Qualified Teachers (to work as TAs)


We are looking for someone to help our pre-school classes. You would need a teaching credential from your home country and your responsibility would be to assist the class teacher.

During probation period (With a teaching License) 23,000

After probation period (With a teaching License) 24,000
(Plus 500 Baht for every year of experience to a maximum of 2,000 Baht)

Fringe Benefits include:
Support for Visa and Work Permit
Discount for children dependent on years of service
Health Insurance
Personal Professional Development (Needs approval from the Head) 5,000 Baht per year

Teacher-in-Service training – 5 days before the 1st term starts
Teacher induction training – 2 additional days for new teachers

Extended day programme – Extra pay
3-5% - annual salary rise

You can either send your resume to the employer yourself at the email address above, or you can create a resume on ajarn.com to easily send to employers at any time with just a few clicks!

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