Montessori Lecturer / Trainer (Part-time)


 Minimum qualification - Diploma in the Montessori Method of Education
 Experience in Pre-school setting (will be an advantage)
 Good interpersonal skills and service oriented
 Patient and caring personality

A Lecturer must have strong written, presentation and interpersonal
communication skills to write and teach curriculum to students. Candidates
must be meticulous of copyright and trademark rules for writing and delivering
content. Besides, she plays many roles: -
1. She is required to represent the centre both locally and internationally
2. She is responsible and accountable to the Academic Department for
the general performance, daily operations and administration of the
project under her supervision
3. She has to set and maintain a high standard of service
4. She performs a multi-faceted role - that of a student liaison, counselor
and marking moderator to the students

5. To work closely with Head of Department.
6. As a lecturer she is require to: -
a) Lecture the given courses and conduct practicum in Thailand
b) To conduct workshops / training
c) Prepare study notes for all given courses
d) To do marking of assignments
e) To conduct Practical Examination
f) Conduct workshop for parents, teachers and the general public
(when required)
g) Promote the activities of the courses
h) Co-ordinate all activities pertaining to the given courses
i) Counsel students with permission from the centre
j) Ensure upkeep and proper maintenance of the classrooms
k) Do all in her power to conform to and comply with the proper and
reasonable directions and regulations of the Centre.
l) To attend all Meetings (when required)
m) To be involve in all marketing activities
n) To attend all required training to perform required organizational tasks

The above responsibilities and tasks may be added or varied from time
to time as it become necessary in order to meet the needs of the
centre’s goals.

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