BCIS Phuket International School
BCIS Phuket International School
At least ฿50,000 / month (full time)

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Early Years Classroom Teacher



Purpose of role
To educate children from Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception by planning and implementing a full Nursery and EYFS programmed to develop literacy, numeracy and the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of their students in all areas of development in accordance with school policies and procedures

Responsible to The Head of Primary for all aspects of the role
Responsible for The designated students in the assigned homeroom class

To actively support and promote the BCIS Mission, Vision and Values
To align teaching practices with the BCIS Learning Principles within the Early Years Foundation Stage learning environment
To apply all school policies as related to staff and pupils

Key Tasks
Learning and teaching
Create an age-appropriate learning environment that aligns with the BCIS Learning Principles that is stimulating, child-centered and designed to promote enjoyment and excitement in learning
Plan engaging learning opportunities suitable for the range of students within each class according to the agreed curriculum based on the BCIS Learning Principles and best practices for the assigned age group of learners
Teach the full range of learning areas based on the EYFS treating each child as an individual and nurturing their strengths
Plan effectively for additional adults in the classroom and supervise their roles
Liaise effectively with EAL and Learning Support/ SEN teachers and work together to support children’s learning
Provide guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters
Provide support for the social and pastoral needs of the students
Maintain good record keeping of pastoral issues in the class
Provide appropriate feedback and assess students’ learning and progress on an ongoing basis following school protocols
Use monitoring and assessment to inform developmentally appropriate planning
Keep assessment files up to date, ensuring examples of students’ work are filed.
Write reports on student attainment, effort and progress at times identified in the Reporting Policy
Discuss students’ progress and concerns with parents and administrators
Ensure that student records of attainment, effort and progress are updated termly, to ensure efficient and effective tracking of students' development
Establish and maintain good working habits and maintain effective classroom control, organization and management in accordance with school policies
Maintain and regularly update appropriate and vibrant displays both inside and outside the classroom in line with the Display Policy

Meet regularly with the other Nursery and EYFS teachers to participate in discussions, feedback and planning sessions
Communicate and cooperate effectively with EAL teachers
Communicate and work cooperatively with Learning Support/ SEN teachers
Liaise with the Primary School teachers as appropriate regarding transferring students
Facilitate and promote positive relationships between home and school
Communicate regularly, clearly and positively with parents about their child’s progress and learning on a regular basis in writing, in person and vial electronic communication.
Report to parents at parent consultation meetings and through the end of year reports
Be available to parents at other mutually agreed times as needed

Professional Development
Participate in the school, department and individual review process (School Self-Evaluation)
Actively seek opportunities for CPD/ professional learning in order to keep up to date with current best practice in UK and world-wide
Attend such meetings, workshops and courses provided in school which support the School Improvement Plan
Participate in whole school vertical meetings with primary and secondary staff
Provide appropriate CPD/ professional learning for colleagues as needed

Participate in the organization and running of extra curricula activities, and attend and participate in the organization of school events, productions and sporting events when required
Take responsibility for Health and Safety matters for the area within you teach and report any matters that are a hazard; thus ensuring that adequate safety precautions are taken with the students
Follow the Child Protection and Safeguarding policy at all times
Ensure that all behavior issues are dealt with in accordance with the BCIS Behavior Policy
Supervise areas of the school as outlined in the Supervision Duty Rota
Be a role model for students and ensure adherence to the Staff Code of Conduct
Carry out other related duties as required by the Academic Leadership Team (ALT).
This job description forms part of your Employment Agreement. It has been prepared for the purpose of school organization and may change either as your contract changes or as the organization of the school is changed. Nothing will be changed without consultation. This document must not be altered once it has been signed but it will be reviewed annually as part of the appraisal process or as appropriate.

You can either send your resume to the employer yourself at the email address above, or you can create a resume on ajarn.com to easily send to employers at any time with just a few clicks!

Create a resume on ajarn.com