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— Teachers guide to Ang Thong

Teachers guide to Ang Thong

Teacher Alan has kindly provided us with a guide to Ang Thong, a small town just a couple of hours from Bangkok. Although it's fairly slim pickings for an English teacher, it's a great place to look out for African footballers. 

In addition, Tim has added some comments to the teachers' guide to Petchabun and Mike has updated the guide to Rayong.

If you're working out there in the Thai provinces, we would love to know what your town or city offers an English teacher. Help us update one of our region guides. You don't have to provide an answer for every question - just a few answers will do! We would really love your help.

— Keeping students motivated

Keeping students motivated

Whether it's linking language to culture, designing a classroom poster or using humor and surprise in your lessons, teacher Adam has got some great ideas on how to get the best out of your students.

— "Even well-paid teachers won't survive if they don't budget"

"Even well-paid teachers won't survive if they don't budget"

Always nice to hear from a Filipiino in our cost of living section. Jane earns 26,000 baht a month from a school in Bangkok. It's not a huge salary but according to Jane, it still beats life back in The Philippines!

Now you can fill in the cost of living survey on-line. Come on, let us know what you earn and spend each month.

— "Don't get stuck in your ways"

"Don't get stuck in your ways"

Jamie moved back to Scotland for study purposes after teaching in Thailand for two and a half years. Stephen worked here for over nine years before moving to China. How is life working out for them?

— It's February!

It's February!

This month in our TEFL course news blog - an early bird special in Chiang Mai, a free specialist on-line course up for grabs, a $200 discount if you book before March and a discount exclusive for ajarn dot com readers. And there's more.....  

— How to interview foreigners in English

How to interview foreigners in English

It's always nice to be approached and interviewed on the street by Thai students. It's even nicer if their English teacher has prepared them for the task. (a great blog from the archives)

— The foreign teacher / miracle worker

The foreign teacher / miracle worker

Ever been approached by a Thai student who has barely a week to prepare for the most important English test in their lives? And they're about 750 levels below where they need to be. I bet you have! 

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