Full-time NES Lecturer


FL, Linguistics, Business, Marketing, Hospitality, Communication Arts or related fields
• Master’s Degree in English, TESOL, TEFL, Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, Business or related fields
• Teaching experience in EFL environment
• Excellent interpersonal and classroom management skills and equipped to teach both subject classes (80-90 students) and skill classes (25-30 students)
• This position includes 15-18 teaching hours per week.
• Main responsibilities are to teach, write and mark assignments, quizzes, mid-term and final
• Other assigned responsibilities include program meetings, weekly office hours, attending a conference, and other duties.
• Salary: 28,780 baht per month

Please forward your CV with a photo and three professional references, a cover letter and official graduate transcripts to attasith@g.swu.ac.th as soon as possible. Eligible applicants will be invited for an interview and teaching demonstration.

Chichester College Thailand TEFL

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