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Regent’s International School
At least ฿50,000 / month (full time)

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Mandarin Primary Teacher


Job Description for a Mandarin Primary Teacher

This applies to Specialist Subject teachers such as Primary EAL, LS, PE, Music, Mandarin and

Reporting to: Head of Primary, Deputy Head of Primary, Key Stage Coordinators

● Maintain effective classroom control, organisation and management.
● Plan lessons suitable for the range of students within each class according to the agreed
● Teach the full range of learning areas – English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and
Listening), Maths, CCS, ICT, PSHE and Physical Education.
● Establish and maintain good working habits and discipline in classrooms, in accordance
with School policies.
● Maintain and regularly update appropriate and vibrant displays both inside and outside the classroom in line with the Display Policy.
● Assist in promoting the school’s English Speaking Environment (ESE) initiative.
● Set appropriate homework according to the School’s homework policy.

● Mark all work according to the Marking Policy.
● Assess students' learning and progress on an ongoing basis and use assessment to inform
● Set and mark summative assessment in accordance with school guidelines.
● Differentiate lessons so that all students are learning at a suitable level.
● Keep assessment files up to date ensuring examples of students’ work are filed every term,
in accordance with guidelines.
● Communicate with PMG if assessment data indicates a student may need extra support.
Primary school teachers educate school children from Pre-Nursery to Year 6, by planning and conducting a full education programme to effectively develop literacy, numeracy and the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of their students in accordance with School policies and procedures.

A primary school teacher will perform the following tasks:
● Provide guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters.
● Take necessary steps to ensure the safety, welfare and progress of students, in relation to
the School’s Health and Safety policy.
● Provide support for the social and pastoral needs of the students.
● Maintain good record keeping of pastoral issues in the class.

● Write reports on student attainment, effort and progress at times identified in the Primary Reporting Policy
● Discuss students’ progress and concerns with parents and administrators.
● Prepare for and attend parent /teacher interviews.
● Ensure that student records of attainment, effort and progress are updated termly, to ensure efficient and effective tracking of student’s development.

Extra Curricular:
● Plan, organise and run at least one after school activity as part of the co-curricular
programme that operates.
● Assist and /or organise sporting activities, school concerts and excursions.

● Use the School assigned email address for communicating on all school matters
● Use computers to assist in lesson preparation, teaching and reporting.

● Participate in the School’s Professional Development programme which includes
Performance Management.
● Maintain at all times a high standard of personal conduct.
● Maintain the dress code as outlined in the OSHHB.
● Carry out all administrative duties as assigned by the Deputy Head.
● Cover lessons for absent staff as required by the Deputy Head.
● Supervise students during classes and at other times in the school day, including the playgrounds and the Dining Room during breaks.
● Attend School functions as required to by the HoP.
● Attend staff meetings and other training and development sessions.
● Contribute in joint decision-making concerning educational issues.
● Ensure Home-School books are filled in and checked each day.
Primary school teachers are expected and encouraged to continually update their subject knowledge and teaching methods through private study and professional development activities.

You can either send your resume to the employer yourself at the email address above, or you can create a resume on to easily send to employers at any time with just a few clicks!

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