Andy is from England and lives in Bangkok. He has taught in Thailand for 18 years and enjoys teaching M1, M2 and kindergarten.

Q1. How long have you been teaching in Thailand?

My first teaching position in Thailand was out by the then only international airport in Don Muang in 2002, that's 18 years ago. How time flies.

Q2. What age group do you prefer teaching and why?

I prefer teaching M1 & 2 ( 10 to 12 years) as that is my main teaching experience age group, but also kindergarten (K3/4 ) was very enjoyable. I have also covered lessons from M1 to P5.

Q3. What is the best thing about living and working in Thailand in your opinion?

I like the Thai people because they are always polite, friendly and quick to have some fun. Obviously, coming from England, the weather is a big plus too.

Q4. If you had to move to teach English somewhere else, which country would be next on your list and why?

I have been considering moving to Cambodia, just because it is so much cheaper than Bangkok. I have considered South Korea and Japan too as the salaries are much higher, but its cold in winter there.

Q5. Of all the places you have travelled to in Thailand, which is your favourite and why?

I was recently mountain biking in Sikhio District, Nakon Rachasima Province. The hills are steep but the views from the top are truly spectacular, as are the down hill rides. Also there is a big wind power plant there with hydro storage lake which is great to ride around.

Q6. How do you see Thailand's TEFL landscape changing in the next five or ten years?

I see a lot more non-native speakers being employed as it is cost effective for schools. and the economy here makes it less inviting for native English speakers to want to come to Thailand.

Q7. Why do you think Thailand is still a big draw for many TEFLers?

Personally I don't think it is such a big draw these days, at least not for NES teacher. The cost of living here has gone up so much and salaries have not kept up. There are many other countries which are more financially rewarding. Also traffic. pollution and congestion are big factors in the quality of life. Bangkok isn't good on any of those points and I have seen little will to improve the situation, which gets worse as time passes.

Q8. Have you taught in any other countries? How do they compare to Thailand?

Sorry, I have not taught elsewhere, but I have been to most of South East Asia. All other countries have their good and bad points, but overall I prefer living here.

Q9. What advice would you give to a new teacher thinking of embarking on a teaching career in Thailand?

My advice to new teachers in Thailand would be to be professional, look smart and allow extra time for the traffic along your commute so you are not late. In my experience these are the most important things that Western teachers often overlook.

Q10. You are looking for a new teaching job at the moment. How can potential employers contact you?

My email address is:

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