

— "Japanese students are great!"

"Japanese students are great!"

Matt taught in Thailand for three years but got a great job offer to work as a primary school teacher in Japan. Now well settled in his new country, he loves it there. And so does his Thai wife! Matt is our latest escapee.

— Burning questions

Burning questions

Each month we'll kick around two 'teaching in Thailand' questions and see what people have to say. This month, is it important that a teacher knows how to speak some Thai language in the classroom? How does teaching in Thailand for a year or two look on your resume when you return to your homeland to look for work?

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    South African, 20 years old. Currently living in Thailand

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    Filipino, 24 years old. Currently living in Philippines

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    British, 25 years old. Currently living in Thailand

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    British, 59 years old. Currently living in Thailand

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    British, 42 years old. Currently living in Thailand

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    Filipino, 35 years old. Currently living in Thailand

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